Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tonight's the Night

Detroit Tigers didn't do so good last night. Today is their last chance so am hoping they can turn it around. If not, well, there's always next year.
I'll be rooting for you boys! 
Good Luck!
* What a great 6th inning. We're up 6-2 as of now. Whoo Hooo!
** OK, that was a scary 9th inning but we WON! 7-5 !!!
We're goin to Texas :) 

--- Bi-24: is having a little problem with the account balance vs what's showing in our AP or STP account balance. Ivan is working on it now and as soon as his programmer gets online, they will get it resolved.

--- Don't forget to visit me on Saturday ... if you enjoy my blog. If you don't like me or my blog, then don't bother. Cheers!

--- JBP-JSS: only 2 things in their latest update that jumped out at me ...
Once we've made more progress with our immediate development tasks to restore full functionality to JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS), we intend to add SolidTrustPay and Liberty Reserve as payment processors.
Our implementation task to complete Phase 2 of the Restart -- adding the JSS positions created by converting JSS-Tripler positions -- is going well. We're also aiming to get the JBP Level 1 upgrade feature working within a week.
So more pay processors are definitely a good idea. But more waiting for phase 2? (sigh) OK, not much we can do about it. I know it's a bit frustrating, all this waiting time. Even for those who have "the patience of Job" may be anxious at this point. I know I am.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: over 200 members and Kent wrote:
Hi all members.
Just a quick note as some are wondering when we will open. We will open the program as soon as we get 1000 members or before that.
We will let you know a day before we open the lines.
You can promote with the New banners we got made for us.
Just log in and go to the Banner section and you will see all these great banners.
Good luck, and thanks for your time.

If you're going to play, I would suggest you get signed up now, then grab your referral link and get it out to where ever it is you promote. He's offering a generous RC which could help you get into the higher lines if you're low on funds to start with. K

--- CWC: if you're going to join Centurion now, OK, but wait for the HUB to open. Don't put any new money into the Tokens. You'll be disappointed and I don't want that. Just wait for the Hub.

--- AlertPay: Good News!
I tried to cancel a pending bank transfer yesterday, but there was no link available to do that. Today I noticed that the 'cancel transaction' button is back. So now, you can request a check from them IF you are a U.S. member. Glad to see they're working on solutions and I hope they get it all resolved soon.

--- Below John's picture on my sidebar is a 'Clicks for Critters', Animal Rescue Site page. I clicked on it today to contribute food for animals (it's free), and while I was there noticed how many cute gifts they have for Animal Lovers. So with Christmas being a little over 2 months away, thought I'd get a jump on that and place an order. My order also donated 6 bowls of food to homeless animals in need. Three cheers!

--- Well, I was thinking of mowing the lawn but it's windy as heck out there. No matter how hard I try to tie up my hair, it always seems to get away from the bands or braids and blow in my face. Maybe the wind will settle down after lunch. I could use the exercise for sure.


Randy V said...

It wasn't good last night Judy. Verlander is on the mound today so if he can't do it, it can't be done. He's the best pitcher in baseball this year. They need to win today and then two in Texas. It will be tough but it can be done.

Hope you are doing great.

Have a great day.

Randy V

blondie said...

Haven't been following all year but catching up now.
I've heard Verlander is the best and also that he'd be pitching today.

Game should be starting shortly so guess I'll be back and forth during commercials.

Remind me to tell Santa to bring me a wireless modem for DSL this year.

Have a great day Randy and thanks for rooting with me :)

doomcrew said...

I'll be cheering on the Tigers for ya Blondie. I have a feeling they will win.

blondie said...

Thanks doomcrew.
They're down by 1 right now but the day is young :)

Anonymous said...

hi blondie, i'm your referral in some programs. would just like to ask, does alertpay issue checks to international users to? i plan to verify my account using that method. thanks!

blondie said...

I don't keep up with International rules so much, since I'm in the US. But I read this just now in a forum:

"My 9 day pending Alertpay withdrawals to my UK bank were completed today. So that looks like they are finally managing to nail their problems with international withdraws."

As far as check go? Not sure. I'd have to go read their FAQs to find out.

Anonymous said...

thanks! that's ok, i've found alertpay's blog. international checks are temporarily on hold. btw their faqs are kinda outdated.