Monday, October 31, 2011

Great News I Hope, LOL

--- JBP-JSS: was just in the conference chat room and one of the moderators told us that the Tripler Feed will start sometime today! BUT Fred and Carl say in the next day or so. Well, at least we know it's close.
I was told to be sure you have bought placements and/or premiums to get top spot. (I bought a few so we'll see.)
Also for those that are not upgraded, as soon as the upgrade feature is turned on and you then upgrade, your triplers will be fed into your JSS account. So for those of you that are concerned about not being upgraded, you are not going to lose your JSS positions. I know there has been some concern about this.
Thanks Russ for letting me borrow your post and 
Let The Show Begin!!!

--- T2 or Tripler2: (not associated with the above) Member count is 2450 after about 45 hours from launch. Pretty darn good if you ask me. But how many will follow through and upgrade or buy Dream Positions? Don't know yet. I plan to as soon as it's Open and Available. Just waiting for the 'word' on the next stage. Will let you know if I hear anything.
NOTE: I see reports of spyware trying to open when people go to the site. I have not had that problem, so just a word of caution until it can be tracked and removed.
UPDATE: Admin said he scanned everything and it all came out clean. The only thing in question was facebook, so he's going to remove it.

--- CWC: did you find the time to read their new blog post?
OK here it is for those who didn't make it there:

The Profit Sharing System has been running slow for some time now as many of you know. There is much misconception out there that the PSS is a 2% per day cycler. This has never been the case. The PSS has always been a Profit Sharing System as it's name indicates. This means as the Centurion Wealth Circle makes money – the  PSS pays out profits.
Unfortunately the CWC is not making the level of sales in Product Tokens as it once did. This means the PSS is not moving very much with regards to cycling the positions. In view of this we are making some changes that will, we hope, satisfy our loyal members and ensure fairness for all;
  • We are closing the CWC to new members
  • We will remove the 50/50 rule
  • No more re investments will be allowed
  • No more PSS positions will be added
  • the Position cap will be lowered to 150%
  • The PSS will STILL earn profits from our other online programs (including the hub) until ALL POSITIONS reach the cap.
We hope to put all these changes in place within the next week or so as some re-coding is required.
These changes are a positive step to ensure our members receive profits from positions they have in the system and to ensure that no one loses money with CWC. Unlike other program organisers it is not our intention to close the site and disappear!
In the mean time we will launch the hub (and other great wealth creation programs) separately to CWC – more on that later.
I sincerley hope this move is accepted as a positive step and that members will realise the alternative would be to allow the CWC to drift along with little hope for future returns for its valued members.
To the Success of all our members
Larry Harper

Personally, I like these plans a lot. I doubted if the entire 'cycler crowd' was going to be interested in the HUB anyway. At least this way, we can start the HUB fresh and still earn profits for the company, so that they can continue paying the old PSS tokens until they're paid in full. Kudos Larry! Nice job :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Updates :)

--- Tripler2: 21 hours into prelaunch and 1750 members! Pretty good stats for a new program.
* Make that 2060 members as of 6:00 PM my time.
Just a reminder that no money is exchanging hands yet. Level 1 upgrades will be available soon (maybe tomorrow) and you will want to be Upgraded if you plan to refer, else you won't receive any RC. Also I believe you need to be upgraded in order to receive the Matrix positions that will be given out after your 75 day term with a DP (dream position). Plus DP's must be bought whilst  being an upgraded member.
Level 1 Upgrades cost $10 per month via subscription, and Dream Positions will be $10 each.
Ummm what else? Oh the 'Logout' button doesn't work but there are a lot of things still being tweaked during this prelaunch. Stay tuned for more & Thanks to Everyone who joined from my link :)
** NOTE: when joining, do NOT use any numbers in your password nor any dot's (periods) in your email. And preferably a gmail account will work best. Thanks

--- JBP-JSS: as mentioned before I am not changing my habits in JustBeenPaid one bit. I have a plan for it and I'm sticking to it! Today is a cash out day for me so will be placing that a little later. Tell you what though, I AM really anxious for Fred to do the regular Tripler feed. Could give my JSS balance a nice boost. Waiting waiting.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: Kent has added a countdown clock to the site with the Launch time. Nice. From what I can tell, it will be launched on Nov. 2nd at 2:00 PM my time, which is MST. EST would be 4:00 PM and PST would be 1:00 PM. Is that right? Yeah, sounds good to me. I'll be there with bells on.

