Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday Giggle :)

Reminds me of Lou Dog. She does that a lot! haha


Hey I was right about PAC-RS. We maxed the daily rebate again yesterday which means my first ad pack completed at 135% Now remember I've been adding funds daily in order to get the full rebate. Those who have not, should be half way through IF you started the same day as me. So today I need to decide whether I add my 50%, or More! I am definitely going to keep this one going :))

*Oh forgot to mention, PAC-RS had trouble with their morning batch of the Alert Pay "mass payment" function. So if you received the email that you got paid and your cash-out is showing Paid in your back office, BUT you haven't received it to AP yet, DO NOT send in a ticket. All will be fixed ASAP.


SoloAdsXtreme is a DEAD site. You can advertise there for Free but I sure as hell wouldn't give them the $3 to upgrade. Yes, I donated my 3 bucks plus a few more from folks that I paid their way in. Oh well, live and learn eh? Case Closed!


Guess What? A Blue Jay showed up in my tree today. First one I've seen since the Storm 11 days ago. I threw him some peanuts and he looked at me like I was crazy! I don't think he remembers who I am. Bummer.


Yes it's Official ... Gilbert from Surfing Legacy will be re-opening the site and refunding members (who were still active) as money permits. Stay tuned for more :)


Hey my butt hurts. I gotta get otta this chair for a while.
Holy Crap! There's another storm coming in! Good thing I didn't fix the holes in the house yet. Might have more soon! hahaha, shoot! It's always somethin, isn't it?
I was just chatting with js and he mentioned "you better fix them holes", which of course reminded me of this song.
Go figure :))


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Quick One

I've got stuff to do today so this will be fast.

PAC-RS is still going strong and we have earned the max daily rebate since day one. Thanks to all the members for that :) Now, assuming it will be maxed again today, my first ad pack will expire at 135% tonight. Wow, that went by really fast!! Good thing I've got plenty more 'ad packs' to watch. haha


Gilbert of the former Surfing Legacy is contemplating re-opening the program with a lower daily ROI %. Well that might be OK especially since he's talking about giving funds back to those of us who had un-expired ad packs when he closed. Stay tuned for more or give your 2 cents worth in the thread in MMG if you like.


As I briefly mentioned last night, I did receive a nice payout from GoldNuggetInvest yesterday. Thanks Robert and GNI for making it through that rough time. I hope things will settle down and get back to normal now.


I'm in a Private Surf that I can't mention here, but if you're in it with me don't forget that the last two days of the month are "compound" days, OK?


One more thing ... TAZOODLE Pre-Launch Info: (hey js, am gonna borrow some stuff from you since I don't have much time to do the research and write it myself. thanks ;)

This is the new search engine that will launch in about 3 months. Do a Ctrl-F or Find on Tazoodle in this blog to read more about it (I talk about it in multiple places). It's free to join. This one will pay you to perform searches, unlike in Google and Yahoo, who don't pay you anything. In any case, I really don't need to pitch this to you, it's a no-brainer. Now read what one of my colleagues says about it (am lazy, so I borrowed his wording):

But do it now during the pre-launch as you can get a much bigger slice of the revenue sharing if you join before August 1st (js: and buy the min. of $100 in advertising). They are offering a 200% bonus on advertising credits with a minimum purchase of $100 and up to $10,000 - so you get 3 times the amount if you make the move now. And you receive 1% a day from all your credits until launch. This is where the big money will be made.

In some ways it is set up like a traffic exchange program, but with this one you share the advertising revenues of what is expected to be a major search engine. Just do it!

Now, back to yours truly: Some instructions before you rush off and plunk down your $100 (reminder, you don't have to, ok? This is for those who would like to both advertise and earn some good bucks at the same time, over and above what the others will make who opted out of this advertising deal).

When you go and "Purchase Advertising" for the $100 via Paypal (Credit Card) or Soiid Trust Pay you will have to fill out a form. Near the bottom it asks you for the Sponsor's Name, that would be Judy Morrison and the Sponsor Account Number, that would be 2299.

It would also help if you first write down your own Account Number as they will want that and it is found via the My Account Information link. Finally, for the Advertised Website this is where you should put the site you would like advertised, whether your blog, or some link to your favorite programme (like Adventures4U or PAC Rev Share). (*a few things removed by me)

NOTE: When paying via Paypal or STP note that you will have to key in your Tazoodle account number (at least you do in Paypal, click on the plus sign where it says Tazoodle Account Number in blue, don't miss this!). Ok, now go sign up for free, and advertise or not. "


That's all for now. Gotta Run!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This May Be A Little Harsh But ...

When I saw this pic over at Hermit Jim's blog, I couldn't resist posting it myself. Maybe I'm just overdue for a good rant.

I read something the other day that really irritated me. I chose not to say anything to that person because I didn't want them to take it the wrong way.

