Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cold Sunday

Pretty chilly here today. Just above freezing.
But Tues night, Wed morning is supposed to get down to -10F (-23.33C). Time to bring out my Long Johns again.

News from Digadz that I thought you might find interesting:


I'll be back.
Investigating something else right now.

OK back, now...
This is a Test. This is Only a Test, lol 
Can anybody see the actual banner for UnionCycler that I just added to my side bar?

(Thank you to my friend Robert who was the first to respond that Yes, he could see the banner. Strange that other's could not.)

Anyway, here's a note from the Admin which says it all in a nutshell:


UnionCycler is a PROFITABLE advertising program where you purchase our advertising spots and receives premium advertising to promote your websites by adding your banners on display.

Registration is free and upon signup you get $2.5 the cost of one UC SPOT Each UC spot cost $2.5 and gives you 2000 banner advertising credits, upon completing the 3×1 matrix you receives twice your purchase cost $5.00 and a free auto Re-entry to the UnionCycler Line.

UnionCycler offer 15% referral commission three levels deep and matching bonus There is a 30% repurchase rule and all withdrawals are either automated depending on the amount or processed within few minutes-6hours of request UnionCycler is owned by Shannon Walker, a credible Admin of realistic online income opportunity program.

We are still in prelaunch phase and now is the time to reach out to folks and income opportunity seekers, UnionCycler is one ot it’s kind and with support from everyone we are all going to unite and make profit online.

Total Members As of Now: 1300Members
Launching on: FRIDAY, JANUARY 2ND 2015

Account Funding: Funding/Deposits would be enabled 72Hours to Program Launch

Purchase/Withdrawal: This would be allowed on the day of Launch (FRIDAY, JANUARY 2ND 2015)

Thank you for your time and remain blessed in this time of thanksgiving for a successful 2014

Your Admin,
Shannon Walker
UnionCycler Team

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