--- GBC: received my weekly profit share from Gord and purchased a new K-Game 40 board spot yesterday using the earnings in my account balance. Right On.

--- CWC: New Blog Post. Go check it out and I'll share my thoughts in a minute.
** Oops. I forgot to come back. Got busy watching the Bronco game. Maybe I'll chat more about it tomorrow.
I think the Admin has the right idea and this should work out great. New members to the Hub will be in the Hub and the older CWC members will still be paid over time. What's not to like?

Friday, October 28, 2011

T2 Gearing Up + Saturday

--- T-2: that I wrote about yesterday is gearing up for it's official launch. You can keep an eye on the progress from the front page news on the site. I will also get an email when it's "good to go". If you missed it in yesterday's post, go have a peek now. Thanks :)
PS, once it's Open, if you plan to refer / sponsor, I believe you DO need to be an Upgraded member. At least that's how I'm reading the info on the site.

NEW: Looks like the T2 Launch will be Saturday afternoon, U.S. time. There will be 5 hours notice given on the front page of the site. You will NOT be able to Upgrade yet, Nor will you be able to purchase 'Dream Positions' at this time. Just get registered and read up on how it's all going to work. Thanks in advance :)

PS: just sent an Alert out about this launch. Looks like a few people changed their email addresses but forgot to re-sign up with me. So if you didn't get my Alert, maybe that's why.

*** Registrations Are Open! The site now shows the Full Update of the Launch Stages. Here is the first part:
We are doing this launch in 3 stages. 
Stage 1. Registration Stage.
Registration is open to the public today at the following times. 
22.00 UK time.
16.00 EST.
17.00 CEST.
13.00 PST.

--- JBP-JSS: (the original, lol) is doing great and just because there will be another site similar to this one (as shown above), I am not changing my habits one bit. I love JBP and today they covered the cost for my Cat's injury and vaccinations, and that's not cheap! lol
NEW: just bought some premium placements in the JSS matrix. I still don't fully understand how that works but I hear it will speed things up so I'm in.

--- Bi-24: Good News - Bad News from Admin and honestly, am not surprised. Heck it's been almost 3 months running and we all know how these things work, right?
As of today, new member registrations are closed along with purchases of Ad Units via pay processor or account balance. Cash outs are still allowed but will take a little longer. Our ad units will continue earning 2% daily until they reach their full 150%. He also has a plan for generating revenue through other resources and we'll hear more about that later.
Well what can I say. Ivan's done a great job and I'll continue to keep you updated as I learn more.

--- CWC: managed to 20 cent my way up to $15 so went ahead a did a Token purchase from account balance. No cash out. Just a purchase to help with the cycling.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here Comes The Sun & New Program

Thank goodness for the sunshine. My tree lost a lot of limbs from yesterdays heavy wet snowfall. The sun is rising now and the snow is starting to melt. Could have been worse. Some cities here lost power, but not me. 

--- JBP-JSS: you can buy placements today in your JSS matrices, but cannot upgrade to premium yet. Gettin there slowly but surely. At least the Tripler is functioning like it should.

--- Bi-24: heard there is an update coming out tomorrow but am not sure if it's good, bad or both. Just be careful until we know what's going on. I have trust in Ivan and so am not worried. But games are games right? ok 

--- Alert Pay: just read this in another admin's update about AP CC issues. He has no reason to lie so will post it here:
I have discussed issues about the credit cards. Good news is here. I was told by one executive that they are almost done with the new process. Acceptance of credit cards through AlertPay will become available early next week. It will be next week and that is 100% for sure, this is what I was told. They also said that their service will be largely improved to offer superior quality to all who will use AlertPay.

--- I have some news coming about that New Program that's going to be very similar to the Tripler. BRB with that.
Just feeling a little off my game today so have decided to "steal" the wonderful article that my good buddy Gord just wrote about it. TY Gordon, I owe you one (or five) LOL

"It's Time for T2"
(that's not the real name but will give it out tomorrow along with my link)
**My Link is inserted now, so you can at least view the site. Still waiting for the "green light" for new registrations**

"In my last article, I mentioned a new program approaching and it's for the "Passive" where those inclined, can make money without sponsoring or recruiting and that's right up my alley.

Today, although I have already registered and got a preview of the program, I'm not permitted to place the link on my Blog until the official launch, which is scheduled some time tomorrow. I'll be writing a follow up article at that time.