What bothers me are people who think they know everything. They feel the need to give advice on something that they personally know nothing about. They also expect others to jump at their suggestions ... no matter who gets hurt (or loses) in the long run.

Now I'm sure
what was said, was said with good intentions. But don't they realize they could be harming others in the process?

Maybe not. Maybe they have money growing out their ears and don't have to worry about such things.

But if I'm in a paying program, that's putting food on my table, and I see someone suggesting that you all get out of it ... well duh! Puts me a little on edge, ya know?

In any case (and before I get carried away) ... don't believe everything you read from everyone. No matter how smart or informed they want you to think they are. Sometimes it's best to just go with your heart, (or your gut) and the facts!! Then do what's right for you. And try not to be too influenced by the know-it-all's in this business.

OK, enough of my rant.
Maybe that'll help me feel better today :))
(And No, I'm not talking about YOU, or you, OR you.
So don't ask)

PS Bottom line is:
Never bite the hand that feeds you, OR feeds others.
You know, every day I feed skunks, raccoons, coyotes, stray cats, squirrels and blue jays. Not one of them has ever bit me or sprayed (skunks) me. I trust them to be smarter than us humans. Sad isn't it?

PPS or is that PSS or maybe even PMS (ha): Sorry Jim, I didn't take your suggestion of "best not to say nothing". I'm a bad bad girl today! But it sure feels good :) LOL


Hey I need to Surf and Shower.
Maybe I can wash my grumpiness away.
I'll be back a little later, OK?


Oh forgot to mention ...
I was PAID today by PAC-RS and GNI.
Rock On!!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dr Watson, I Presume?

Was doing a little "close up" investigating yesterday and realized TODAY is Rodney's Birthday!

You know Rod, the blogger guy who loves to go fishing.

So go wish him a Happy Birthday in his blog comments if you like. I'm sure he'll appreciate it lots and lots :)

Happy Birthday Rod and many many more!!!
I saw that he is in the Birthday Bonus Club too, so I sent him a little present last night and told him not to spend it all in once place :))


Hey Good Morning!
I was up late last night watching a Mama Raccoon and five babies playing in the water puddle in front of my house. They were so cute jumping in the water and splashing each other and washing their little hands and feet. It was hard to tear myself away from the window. And they did eat all the bread I gave them too. Cute little buggers they are.


"Another One Bites The Dust" ... Surfing Legacy is closed! Very understandable since it seems like I'm the only one who put in more money than I withdrew because of the 50/50 rule. Most were smarter than me and skated off with the loot. That's OK. These things can only last so long and when the money is gone, it's gone. We all know how they work, right?


Sylvia (very nice lady) over at Zooloot Chocolate Recipes is going to notify me when she has the smaller banner ready to go. Hey I've made 2 sales so far! Thanks guys! Remember to give her a couple hours to activate your site so that you can download the book. If she's too slow, drop her an email. She's very responsive.


Still very very happy with PAC RS. Did my usual routine today, purchased, surfed and put in for a withdraw. They're close to 100K in deposits now and doing some fun contests. And once again the max rebate was accomplished yesterday! YaY!!! (what else can I say?)


Been cleaning house here today.. here in my blog that is. Whoever is running SoloAdsXtreme needs to shi* or get off the pot! I have referrals (that I paid their way in) still showing as Free and another referral (who I also paid for) disappear from my list. Also wasn't payday the 15th which turned into the 20th? Here it is the 28th and still nothing.
Flu or no flu, either run your site or close it!! Or at least have the courtesy to send the members an email explanation about your absence.


Well I hate to leave on a bitchy note, but I'm gonna anyway :P I really DO have to clean house, do laundry and think about what to defrost for dinner tonight. So if I don't see you again, have a great day! (wave)


Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Dogs and Chocolate

Update on the Chocolate Recipe Book:
Heard back from Sylvia at Zooloot Chocolate. She is going to get us a 125 x 125 banner sometime later this week. And my sponsor and I are thinking that she's doing everything manually in the site also .. so if you Paid but can't download the book, just send her a note and she'll take care of it. Mine can be downloaded today :)


I wonder what kind of stupid software is being sold out there for spammers? Some idiot just posted an Ad (spam) in the comments section of my Dec 13, 2007 blog update. No don't go there to look. I did NOT publish it. Was just wondering why anyone would do something that dumb? Ya know?


Man oh man ... I am happy as a pig in slop with PAC Revenue Share. My first ad pack is already up to 99% paid back as the daily ROI has been maxed since the beginning. For those of you who didn't take advantage of the first week promos, to get started now will cost a minimum of $50 and you cannot move money from 'rebate' to 'cash balance' to upgrade any longer. Oh and Yes, I've been making new purchases every day in order to get 100% of the daily rebate. But if you're not able to do that, just do your surfing and you'll still earn 50% of the daily rebate. So we'll all max out at 135%, but those who can afford to add funds daily will get there twice as fast. Am I talking too much?


