Friday, October 7, 2011

How Loud Can This Get? and Go Tigers!

Not my house in the pic but wanted to give you an idea of the noise in here today.
One of the Cats won't come out of the basement so I got smart an took an extra litter box down there for him. We don't need any accidents around here, LOL

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: Purchased 5 new Ad Units today. Also requested a small payment that should arrive shortly. No news on the 'surprise' yet, but when I hear something I'll give you a holler.

--- JBP-JSS: still waiting on phase 2 of the latest step of the restart to be completed. Then hopefully the last step will be done soon and we can get 'back in the saddle'. I mean, most things are working now, except for parts of JSS and waiting on the new JSS Matrices to show up, then being able to Upgrade to Level 2 is what I'm anxious for.

--- CWC: well the Hub is still in the works so not much happening there till that gets going. My account did manage to build up to $30 again so I got a $15 payment and a new Token to boot.
Now it's just mostly waiting.

--- The noise in here has got me on edge, and it's only 10 AM.
It's gonna be a loooooong day.

Glad I stayed up last night to watch the Tigers Win!
Definitely worth it.
Now onto the next series of the playoffs.
Go Tigers !!!


Blondie's Son said...

So Mother,

I think thats awesome that you stayed up to watch the baseball game. I am willing to bet that you were not pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between your coffee table and couch.......were you?? GO one of the ALCS starts Saturday!!! WHOOOHOOO!!

Love ya.....
The ONE and ONLY....

blondie said...

Nope, no pacing here. I'm sure you were though, LOL

Thanks for the Olivia Pic. She looks Great in her Detroit jacket!
Make sure she wears it on Saturday for Good Luck!

Love you too!

danish said...

Not necessarily a Tigers Fan ( I live in Blue Jay land hehe) but I was all for 'em in this series. I'd rather the yankee's never make the playoffs, but if they do...the next best thing is to see them dumped in the first round, and their season ended. All that money spent for naught. A season without winning a World Series is considered an abject and total failure by them...looks good on them doesn't it? I think so.

blondie said...

Hey Dave,
You're talkin over my head now. It's my Son who's the fanatic.
I only pay attention when it's at the end and important stuff, hehe
Thanks for stopping by, as I know you always do :)
Have a great weekend!

Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

I watched every pitch and almost every pitch of the series. I was really pulling for the Tigers to beat the Yankees.

That is some good looking Detroit fan there. She is really growing.

Have a great weekend.

blondie said...

Hey Randy AKA Mr Baseball,
I knew you'd be watching for sure Coach, it's in your blood.
I'm glad they won too and hope to see em do well in their next run.

Yep, she is one good lookin Detroit fan, that's for sure :)

doomcrew said...

Adorable baby.

blondie said...

Yeah she's a cutie,
and 15 months old today.

Nice to see you :)