T2 is a "2% per day" program, which I've had a lot of success with and continue to do so. 2% for 75 days expires a "Dream Position". If your a member of JSS-Tripler, you'll see similarity in the plans here with the Referral Commissions from T2 paying 10% on direct referrals on purchases and repurchases with 5% for Level Two referrals.

I've had a lot of success with "2x2" Matrices where they fill quick and it's a complete, repeat process with no higher levels to worry about. T2, like the Tripler, will give members a "bonus" 2x2 spot for expiring 4 Dream Positions.

To earn from the "2x2" Matrix and this is important, members are required to upgrade to Level One for $10 and can further upgrade to Level Two for $15, but at the minimum... a Level One.

(me: that's a monthly subscription I do believe)

A "2x2" Matrix when completed earns a member $60. 

What's different from "Just Been Paid's current format is that T2 will have a Forum where members have the opportunity to earn Points and exchange them for $10 Dream Positions.

Launch Day is the prime time to upgrade in programs I add to the Biz. I've repeated this many times in my articles, that the top thing in my mind combined with a strategy... is timing.

T2 will not take away any of my interest or funding in The Tripler as I maintain my strategy there and got paid again early this morning. I recommend readers who are members of Just Been Paid and JSS-Tripler do the same. T2 will probably become a good source for a dual income.

(me: totally agree with Gord on that too.)

The Admin, has no doubt, taken on a huge undertaking here and I'll be interested to see if T2 can measure up and perhaps share a pedestal with The Tripler.

In this business, opportunists must always be looking ahead and adding viable opportunities they feel will work for them and today... T2 is it. 

I'm looking forward to a profitable experience with the program." 

Once again, TY Gord for a great write up. 
I've been dealing with broken tree limbs, iced up gutters and a bit of adult-sitting today. Sad but true. Then I have a Veterinarian appointment tomorrow which I need to be ready for in the A.M.
Oh, word about this program should spread fast so please join under whoever you're comfortable with or whoever is your 'regular' sponsor.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yes It's Snowing ...

and it's snowing a lot!
My poor tree is having a hard time since it's still got all it's leaves and this snow is heavy and breaking branches.
We're expecting about a foot of snow today, which will start melting tomorrow and we'll be back up to 70F degrees by Halloween :) 

--- Bi-24: Back in action and kicking out our 2% daily. Plus we're allowed to do our re-purchases (from account balance) on Mon, Wed and Saturday. So that's what I'm going to do as soon as it's enabled for the day. Oh and my cycling happened at 6:30 PM server time. I hope it will be steady from now on. Thanks Ivan!

--- Gord did a good write up today in GordsHomeBiz about Ethics. He and I discussed much of that yesterday and he's right. This business can be a "dog eat dog" world and we're learning who some of those dogs are, LOL. Yes, I am also aware of the New Passive Program that he mentioned opening next week... but I would never try to recruit 'his crew'. I think there's room here for all of us to share a piece of the pie, don't you? LOL
PS, if you have enjoyed The Tripler, you may like this one also. Plus it'll be brand new next week. Best time to get started as far I'm concerned.

--- JBP-JSS Tripler: ok, their JSS-Tripler Restart Feed completed. I did cycle out 1 of many so I guess I can't complain. Next will be the ability to buy placements and placement upgrades (to help those JSS's cycle faster), then I believe the Upgrade option will be available. Wait, I forgot about the regular Tripler feed. Hmm, not sure when that will happen but I hope it's soon.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: will launch next Wed, Nov 2nd. Not sure of the time yet so will let you know when I find out. AP CC is still not available but Kent also enabled STP and LR if you'd rather use one of those. I'll talk more about it before it launches so you know what you're getting into.

--- GBC: forgot to mention on Monday that of course I received my regular profit share on Sunday. Was also happy today to receive a $25 payment from one of my K-game boards moving through the game. Thanks Gord!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Monday and Tuesday

--- Bi-24: still 'under maintenance'. Hopefully things will get moved around shortly and today will be the day that we come back. There will NOT be any daily earnings given for the down time. Only fair. Stay tuned.
** Bi-24 is back up on Tuesday. I'll go into more detail tomorrow. Been a busy day here and have a lot to say, but no time to say it. All is good :)

--- JBP-JSS: apparently the Restart Feed is almost done. Then they'll do the Tripler Feed. That's my understanding anyway. So far I've only 'cycled' one of my JSS Matrices, but I do see a lot of my referrals are cycling as well. Will be interesting to see if anything changes today.
PS, bought a few more Triplers :)