Just a heads up on Surfing Legacy. I'm half way through my second round with them and the stats on the front page are starting to worry me. Unless there is some kind of massive new membership (or money) soon, am not sure I'll make it out alive. ha! You get my drift, yes?


NO Puppies here today!
I almost kinda sorta maybe a little, miss them. Seems weird NOT having to say:
- LEAVE the cats alone!
- STOP digging in the couch
- The remote control is NOT a chew toy
- That is NOT your room
- WHAT are you chewing on now?
- Sit down - Lay down - No begging!
- STOP chasing the cats!
- WHY is my carpet wet?!?
- That is NOT yours! spit it out!
- Shouldn't it be nap time???


I'm just joking :)
You know I love my grand doggies!
Especially when they're napping.
Good Dogs!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chocolate Anyone?

So here we are. A nice quiet Saturday with the cats and the squirrels. Yep, the squirrels came back this morning. Two at least. Not sure where the third one is yet. Hope he didn't get pelted by the hail storm :(

*** My Sunday Update:
Hold off on this chocolate thing. Owner of the site is NOT answering emails and myself and another person have not been able to download the "book". Will update more as I learn.

OK for you Chocolate Lovers out there and those who like to bake with chocolate ... here's something you might enjoy. I read the front page and said "ah what the hell, it's only 5 bucks and I'm pretty sure I DO know a few folks who will like these recipes".

100 Chocolate coated recipes to success

I've sent them an email requesting a 125x125 banner so that I can add them to the right side here. I hope they can do that for us. In the meantime, I'm gonna start the website moving around the surf's. Smells good eh? haha


Getting this weird message when I try to go to MMG today:

Reported Attack Site!
This web site at www.moneymakergroup (.com) has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.
Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

So until it's taken care of, I'm NOT clicking on anything in that box. I'm told I can get around it by using IE but ... no thanks. I'll wait it out :)


While I was taking a shower, I got paid from PAC-RS :)
Nice little habit I'm getting into there: Purchase, Surf, Withdraw. And it doesn't matter what order I do it in, it always works just fine.


Hey I need to go clean up my veggie garden. The one and only thing that wasn't totaled from the Hail Storm. See you all later :))

Friday, July 24, 2009


Trying to get some work done here while the grandkids (doggies) are wrestling around on the couch and fighting over a toy ... Is it nap time yet? haha


Was just checking over at GNI and read that they'll try to be back up and running by this afternoon, EDT. Well that's OK. I'll check back there tomorrow. Hope everything in my account is the same, ya know?
OK, so curiosity killed the cat (so they say). I couldn't wait any longer so I logged in and Hey! Everything looks great! Kudos to the team at GNI for bringing us back to life so quickly! YaY!!!


Reminder for PAC Revenue Share ... starting today First New Purchases are minimum $50 and cash outs from Rebate to Cash Balance are not allowed. You will have to withdraw your rebate to your Pay Processor (PP) and purchase through the PP, or purchase with whatever money you have left in cash balance. Make sense? Maybe not. I'm really tired this week.
WoW! The girls must be at their desk now. Requested a payout and received it in about 30 minutes. Nice :))


Wanna hear something sad? Since that storm came through here, I have not seen one (out of 3 that I know of ) Squirrel or one Blue Jay ... and here I sit with all these peanuts :(
But there was a Bunny in my back yard last night. Never saw a Bunny there before! I did NOT feed him. I didn't want him sticking around to be Coyote food. Nope. That would not be good.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beware of Hackers!

If you received yet another email from the hackers about how to get your money out of GNI (which included links) ... please ignore it!
The site has been up and down but the Admin assures us all is fine and we should be back to normal very soon.
As a precaution, you may want to change your password in your PP (especially Liberty Reserve) account and maybe your GNI account also, since the hackers seem to have all that information at their fingertips.


PAC Revenue Share
Today is the last day for the 5$ minimum first deposit. Tomorrow it will be raised to $50. So if you've been thinking of getting started at the lower amount, you've got a few more hours.
Also today is the last day that you can move rebate money to cash balance. Since it must be in 'cash balance' to purchase, I am personally moving all of my rebates to c/b today so that I can continue purchasing through the site rather than through my pay processor.
Here's part of a note from the Admin's last night:

- The Minimum FIRST Deposit will be $50 from tomorrow 24th July.(please refer to our FAQs for the full scheduled changes)

If you have not purchased an AdPack yet, you have about 24 hours to do so before the Minimum goes up.

- There will be no more Cashouts to Cash Balance for the Life Time of the program

Please inform your friends about these 2 changes.

And a couple of notes:

Please advice your friends to use a gmail account when signing up.Not manadtory, but very advisable.

- If your friends are completely new , please ask them to 'purchase' Standby membership.It's free.Only then will they be able to purchase AdPacks with the Funds in their Wallet.

To your Success always!

