Tuesday, December 9, 2014

To Play Or Not To Play...

OneLineAd is launching a new Matrix-Cycler on Thursday. I wasn't going to play in it but you know... my daily 3% has been coming through like clockwork (since I never cycled a Level 1) and they've never missed a payout I requested. So I might just throw a few dollars in there too and see what happens.
Countdown clock is on the site.
Good Luck to those who decide to play.

Hello Blondie,

We are glad to receive such a wonderful response for the new daily sub pay plan. We appreciate each and every member's effort to make it a successful opportunity.

Less than 48 hours are left for the launch of new pay plan hence we encourage all the members to go through New Comp Plan details or members can click the following link:https://www.onelinead.com/public/page/6

So if you have not funded your account then you can do it because the new compensation plan is the fastest matrix cycler ever created.



Anonymous said...

This site require referrals?

blondie said...

If you check the link in my post it says:

Do I need to refer members in order to cycle out?
No, Daily Sub Plan is a passive opportunity because this is a Company Forced Matrix. But if you refer then you can earn matching bonus 2 levels deep. $1.50 and $0.50

Anonymous said...

With $5 you earn $1.75 after 45 days!

blondie said...

That's not how I'm seeing it.

This is a Daily Subscription plan.
It will cost you $1 per day if you only purchase 1.
I am going to play since I have $5 in my account now which will last me 5 days.
Then I hope to see some profit out of it.

Next time you comment, please tell me who you are. Thanks :)