** Tuesday: Was hot out yesterday but now, we're expecting our first big snow storm tonight and tomorrow. Will update on everything in the morning. Was just busy today and needed a break from the PC.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

JSS Matrix Cycling

--- JBP-JSS: member report of matrix cycling...
Good news folks. Four of my matrixes have filled and cycled. That is 240 already and more to come. Time to load up on triplers.
So that's good news for sure. I checked my own back office but nothing happening for me yet. I'll check again later on :)
-- Looking at my JSS positions, I do see placements entered with today's date. Not enough to fill anything yet but the day is young.
- OK, all of my Matrices are now showing in the 'main' JSS financial page (the count of matrices). One of them has cycled and a lot of my referrals matrices have cycled also. And the day is still young. Woo Hoo!

--- Bi-24: trying to get an update, but Admin is busy (understandably). I can tell you that we ARE going back to the old script. We will have STP still available, and the re-purchase option will be Mon, Wed and Saturday again. Time Frame? That's what I'm trying to get a feel for. Will let you know.

--- CWC: stuck a fork in Larry to see if the HUB was done yet. He said about another week and thanks for my patience. Argh! Even though this MLM may not appeal to the cycler crowd, I'm willing to go both ways and see how it works out, LOL


Friday, October 21, 2011

Where's The Gamblers?

--- Thought there were more gamblers out there than 322. That's the total member count so far in KrazyMoneyMaker. I think Kent is going to open it on Wednesday, the 26th as long as Alert Pay has their CC problem fixed. I myself don't use it, but I know a lot who do.
Reminder: this is the same Kent, Admin of GlobalSurfPro which is still running until everyone's surf units expire and get paid out. One of the few Admins I've learned to trust.

--- Bi-24: waiting to hear from Ivan on how the move back to the old script is going. Yeah, we're going back to the old script seeing that the 'programmer' messed up the newer version so badly. Hard to find good help these days, lol
In the meantime all functions on the site are disabled. Sit tight. Help is on the way.

--- CWC: asked Larry about the Hub today since their blog post is 3 weeks old, and he said "don't worry it's coming". He didn't say when though. (sigh)

--- JBP-JSS: once again Fred's few hours have turned into a few days, which could turn into a few weeks. No one knows when the Tripler feed will happen. At this point, I'm just happy that they have the Tripler itself running again. So we wait.
* Just pulled this note out of a forum, posted by Wesley so it's good:
"I asked Fred for an update about the JSS positions being placed and begin cycling. This is his response which I just received a few minutes ago:
The load of JSS positions generated by the Restart has started. Nearly 200,000 positions are being loaded. Could take several days.

Hey Fred, 
Where's the beef? 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's New?

--- Bi-24: site is still unavailable for member activity, but Ivan tells me he's on to something that will get us back up shortly. Hope his plan works out cause I know the natives are getting restless, lol
Just in ... this sounds good to me :)
*This is a short update on the current developments. 
One of the possibilities of moving forward is to go to our previous script from before that has been tested and working accordingly.
Please stay informed that I cannot answer all support tickets about the current issues with the this current script individually. We are aware that there are errors and that is why we have stopped all transaction related activities (account fundings/purchases of Ad Units/withdrawals and earnings).
You will receive more information in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and understand. We will continue working in full force soon.
Kind Regards,
Bi-24 Administration

--- JBP-JSS: word in the conference chat last night was that the Tripler feed would be happening 'soon'. Well, what can I say. Just waiting it out like everyone else. In the meantime, am keeping with my regular plan of buying Triplers every few days and withdrawing every few days.

--- KrazyMM: nothing new to report.
--- CWC:  no new news on the Hub.
--- GBC: always perfect so nothing new there either.

--- Showbiz Hits Traffic Exchange: sent me $1.50 yesterday for:
Note from ShowBiz Hits:Congratulations you won cash at SBH in the weekly referral contest drawing! Cheers, lisa and Chris
Thanks Girls. When I was there surfing last week, I noticed a lot, and I mean a lot of other TE's being promoted in there. Which made me think that when we promote something 'other than' a TE, it has a better chance of getting noticed. (hint hint)

--- Took the Cat back to the Vet today. I was sure he had a claw stuck behind his ear that looked red and not so good. I tried to get the claw out, with no success.
Turns out, it was just a piece of dead skin from where he got clawed. (big relief). And believe it or not, the Vet did NOT charge me for the visit. (even bigger relief :) So now, he's good until next week when we get the staples removed. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moving Right Along ...