Kazzy and EL

Gimme a holler if you have questions although I may not be around much today. Have both the doggies here again and they are a handful :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stormy Stormy Night

Was a helluva night here!!
Thunder, lightning, rain, hail, high winds, flooding, tornadoes, power outages, windows broken out of houses and cars, trees uprooted or limbs down, all their leaves shredded along with my corn, sunflowers and every flowering plant that I have!
The rain woke me up just after 10 PM. As I shut the window, I was pelted in the face with the blowing rain. Then the hail started. I thought for sure it was a tornado. The noise from the rain and hail hitting the sides of the house, windows and roof were so loud, I could barely hear myself talk. And I could feel the house shaking under my feet!
Just as I thought I should be taking cover, it started to lighten up a bit. Twenty minutes later, it was all over. But wait till you see my neighborhood today. I'll take a pic or two and show you a little later. Whew! ** pics at the bottom
And my cable TV just went out. Oh well.


Assuming you all got the same spammer email that I did last night regarding your GoldNuggetInvest account ... It was followed up with a very nice note from the program admin. If you freaked out and put in for a w/d request, your funds have been sent back to your account balance to give you time to think it through. If you still wish to w/d (after knowing the truth), you can do that today. I'm leaving my funds in the program. Don't see any reason to panic myself. Hope I'm right :)


Received 2 payments last night from Surfing Legacy. Also made my 50% purchase in order to receive the bigger one. So I'm off and running for another 14 days minimum. Thanks to Gilbert the Admin, it was paid pronto!


Jake is here with me again today. He keeps trying to eat the leftover hail from last night that's still on the grass. But he's got a sensitive tummy so I'm keeping a close eye on him.


Earned the Max again yesterday in PAC RS.
All is good :)
And I just learned it doesn't matter if you purchase and surf OR surf then purchase. Since the magic time for the daily ROI is midnight, you WILL earn on your new purchase as well as the others. Cool eh?


Watching a couple of guys right now help a neighbor board up her broken window. That's a bummer. Hmmm I haven't checked my garage window or basement windows yet. Maybe I should go do that now.

OK, windows are fine but one side of the house is beat to hell! Full of holes from the pounding hail. Dang! And I already had a claim this year for the roof. Unfortunately I think each claim comes with it's own $1K deductible.

Blurry pic but you get the idea. All that green in the street is leaves, bushes and flowers shredded to bits!

Then there's my poor sunflowers .. or what's left of them. And there used to be corn to the right. Not any more :(

By now you must know how my mind works. Stormy Stormy Night makes me think of this song. Enjoy :)

The End

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Clear The Mechanism"

I said that to myself several times last night while trying to get to sleep. I knew I had to be up early today cause Jake was coming back over, yet 3 hours later I was still awake. At least I had nice thoughts of Kevin Costner in "For Love Of The Game" while reciting his line :)


Still no word from SoloAdsXtreme about fixing my downline and giving me credit for them. And is today their pay day? Well I'm not going to promote them any longer until they show me that someone is actually there taking care of business.


Did my usual "routine" in PAC Revenue Share this morning which consists of ...
check my account, move rebates to cash balance, purchase and surf. Until the 24th, that will be what I do every day.
Just a reminder,when you are spreading the word about PRS the upcoming changes are:
- Minimum First Deposit will be $50 on the 24th
- Cashing out to Account Balance will be disabled on the 24th.You will only be able to withdraw to your Payment Processor.
Until the 24th, the minimum first purchase is 5$. So if you want to get in or get someone in a the lower starting amount, now is the time.
The daily rebates have been maxed so far which makes me real happy! And of course, I'm thinking long term here :)


Later today will be my 14th day completed at Surf Legacy!
Note that the 'server' time is 3 hours ahead of the 'purchase' time. Weird stuff but if you are going to make a new purchase for that day, do it after 3 A.M. server time. I'll be doing that later tonight or first thing in the morning.


Seeee ... I'm not too big for the Kitty Bed!

Even when I stretch out ... I still fit !!!

OK OK maybe the couch would be more comfy.

Thank You Gramma for taking care of me this week while I recover from the little snip-snip I had last Wednesday (ouch)!

Hey if you guys wanna see something really cute, click on the pic and see if it opens to full screen for you.
Check out his mouth giving me raspberries, LOL


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Seems that SoloAdsXtreme is having a problem upgrading accounts to Pro. I've sent funds to a few folks to upgrade, which they have, but they're still showing as Free in my downline. I sent in a support ticket, but no reply as of right now. I hope this gets fixed before their 20th payday. Am starting to wonder about them.


No more PAC Revenue Share debates here, OK?
After reading quite a bit of discussion over at the forums, the program Admins will not change anything in order to please everyone. It is what it is and you either like it or you don't. I'm fine with it. I like it and plan to make the most of it with the little funds I have and can earn. Nuff said :)
Here is a nice logical post in MMG if you'd care to read it.


