Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Third Times a Charm

You know that old saying right?

Well, I thought of that last night when I was thinking about UnionCycler opening this Friday.

During the last month or so I've joined a couple of Cyclers that I wasn't really sure about. I played small, didn't promote them and played incognito. As it turned out, they weren't very good, (more like dog dodo) so I was relieved that I didn't share them with you.

Will UnionCycler be different?
I sure hope so and from what I'm reading the Admin Shannon sounds like she (or HE if you think of Shannon Sharpe) has her ducks in a row for this one.

Below is last nights member update and a little extra from some Q and A's in the forum.

Greetings Blondie,

First, we wish to thank you and everyone for being part of UnionCycler.com, The program has reached such a tremendous height because of your participation and we are very proud of you for being a part of this opportunity.

Please find below all of the news for today:

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH: UnionCycler membership has constantly been on the rise, with over 500 members joining on a daily basis. At present we have about 2033 active members, the good news for you is that this growth is directly proportional to huge success of the program.

HOST TRANSFER: We have transferred the website to a dedicate hosting server today, Also the level of DDoS protection was improved to make sure everyone enjoy smooth browsing at the time of launch and throughout the time this program would be operated online.

TEST RUNNING: In the next 24hours we would carry out final test run to make sure that funding, withdrawals, position purchase, support request e.t.c are all working. You may notice some changes in the statistic on position, please note that this is just for the purpose of testing. After we complete the test we would reset all for the preparation of UnionCycler launch.


No, we would not be using paypal due to the policy of paypal not accepting multiple levels affiliate program, we would rather play safe by avoiding any thing that could result in the failure of this program.

Usually we would try to attend to all submitted support ticket within a time frame of 30mins – 48hours. Please we would like you to be patient and have good understanding so that we can all achieve this desired success.

You are allowed to buy ONLY 10 Position At once, However you can own up to a maximum of 5000 Positions.

We still have many more hours to the launch of the program, keep spreading the news “ UNIONCYCLER IS A HIT” Don’t let your folks miss out on this earning opportunity.

Thank you for your time, we envisage a profitable and solid partnership experience with every single member of UnionCycler. The top is what we reach out for, The Top is where every member of UnionCycler would get to, we are going to keep the focus and provide the best services.

Your Admin,
Shannon Walker

I have a few questions.
1. Are all of the payment processor accounts Verified Business accounts that have not been used for any previous program?
2. Are deposits Automatic for all processors?
3. Are purchases Automatic? Will the admin be adding positions/shares manually?

Answers To Your Questions

1. Yes, All accounts are business verified, and they have never been used
before. Our STP username is UnionCycler and it's clean account which has
never been used by any past program, Same goes with the other accounts.

2.Deposits are automatic except Payza. We would be checking all payza
funding closely hence we would allow funding in the next hours to help
members who would be using payza have enough time to prepare.

3. Yes, Purchases are automatic, and we would not be adding any positions
manually. Everyone would have equal chance of cycling from the UC Line.


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