--- JBP-JSS News: just a couple of paragraphs from their update:
As some of you have already noticed, the JSS positions resulting from our recent Restart are recorded now in the JSS member area for most of our members in their JSS accounts under "Financial." (Note that this is NOT the "Financial" in your JBP member area.)

The next step will be happening within the next few hours (for members affected by the Restart), where your new JSS positions will be actually placed in the JSS system, causing considerable

Soon after or possibly even during this event, you'll be able to start buying Placements and Placement Upgrades again, so you can cycle your JSS positions more quickly.

Per Carl on this mornings call, this could happen in the next 5 minutes or the next 3 days, LOL So when it does happens, we'll all be happy right?
* Also heard on today's call that a few members who requested a cash out last Friday did not get paid. If you were one of those, send in a support ticket and they'll get you taken care of.

--- CWC: cycled a few last night, so went ahead and re-purchased a new Token. Hopefully that will help others cycle in the next run. Still no word on the Hub completion date.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: Kent wants to launch this next Wed, the 26th. Don't know what time yet so I'll be watching for that. Remember:
- You must have at least one $8 spot at all times in order to play in the higher $30 line (if you want to).
- Position placement is fully automated and will appear as soon as you pay.
- 140% cycling should go really fast, especially at the start.
- Max. 10 spots per account for the first hour.
- No forced reinvestment rule and 
- No auto-reinvest (good)
He might change the RC to be 2 level instead of 1, but that's not been decided or confirmed yet. Just a twinkle in his eye at this point.

--- Looks like the Cat is feeling better today. Was surprised to see him up in his 'favorite spot' when I walked in the room. And his eyes are OK. It's the flash from the camera that makes him look Wack-O. Now does he look like a Ballerina or a Clown in his new outfit? Haven't decided yet but I been singing "Tiny Dancer" all morning :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hurt Kitty

--- Had a sick kitty yesterday and took him to the Vet in the afternoon. He somehow got hurt on the lower side of his abdomen. It was so painful to him that he couldn't jump without growling first, not even on the couch.
I didn't see the abrasion until we got to the Dr's office. Hard to check a squirming kitty who wanted no part of me touching him.
So bottom line was... they gave him a sedative, shaved his hair, cleaned out the wound, stapled it shut, antibiotics and pain killer's, stay indoors for 2 weeks and he's got to wear this hoodie so he doesn't lick the area.
I was up late last night, then got up early this morning to check on him. So today's post will be brief.
Funny thing is, he's 9 yrs old and this is the first time he's ever seen sick or injured and had to go to the Vet. for other than the normal vaccinations.

--- Bi-24: is a big mess right now. There was an earnings bug/glitch and most members received way too much in their earnings. So Admin has disabled all funding, purchasing of ad units and withdrawals until it can be corrected. Could take a couple of days so patience is the key word.

--- No fires to put out today. 
Still waiting on JBP-JSS phase 2 of the final steps of the restart, but have been purchasing Triplers in the meantime.
Still waiting on the Hub to be announced at CWC.
Still waiting for the member count to grow big enough to launch KrazyMoneyMaker.
Did receive my weekly profit share from Old Faithful Gord at GBC yesterday. There was so much going on at home I sort of spaced it out. Thanks Gord.

That's it. I'm tired and going away for awhile. Plus it's cold and dark and rainy here. Good day to nap I would say.
Have a good Monday :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Gord)

Today is my 4 Year Blog Anniversary!
Can you believe I survived this long?
Also Today is Gord's GBC 2 Year Anniversary!
Can you believe HE survived this long? LOL

Happy Anniversary Gord !!!

Four years ago my friend John twisted my rubber arm to start my own blog. Wish he was still here today to keep an eye on how his "grasshopper" was doing. I think he'd be proud. (har)

So what's happened over the last four years anyway?

Well, I've kept up with old friends, made a lot of new friends, and of course acquired a couple of enemies. That can only be expected.

I've been called an Angel, a Blessing, a Gift, (those are the nice ones) then a Hacker, a Scammer and various other entertaining names that roll off my back.

But who else has been doing the same kind of program blogging since 2007? Well, Paul at MNO for one. He's very professional and I've always wondered if I missed the boat with how I share program information.

Although I've been asked to, I won't accept money to write about, review or play in programs. I have always used my own money, so if I mess up, I lose too. Call me old fashioned but I don't post just because someone paid me to. And yes, those Admins have been persistent, hehe

So what's the bottom line? How you doin blondie?