Friday, July 17, 2009

My Cup Is Half Full

Well I'm seeing my cup as half full if I don't (or can't) purchase 50% of my daily rebate in the new PAC Revenue Share. Others are seeing it as half empty.
Everyone who plays will still earn the 135% ROI.

If you ARE able to make that daily 50% upgrade, you'll earn 100% of the full rebate (earnings) again tomorrow. If NOT, you'll still earn 1/2 of it. So by making that new purchase (upgrade), you'll get there much quicker, that's all. Plus you'll be earning more daily because you bought more.

So here's another explanation from Kazzy (Admin) regarding the 50% earnings purchase rule:

"To earn 100% of the daily rebate percentage you need to upgrade 50% of your earnings for that day. I think some are confusing payout with earnings.

E.g. You deposit $100 today. Because it is your first deposit, tomorrow you will earn 100% of the revenue share rebate. Let's say it stays at 9% for this example. Tomorrow you will have earned $9. Now you have a choice, upgrade by at least 50% of today's earnings ($9) to earn the full rebate again tomorrow or dont and earn 50% of it.

Example upgrading daily:
If you upgraded by $5 to get the 100%, your total adpacks will be $105. That gives $9.81 in earnings the next day. So you upgade another $5. You now have $110 in adpacks that earns you $9.90. And so on...

Example not upgrading daily:
You will earn $9 the first day and $4.50 each day after till you have earned a total of $135. It doesn't matter if you withdraw daily, weekly, monthly or on expiry."


Now, I have to go clean up dog poop.
Jake is spending the day with me. I'll tell you about it later, after I get that wonderful aroma out of my house :)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Witches Brew

Beer, Dish Soap and Ammonia :)
Found a recipe yesterday that reminded me of a Witches Brew. It was a mixture of beer, liquid dish soap and ammonia. For what? you may ask. My lawn. Yep, my backyard grass is looking really shabby these days so thought I'd conjure up this witches brew and see if it helps. If it works, I'll send you the Recipe. Else I'll just be stuck with a bunch of buzzed bugs.


Today the new PAC Revenue Share is OPEN for purchases. I was just there and purchased a nice round $100 of Ad Packs. If you missed my note yesterday, here are some of the details:

PAC Revenue Share will be different from any other Revenue Share out there because of 3 Important Features.

1. There will be BOTH a Minimum and Maximum Cap on ROI. So Rebates will be Steady between 3% and 9% Daily.
2. Payouts will be Daily
3. No Compounding.

You will be required to Re-Purchase at least 50% or more of your payout to earn 100% of the Rebates for the Current Day. If you don't, it's OK but you will be paid 50% of the Rebates.

Here are the specs.
3%-9% daily roi
135% total roi per ad pack
12% reff comm on the first purchase and 3% on all purchases there after.
Share of 80% of Revenues and 85% of All Other Incomes.
Daily, Fast Payout!

So there you have it. You can register now and get going with your daily surfing right away! Although I don't think it's a big deal to bombard the site right at the beginning. Sounds to me like this is one that will last quite a while. Congrats to the Admins for coming up with this new plan!

NOTE 1: Due to the surprise launch time today, some of your referrals may have made a purchase before you. If you have a referral who purchased but you did NOT receive credit for it ... send in a Support Ticket and the gals will fix it for you.

For the first 7 days, we will allow members to withdraw to Cash Balance.And so you will be able to Purchase "in-house" .

This is mainly to let members Test Drive the system and see how it works.And also because the Minimum First Purchase is $5.

On the 24th, the Min First AdPack Purchase will be $50.And we will not allow withdrawals to Cash Balance.You will have to withdraw to your PP to Deposit and Re-Purchase.We are helping in this regard by waiving the Deposit Fees, which can be quite a bit especially AP Credit Card Purchases. smile.gif

For the first 7 days, you will still have to accumulate $5 to purchase another AdPack and the minimum withdrawal is still $3.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SoloAdsXtreme and NEW PAC Revenue Share!

OK, I just joined SoloAdsXtreme.

While trying to keep up with the generosity of the JoneS', I checked my pay processor accounts and decided to give away my birthday money to help others get into this program.

So you can join for Free, then send me your username (so I can verify you've joined) and either your PayPal or Alert Pay email and I'll send you the $3 to go Pro. (send your info to

After you join for free, ignore the one-time offer to upgrade for $25, and the one-time offer to upgrade for $14. Then Log into your free member area and upgrade for the one-time $3 Pro. Make sense?

IMPORTANT: I have enough funds to cover about 10 people today. So you may want to comment here if you decide to join so that others can see where I'm at with my Give-Away ... cause when it's gone, it's gone!
UPDATE: I have enough to cover 8 more. First come, first serve.
And Thanks Dee Dee. You know why :)

See the site for all the cool advertising stuff you get, and I would also suggest creating a new gmail account for this one.


PAC Revenue Share
just pre-launched.
I'll be right back with the details :)

OK, here's the note from the Admins. It's long but it's a good one! You know ... I've missed a lot of boats lately, but I am NOT missing this one!!!

