Friday, October 24, 2014


Had my own little "snuggle bug" on my lap when I posted that pic. Then the brat nipped at me. OK fine buddy, go find someplace else to snuggle then, lol

Loving those half hour notices from RevShareAdvertising telling us we've made some money. That kind of stuff can fill up my mailbox any time it wants too.
First full day of the capped earnings were 3.84%
At that rate, we'll be at BEP in less than a month.
It's well over 2,000 members now. Don't know how many are active though.
Well, it's fresh and new and smells good to me.
Hope you guys are enjoying it too :)

777Payouts sure has slowed down.
Proceed With Caution.

PAS: there is NO WAY to withdraw today. If you try to w/d, there is nothing in the drop down menu. Crap!
Could be The End I suppose but sure wish we'd get confirmation of that from the Admin.

Later in the day,
UPDATE from the PAS Admin that explains it all:

Dear members.
Despite the member count growing every day, only a very small number of people actually makes a deposit.
Those deposits are simply not enough to cover the daily payments for the members.
It wouldn't take much longer until the program would have totally collapsed.
That's why the only solution that seems viable is to make a complete restart of the whole system.
What will happen with the current balances/adpacks/matrices will be evaluated and decided in the coming days.
November 10th is the day we'll bring the program back. We'll start with a contest for new members to experience the system with PLAY MONEY(or so called monopoly money).
Until then stay tuned for more information about the re-launch.

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