Well I guess am doing OK. This past year has been a much better year for me. I'm just glad that some decent programs and Admins surfaced this year to make my life (and yours) a little easier.

I've learned a lot, I've played a lot, and I've met some great new Admins, players and promoters that can help us stay in the loop of things without losing the shirt off our back.

So I'll be back later with updates and the such. Just wanted to share my special day with you all and Thank You for sticking around and keeping me company.
I do appreciate every single one of you!!

Now I know I've played this song before, after I was called a Hacker. But I'm still standin. Much taller than my accuser is, LOL


Alright, I need to get some work done.

--- Bi-24: There's some confusion around the purchasing from Account Balance vs purchasing from AP or STP fresh funds. I see something added in the member menu called "Fund Money", so am thinking if you're purchasing from outside, you need to deposit there first? I have a note into Admin, will let you know.
* Update: Gord bought in new today and verified that the Fund Money acts like your "wallet" so if spending fresh funds you need to deposit there first. Right on! AND I had quite a few positions reach their 75 day maturity today. So that makes Bi-24 Officially 75 days paying! AND I received a payment today also. Thanks to Ivan and all the active members :)

--- JBP-JSS: Still rockin my world but no new news today? Let me go double check one more time. Nope. Still the same ole same ole. However I can report a nice payment received overnight. Woo Hoo!
* Update came but I'll only post one part of it:
It looks like AlertPay has started processing credit card payments for Visa and/or Mastercard again!
Although I can't state this with certainty, among our latest payments received, several are credit card payments.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: member count is only at 270 but Kent said he'll be doing a big promo for it this weekend. This won't launch until the count is 1,000 or so, and we'll get a day's notice before the launch. Well, I have every intention to 'play' in this one as long as he doesn't launch it at 3 AM my time.

--- We might break a Record here in the Denver area. Today's high temperature in history was 82F set back in 1938. Today is supposed to be 85F or above. So if it does happen, this will be our last 'hot' day for the year. Fine by me. I'd much rather see snow than burning up drying out grass.

--- Got a "Happy Anniversary" email from an Admin of a program that I don't even play in. I thought that was really nice of him. He seems like a good guy and I will keep an eye on what he's doing out there. Just not sure if it's my "cup of tea" at this point.

Game Tonight. 
Starts at 5:30 my time. 

Root for the Tigers for me, would ya?
It's another 'make it or break it' game.
They need to Win to continue on.

Go Tigers!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tonight's the Night

Detroit Tigers didn't do so good last night. Today is their last chance so am hoping they can turn it around. If not, well, there's always next year.
I'll be rooting for you boys! 
Good Luck!
* What a great 6th inning. We're up 6-2 as of now. Whoo Hooo!
** OK, that was a scary 9th inning but we WON! 7-5 !!!
We're goin to Texas :) 

--- Bi-24: is having a little problem with the account balance vs what's showing in our AP or STP account balance. Ivan is working on it now and as soon as his programmer gets online, they will get it resolved.

--- Don't forget to visit me on Saturday ... if you enjoy my blog. If you don't like me or my blog, then don't bother. Cheers!

--- JBP-JSS: only 2 things in their latest update that jumped out at me ...
Once we've made more progress with our immediate development tasks to restore full functionality to JBP's Synergy Surf (JSS), we intend to add SolidTrustPay and Liberty Reserve as payment processors.
Our implementation task to complete Phase 2 of the Restart -- adding the JSS positions created by converting JSS-Tripler positions -- is going well. We're also aiming to get the JBP Level 1 upgrade feature working within a week.
So more pay processors are definitely a good idea. But more waiting for phase 2? (sigh) OK, not much we can do about it. I know it's a bit frustrating, all this waiting time. Even for those who have "the patience of Job" may be anxious at this point. I know I am.

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: over 200 members and Kent wrote:
Hi all members.
Just a quick note as some are wondering when we will open. We will open the program as soon as we get 1000 members or before that.
We will let you know a day before we open the lines.
You can promote with the New banners we got made for us.
Just log in and go to the Banner section and you will see all these great banners.
Good luck, and thanks for your time.

If you're going to play, I would suggest you get signed up now, then grab your referral link and get it out to where ever it is you promote. He's offering a generous RC which could help you get into the higher lines if you're low on funds to start with. K

--- CWC: if you're going to join Centurion now, OK, but wait for the HUB to open. Don't put any new money into the Tokens. You'll be disappointed and I don't want that. Just wait for the Hub.

