Saturday, October 25, 2014

Please and Thank You

It pays to be polite. Just ask my squirrels.


- Received a small payment today. Thank You Admin.
- Also purchased a couple more Daily Earner's.
- Was another day of 3.84% earnings.

Below is a portion of their latest update. I'm especially happy because Mondays launch will be at 8:00 AM my time and not 7, so I should be a little more alert by then.

We are set for the big launch of our Pure Revshare Plan...Take NOTE of the following.
-Launch timer for the Pure Revshare Plan has been added on home page.
-Another payment method known as Bitcoin has been added
-You must have an active adshare in the Daily Earner Plan before you can be part of the Pure RevShare Plan 
-You can use your earnings in Daily Earner Plan to purchase Pure Revshare Plan or add fresh funds to make purchase
-The Adshare of Pure Revshare is $10 but you must buy a minimum of 2 shares which is $20 before you can partcipate.
-For details of Pure Revshare Plan see link below
-If you have any question that is not answered there send support ticket with it or come over to our skype room.
I am looking forward to Monday as we make history together to be part of a sustainable and long term program Wishing you the very BEST this weekend
Stefan Zucht

New Update from OneLineAd also:
(hope their new plan is a good one)

A big thank you to each and every member for supporting us. We are overwhelmed by getting such a wonderful response and the appreciation we received via support requests.

We are glad to inform all our members that we have already setup a new Pay Plan and as promised, new pay plan will be more lucrative and help One Line Ad to sustain long term.

The new pay plan will be a Unique Hybrid Matrix program which will benefit all the members for a long term and steady financial growth.

We have tried our best by designing a new pay plan and hope that it will be able to attract maximum number of members.

The tentative date of pre launch is on or before November 1st, 2014 hence we request all our members to stay tuned for more updates from the one and only -

Store run.
I'll check back in later for news.


Gord said...

Thanks for the laugh Blondie,

That squirrel video is hilarious.

A pinch of humor mixed in with the news is always enjoyable

blondie said...

You're welcome and it was certainly worth 10 seconds of your time, eh Gord? LOL