Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Monday and Tuesday

--- Bi-24: still 'under maintenance'. Hopefully things will get moved around shortly and today will be the day that we come back. There will NOT be any daily earnings given for the down time. Only fair. Stay tuned.
** Bi-24 is back up on Tuesday. I'll go into more detail tomorrow. Been a busy day here and have a lot to say, but no time to say it. All is good :)

--- JBP-JSS: apparently the Restart Feed is almost done. Then they'll do the Tripler Feed. That's my understanding anyway. So far I've only 'cycled' one of my JSS Matrices, but I do see a lot of my referrals are cycling as well. Will be interesting to see if anything changes today.
PS, bought a few more Triplers :)

** Tuesday: Was hot out yesterday but now, we're expecting our first big snow storm tonight and tomorrow. Will update on everything in the morning. Was just busy today and needed a break from the PC.


naphtali said...

Hey Judy. How have you been? Long time no read........I lost your blog's web address, but I got it bookmarked now. Just got a new job so I'm moving from the Motor City to Atlanta. Glad that JSS is getting back to normal (we hope).
I got a lot to catch on in your blog so let me get to it...........

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
Was wondering where the heck you were. You missed me cheer leading the Tigers in the playoffs. LOL

Atlanta eh? Hot and humid there too right? So not much difference weather wise. But do they get snow? You might miss those slushy roads in the winter.

Anyway, am sure you're busy getting things in order for your move so I'll shush for now.

Great to hear from you!