--- AlertPay: Good News!
I tried to cancel a pending bank transfer yesterday, but there was no link available to do that. Today I noticed that the 'cancel transaction' button is back. So now, you can request a check from them IF you are a U.S. member. Glad to see they're working on solutions and I hope they get it all resolved soon.

--- Below John's picture on my sidebar is a 'Clicks for Critters', Animal Rescue Site page. I clicked on it today to contribute food for animals (it's free), and while I was there noticed how many cute gifts they have for Animal Lovers. So with Christmas being a little over 2 months away, thought I'd get a jump on that and place an order. My order also donated 6 bowls of food to homeless animals in need. Three cheers!

--- Well, I was thinking of mowing the lawn but it's windy as heck out there. No matter how hard I try to tie up my hair, it always seems to get away from the bands or braids and blow in my face. Maybe the wind will settle down after lunch. I could use the exercise for sure.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News on a Full Moon Day

--- Bi-24: is back up and running. Nice new look there Ivan and new features added also. I've not checked everything out yet but I did take the time to re-purchase 5 new ad units today. I'll hold off on other things because I know the site is still being worked on and tweaked a bit.
UPDATE: "Just before I inform everyone with a mass email, we have a 2nd tier of Ref Comm now. It is 2% and credited only to account fundings. 
The two tier referral system together with the PTP combined can be quite handy promotion tools."

--- JBP-JSS: no new news with regards to completion of phase 2 of their current steps. Ah well, bought a few new triplers anyway to build my account back up while waiting.

--- One of my Cats is so fat, that when I heard him coming into the bedroom to wake me up today, it sounded like an Elephant.
I said to him, "I hear the pidder padder of potimus paws".
He didn't care.

--- The Detroit Tigers won a game last night. Now they're still down 1-2 in the Series but have plenty of time to turn things around. Go Tigers!
UPDATE: Rain delay in Detroit. Are we surprised? LOL

--- KrazyMoneyMaker: approaching 200 members.
- This will open once we're between 750-1500.
- There will be 2 Levels to play in. $8 and $30.
- Each level cycles out at 140%.
- Everyone playing must buy at least 1 into the $8 line before you can buy into the higher lines.
- No 'auto' reinvesting when you cycle, (smart).
- No 50-50 rules.
- Purchases limited to 10 spots per line.
This is purely a game where you can make a few bucks in a short period of time. No long term planning needed for this one. Just play the game.
You can start in the $8 line, and build your way up to the $30. Kent has made this affordable for everyone's pocket book.
I would suggest however, that when it does Open, to be there for the opening bell. You will want to be in as soon as possible. Plus it's always more exciting to watch your money grow. Trust me, I've played this kind of game before :)

Reminder: This is a game. Never spend more than you can afford to lose. There are no guarantees and no refunds. Play Smart and Have Fun!

--- Dear AlertPay Member,

Unfortunately, recent delays in our bank transfer withdrawal functionality continue to persist. Our staff are working diligently with our providers to ensure that this service is operational as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we would like to announce that US members now have the ability to withdraw funds by check. We are temporarily offering the check withdrawal service without fees. We recommend that you use this service as an alternative to bank transfer withdrawals for the time being. Should you wish to do so, simply cancel your pending bank transfer withdrawal transaction and create a check withdrawal from your US Dollar balance.

Please note that check withdrawals are made out to the name and address that appears on the account. The delivery date of the checks will vary by region, but the average delivery time is 5-10 business days. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the service delays. 

--- Now Out in Paperback! 
The book "Understanding Women" has finally arrived in stores!
(thanks to my friend Paul for sharing this vital information)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

--- Bi-24: is going to be offline in a couple of hours from now.

We would like to inform you that there will be a downtime of several hours due to the integration of the Paid to Promote module and also other additions. The downtime might take up to 6 hours. However, there is a possibility it might take a little longer than that. Please inform your downlines as well.

The downtime will happen at 12:00 PM PST (server time) on 11th of October (today).

Bi- Administration
The Power of 2%


Monday, October 10, 2011

Holidays, Birthdays, New Cycler and other things

Today is my good friend Bill's birthday, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year.
He did love his Collies and is shown here with three of his own. So in memory of a great guy who everyone loved, I just made a donation to the Tri-County Collie Rescue organization in Michigan where he was very involved and dedicated to during his short life here on this planet. Happy Birthday Bill, Miss You :(

--- Happy Columbus Day to my U.S. friends and Happy Thanksgiving Day to my Canadian friends. Gobble Gobble.

