Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve

Hope you all enjoy a healthy and prosperous New Year!
Looking forward to what surprises 2015 will bring us.
(as long as they're good that is, lol)

Digadz: now scheduled to come back on Saturday, January 3rd. Well I sure hope this was worth the wait. Going a little stir crazy here not being able to "dig" around daily.

Union Cycler launch extended for a week which sounds fair to me and you know... the more I read, the more I like this Admin :)

Most Valued Blondie,

Greetings! And Happy Year 2015!!! To all members who has crossed over and advance greetings to those who are yet to cross over to 2015. We wish you all the very best and huge achievement in 2015.

Today’s update on UnionCycler is coming much earlier because we need to communicate some important details to keep everyone abreast.

Firstly, let us thank you all promoters and members of UnionCycler, we see the good works that you have all done to push UnionCycler to the top among all other programs, We have reach a total membership base of 2902 in only 5days of prelaunch, this is amazing great!!! And we appreciate.

Program Status: I am pleased to inform you that the website is 95% prepared for launch, yesterday the funding buttons were all enabled and we got good response from members, we also tested the bandwidth by pushing massive traffic to the website within short time frame and we got success because the website didn’t go down, we also tested purchase to see how the cycler would perform at launch, all worked exactly as designed. The 5% which is left to have a fully baked program is the issue of funding, we saw that some funds were automatically credited while others didn’t go through and for this reason we are going to have to move the program launch to Friday January 9th 2014 to help us resolve the issue of funding
Someone might want to ask why Friday January 9th?
We have chosen Friday firstly because it would give us enough time to fix the issue and carry out further testing. We contacted the coders to see if they could fix the funding issue today but they said it would not be possible since they are on holidays and would resume on Monday, January the 5th.  This were the exact response received from the coder

“We will not be available from the 1st through the 5th of January 2015 to provide technical support. However, we welcome questions and concerns. We will be able to respond to support tickets not requiring technical work. If you have any concerns that require some technical work, we will only be able to assist you with this after the 5th of January. Please plan your launch schedules outside this time-frame as we will not be able to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter during launch. Thanks for your understanding and have a wonderful new year.”

Secondly, we have gone through the programs which are presently out and we do not see that any program would be launching on this day thus making it a very suitable date.

Funded Amount / Refunds: During the time funding was enabled we received funds from members and since we are not launching on Friday the 2nd it is possible that some of the members whom have funded their account would like to be issued a refund hence we pleased to inform you that this is possible, if you wish to have your funded amount refunded then kindly send us an email via However, we seek understanding as they are fees incurred for transactions, on the 9th is just a few days away and having your account funded is a well advantage for you to secure a top spot once purchase is enabled on the 9th.

Keep up the good work and let us unite to make UnionCycler the Best among all others.
Once again we wish you a happy New Year!!

Your Admin,
Shannon Walker


Henry said...

Happy New Year Judy!!! All Love and Hopes for the Future.
Love Hx

blondie said...

Thanks Sweetie!
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Definitely need that Love and Hope this coming year.
Cheers :)