Hello Everyone,

We are finally ready to launch, well, Pre-Launch our Revenue Share Program. The Pre-Launch will be for 24 hours. Deposits will be enable tomorrow, Thursday, 16th at 9.00 am Server Time. We will be sharing 80% of all Revenues and 85% of all other Incomes. Please read this email in it's entirety.

After weeks and weeks of planning and gathering your feedback, we are ready to go!

PAC Revenue Share will be different from any other Revenue Share out there because of 3 Important Features.

1. There will be BOTH a Minimum and Maximum Cap on ROI. So Rebates will be Steady between 3% and 9% Daily.

2. Payouts will be Daily

3. No Compounding.

We also agree with many of you that there has to be a re-purchase level to stop 'Heavy Hitters' taking advantage of the system. So here it is.

You will be required to Re-Purchase at least 50% or more of your payout to earn 100% of the Rebates for the Current Day. If you don't, it's ok but you will be paid 50% of the Rebates.

Here is an example:

If your payout for today is $100, you will be required to Repurchase at least $50. At Midnight, when the Rebates have been calculated and the Rate is 9%, you will be paid 9% of your total AdPacks.
If you didn't Re-Purchase, you will be paid 4.5% of your AdPacks.

Once again, it is all very simple, thanks to our wonderful Programmer, all the Calculations are done by the Script and it's all easy and comfortable. All you have to do is make the decision.

We thank you all for your input. With the Revenue-Share Model, No Compounding and a reasonable Re-Purchase level, we have a really stable program that should last and last because we will always be paying out less than what is coming in.

Once again, we would like to thank you all for your support, this would not have been possible had it not been for the encouragement we got from the unwavering faith in many of our members. You will now reap the rewards.

Ok, this will be a brand new site, so you will all have to sign up again. We are offering 12% Refferal Commission on your downline's first deposit and 3% on all subsequent deposits. We have a 7-Day Test-Drive Period. In this period there will be 2 differences.

- The minimum will be $5, on the 24th of July it will be $50.

- You will be allowed to Withdraw to Cash Balance. After the 24th, this feature will be cancelled.

Here are the future main changes:

The minimum will raised to $100 after 6 weeks and $250 after 12 weeks and stay at that level for the lifetime of the Program.

The Maximum Deposit will be raised to $25,000 on Oct 16th.

There will be fees from August 16th. These will be paid quarterly.

- Basic Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $1000 - $25 Quarterly

- Associate Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $7500 - $75 Quarterly

- VIP Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $15000 -25000 - $150 Quarterly.

We will not be having Promos, but there will be other exciting offers, rewards and competitions.

The first one we are starting with:

One member will win 100% Matching Bonus of his or her Deposit! The winner will be announced on the 24th. IT will be one member, from either of the 4 PPs.

We will most like do this every week!

Here are the Main Features:

AdPacks Expire at 135%
Rebates 3-9%
12% Referral Bonus on Referral's first Deposit and 3% on all subsequent Deposits.
Daily, Fast Payout!

We would like to touch one one important thing now. We are actively pursuing other income streams. We will be sharing 85% of all these incomes. It is therefore important that we have your support in this regard.

You are of course you are under NO obligation to join these recommendations, and if you do, we are not to be held responsible or accountable for your dealings with them. WE do our best to comb through the countless offers we get and give you the ones that we feel will benefit you.

We will ask you to opt in for some of the Opportunities and for some, we will just send an email out to everyone.

3% of all deposits will go towards refunding PAC members, that goes without saying. We have been a bit busy with getting PAC Revenue Share ready so we are behind on refunds. We need your understanding on this. We will get on track.

That's enough for today, except that, we have to tell you, that in the coming few weeks, we are going to introduce something that will drive wild traffic to PAC Revenue Share. This has not been done by any other online program.

Get the word out..Your Success is Now Assured!
Kazzy and EL

P.S. During this pre-launch we will be updating and tweaking the site.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Around

Good Morning :)
I'm still hangin around, just don't have much to say yet. Been catching up on my reading (blogs and programs) and answering emails and such. Other than that ... hmmm ... I think I'm hungry. Back later maybe.

Real quick ... Just completed my 7th day (half way through) the Surfing Legacy ad pack I bought. It IS enough so that when it completes I will need to buy another 50% in order to receive funds. And that's OK. Everything is going great!

Look how BIG Jake is getting ...

My Son on the 4th of July ...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Private Millionaire

You guys remember The Private Millionaire?
Quite a few of you joined me in that one before it went down. It did NOT disappear due to scamming. It was taken down due to some of the payment processors not accepting credit card payments which put a real damper on the site.
So now, Graham Armstrong (Admin) has created two NEW Programs in it's place. I just registered for BOTH of them and am waiting for my websites to be created.