--- Bi-24: the addition of the PTP is coming soon and I'm told the site will need to be 'down' while that's being installed. But Ivan will give us advance notice so no one freaks out about it. Oh and I have 5 more days before my first AdUnits expire. It was a big chunk to start (20) but I've been making new purchases all along, which I will do again on Wednesday.

--- JBP-JSS: nothing new to report on today. Carl is working diligently on the next step of our restart process. In the meantime, folks are buying into the Tripler just as fast as they were before this 'restart' happened. At least that's what I'm seeing from where I sit, me included. I ain't gonna let no stinkin restart get in my way, lol

--- GBC: I did receive my usual Sunday profit share from Mr Gord. Thanks Buddy and Happy Thanksgiving to You and your Family.
* Gord also just sent me $42 from Bill's GBC account earnings. Now, should I send that to Collie Rescue, or gamble it to earn more? Well, if I gamble and lose, I'll still send the $42 out of my own pocket. But am thinking about what Bill would want me to do. He DID love to play these games. (sigh)

--- This is NOT his "Baby2", but could be fun in the interim.
Kent from GlobalSurfPro just announced a new cycler that is currently in Pre-Launch. I said before that I didn't want to play in another cycler, but I didn't know at the time that it would be so different. At first glance, it reminds me of the old "DeepCycler" but much much better, LOL. It won't officially launch until member count is 750-1500, so we've got time to check it out.

Welcome To

And I'm guessing once launched, it will be fast and we won't be burdened by the first guy 'in' making all the money (because of the flaws that the other cycler using the same script had). NO auto-repurchasing in this one. Smart guy that Kent :) 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Updates & Baseball

--- Was shocked yesterday when my new Roof was done by noon! There were at least 8-10 guys here working on it and it went really fast. Then the gutter guys came by in the afternoon, which is great cause it's raining today. Whoo Hooo!

--- Bi-24: received another fast payment from Ivan. It's all working like a charm thanks to a great Admin and wonderful members.

--- JBP-JSS: bought myself 4 more Triplers while trying to "keep up with the Jones", lol. Still anxious for them to be back to normal. But it's OK, I'm a patient person these days.

Our next implementation task is to complete Phase 2 of the Restart -- adding the JSS positions created by converting JSS-Tripler positions. We hope to complete this by tomorrow.

Then we'll get the JSS-Tripler feed into JSS going - for every 4 of your JSS-Tripler positions that mature, you get one JSS position. After that we'll get JSS itself fully functional again.

We're aiming to get the JBP Level 1 upgrade feature working by next week.

--- CWC: rumor has it that the "Hub" could be ready sometime next week. Once opened, you can try it out for 30 days before deciding to subscribe. Hell, I'm ready to subscribe now and pay the monthly fee. At least I know the company profit will be going towards cycling the PSS positions without adding any burden to them.

--- GBC: looking forward to another profit share Sunday.

--- Dang it's cold in here. I can see my breath outside and my poor tomato plants took a beating last night. Ah well, there's always next year.
A-oh ... my rain is turning to snow. This should be fun :)

Just realized it's Saturday already!!! Go Tigers! 

Yes, that is Tom Selleck warming up. Although he's a few years older than I am ... wonder where HE was when I was roaming the streets of Detroit back in the day. Hmmm 

Friday, October 7, 2011

How Loud Can This Get? and Go Tigers!

Not my house in the pic but wanted to give you an idea of the noise in here today.
One of the Cats won't come out of the basement so I got smart an took an extra litter box down there for him. We don't need any accidents around here, LOL

--- Bi-24 - The Power of 2%: Purchased 5 new Ad Units today. Also requested a small payment that should arrive shortly. No news on the 'surprise' yet, but when I hear something I'll give you a holler.

--- JBP-JSS: still waiting on phase 2 of the latest step of the restart to be completed. Then hopefully the last step will be done soon and we can get 'back in the saddle'. I mean, most things are working now, except for parts of JSS and waiting on the new JSS Matrices to show up, then being able to Upgrade to Level 2 is what I'm anxious for.

--- CWC: well the Hub is still in the works so not much happening there till that gets going. My account did manage to build up to $30 again so I got a $15 payment and a new Token to boot.
Now it's just mostly waiting.

--- The noise in here has got me on edge, and it's only 10 AM.
It's gonna be a loooooong day.

Glad I stayed up last night to watch the Tigers Win!
Definitely worth it.
Now onto the next series of the playoffs.
Go Tigers !!!