Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd

What a nice smooth launch for RevShareAdvertising this morning. I wasn't here when the bell rang but made my first spend about a half an hour later.
Earnings are coming in every half hour as they said they would and I do think everyone is anxious for the real revenue share coming in 4 more days :)
Thank You to those who joined from my link.
I really do appreciate it!

Got paid today from OneStability
That puts me at 60% ROI now. Crossing fingers.

Don't forget PAS's Time Matrix will do it's restart at approx. 8:40 AM MST (10:40 AM EST) tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the STP option has disappeared from the drop down menu to withdraw. That's not good.
Well, let's hope it's just a glitch and everything else is fine. Yes, support tickets have been sent in about that already.

Heard a rumor that OneLineAd may be relaunching on Nov. 1st. But it's only a rumor so we'll wait for the official word before we spread that around, lol

One more thing, it's Thursday Night Football

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