For those of you who were in the old TPM program and paid the one-time hosting fee, check your email accounts for the message from Graham Armstrong. Mine came on July 9th. Search your bulk mail also, it'll be worth your time.

I'll post my new links when I receive them so that those of you who were not in the first TPM can see what I'm talking about. Could be a day or two. ***

I did pretty good the first time around. Made some profit even after paying for the reports and the hosting fee. Plus I had a few referrals who were kicking butt on selling it!
Stay tuned for more :))

*** Well lookie here. As I was posting this note, they created my sites:




Those are the splash/gateway pages.
There's a lot to read for those who are new and interested. And please take the time to read the info. rather than asking me, ok? I'm not here all the time and everything you need to know can be found on their sites. Thanks much!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Surfing Legacy

Surfing Legacy is being DDOS attacked because Gilbert refused to buy banners from the attacker at $30 per month. Such Nonsense! Anyway, the hosting company is working on it and the site will be back up ASAP. Gilbert said No Worries.

Thanks to all who posted their payments. The site is still down but the good news is hosting got back to me and said that they should be unblocking the site shortly so just a little more patience.
there is about 4 and a half hours left before server time changes to a new day so if the site is able to be back before then surfing can still be done by members. If the site is still not back by the time server time changes then I will give a surf holiday for members who did not surf but only if the site is not back by the time server time changes.

Site is back up. Everything is fine.
But I'm sure you already know what :)

Happy Surfing!


Gotta run out for a bit.
Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Just Never Know

My Poor Son was attacked by a Kidney Stone while camping this week. He was in excruciating pain and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He's fine now but the doctors told him there's a few more in there and there is no way to know when they will want out!
I've never 'passed one' myself, but I'm told it's as painful as child birth .. so I can sure sympathize with anyone who's had the condition.
I'm just hoping the ones he has left are babies or break up into small pieces so when they do decide to come out, they'll pass through without all that horrendous pain.


In Surfing Legacy that I recently joined, have been reading in the forum posts that a lot of members went with the 7% x 16 day plan (with daily cash outs) rather than the 10% x 14 day plan with payout on expiry. Oh heck .. maybe they did that to avoid the 50/50 rule on cash outs over $50?
Can I say 'duh' now or later? (rolling eyes)
Well that's OK. I made a decision and that's that. Am in for the 14 days and will report on how I'm doing. So far so good and it's still real new so if you're going to play, now would be the time. Just my two cents worth :)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hey Good Morning :)

I got side-tracked yesterday and didn't come back like I said I would.

I did join Surfing Legacy later in the day.
It's run by Gilbert, the Admin of the former Surfing Avenue program which at the time of closing, members received refunds. Now I didn't play in that one till the end, but I hear everything was finalized with respect.
So now he's opened Surfing Legacy which has two plans to choose from. I personally went with plan B, and there is a 50/50 rule for cash outs $50 or more. And that's just fine. It's a good way to keep things rolling longer.
Just remember this is a game, so play smart, spend wisely, don't expect a refund when the game is over, and have fun :)
ps, Keep an eye on the server time. I noticed it's 9 hrs ahead of where I'm at.


In case you're not signed up to get the Extreme Surfs newsletters, here's a surf to stay away from ... (thanks Austin)

"I do want to mention to stay away from Sunshine surf. A few admins have already sent out warnings about this program and I just want to second it. If it wasn't dumb enough to think they could launch a 12 x 12 in summer - this admin left all of her tell tale signs so we could immediately identify who it was. So long story short stay away."


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Dave & Jess

Can't believe it's been two years already since that fun weekend in Las Vegas! They (and thousands of others) were married in Vegas on 7-7-07. Although Dave and Jessica were married in that Limo Bus you see in the pic ... NOT in the Elvis wedding chapel like many others, haha. Very non-traditional. They wore black and we all (the wedding party) wore white. It was quite an event!

So Happy Anniversary You Two!
Looking forward to your 10th, 25th, 50th ...
well, you see where I'm going with this :))
Love You Lots!!!


Now I gotta work.
I'll be back in a minute if my PC stays on.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Win Some .. Lose Some :(

Steve sent out an email today re: Surf Reborn. I did not receive it personally but read it in one of the forums. Sounds legit enough to post here.

Dear masoud,
I have done my best to run SurfReborn for as long as I possibly can, meaning I have paid out more than 96% of incoming funds. This saying may be a cliche but it is the most realistic and true that "all programs come to an end."
Although I did not mean for anyone to lose, in this industry there will always be winners and unfortunately there will also be losers.
Some members know this and agree but there will also be others who will disagree.. but that is their right.

SurfReborn terms have been clearly stated and by members joining SurfReborn they have agreed to these terms:

"Members fully agree that all upgrades/purchases made from SurfReborn are for advertising and not considered an investment of any kind. Members agree that when they are upgrading they are purchasing a product in the form of advertising credits and upon purchase of advertising credits all transactions are final(No Refunds) and instantly fulfilled since each 1 unit upgrade will instantly purchase 50 advertising credits from SurfReborn to use towards advertising their websites. Since advertising credits are instantly added to member's SurfReborn accounts upon purchase, this fulfills SurfReborn's service to it's members giving no reason and merit for any chargebacks. Since SurfReborn's services are instantly fulfilled upon purchasing credits, any claim for chargebacks will be considered as a fraudulent act.
Members also fully agree that payments to SurfReborn members are NOT guaranteed and should be considered bonuses for viewing other member's advertised websites."

The future of SurfReborn will continue but as a Traffic Exchange program only. No earnings will be offered but members can purchase advertising credits. Free members can also surf for credits.



Received a payment from GoldNuggetInvest last night. Been playing there since the end of the year and I'm still really happy with their program! And yes, I'm playing with profit now. No more seed money to re-coop :))


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the USA.

Will be out myself enjoying a BBQ with family and friends.

Hope you all have a wonderful day :))

Friday, July 3, 2009

Austin, Alerts and Taz

Just read a great response to a readers comment in the Extreme Surfs Blog. See part 2 of his post for today. Kudos Austin! Very well said!!! (and no, not too long winded at all :)

PS, deciding whether or not to join TAGM.
Still doing my own DD. (smile)


Hey Guess What???
AOL mysteriously gave me back my ALERT LIST yesterday. So I quickly copied it, added the 5 additional folks who joined recently, and saved it to MORE than one place this time. I will be doing a test run for it later today. So if you think you should be in the list, and do NOT get an email from me ... let me know and I'll get you added. Okie Dokie? Thanks :)

ALERT TEST 1 - from Blondie :)) was just sent out via my aol address. If you did NOT receive it but thought you should have, write to me at and I'll get you added.
But do check your bulk mail first. If it's there, mark it as "not spam". That should do it :)


Don't forget to join TAZOODLE. It could be big! See my note from yesterday. Then I won't mention it again for a while.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

No More Secrets

If you recall, a while back I told you about a New Search Engine where you can be paid for folks using it (once it opens). It was very hush-hush and we were not allowed to speak the name or link anywhere public.
Well that rule has been lifted, so if you didn't write to me personally for the link, here it is. It's called Tazoodle and could be a pretty good opp for our future. So go ahead and sign up for free, check out the site, tell your friends about it ... just don't spam your link all over the neighborhood, ok?


If you received the following in an email, just delete it. And do not click on any links. Steve from ESP-LR did not send this out. Probably just some joker trying to get a refund his own way.
Special offer! Every transfer of $ 2 of this Liberty Reserve account U443**** receive an additional bonus of six times, and increase your rating
Who Pay? When Pay 2$ msg message admin and say from wich account you pay and you members Number
**link & LR number removed**"


Was just over at The Hermits place and saw some new pics of his Roomies! They've grown up into such beautiful kitties! Good Job Daddy Jim!

And then there's my grand puppies,
Louis and Jake :)

Jake is such a goof ball.
He found the doggie toy box (that gramma has hidden in the back room), so of course he brought every toy out to the living room before he left. Man he's fast too. Didn't take him but 10 minutes to clean out the toys and scatter them everywhere!!
And Lou dog just sat and watched since she's so grown up now. But I could hear her under her breath saying: "you're gonna get in trouuuuble" haha


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Stinkin Birthday Mamma Potimus!

So here is the REAL Birthday Cake I received yesterday!

Can you believe it?

I was laughing so hard when the kids came over and took it out of the box ... I almost pee'd my pants!

Yep, that would be Me (the shapely gal with the really long forearm) feeding the bologna to my little friend, haha

And the cake decorator said this was the first time he did a skunk! Pretty damn good eh?

So we all had an awesome time last night .. eating, drinking and being merry :)) I sure have a fun family! Thanks you guys!!! Love You Lots!!!!!


Austin and Joe opened their ExtremeSurfs Forum today. Go check it out when you have time. Remember it's a no bullshit forum. OK? Read the rules and get yourself registered. I did earlier today and I plan to have some fun there besides getting helpful tips along the way.


This morning I added my link to the FastPayMoney program. If you missed it, the review was posted here yesterday that I borrowed from my friend js.


You know, I've come to a point in my life where I realize that disappointment is just a way of life. No reason to get angry or upset over things. They are what they are and the things that you cannot change (especially here on the net) are not worth losing sleep over.

For instance ... if I don't get any more payments from anyone in the Birthday Bonus Club, that means I'll be ahead by $5 after my one year is up. OK, that's fine. Despite them sending out 411 emails on my behalf, (yeah right :)

For instance ... I tried to "look after" my referrals in Surf Reborn when I saw that things were slowing down and/or coming to a screeching halt. I sent Steve a personal note about my concern thinking that he might open it since I was #14 in his program. Did he reply? No. See what I mean? No one is special. We're all in this together. I think.