Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Not too shabby for my first day of being a "Hunter Pro" and I only had to click on 4 of the 1% ads to get this.

Already received ads : 4 
Earning from ads : $8.16 
Expire on : 13 Dec 2014 23:13

Remember though, you might get a lot of $'s one day, then not much the next. So whatever I receive each day, I'm just thankful for ;)

Also have been purchasing new "Bundles" every day with my earnings. Just trying to build my Point Level up to a decent amount since higher is better and we lose points daily and have to dig (click) to get some of them back. For instance, if I lose 20k in points today, then replace them with 30k, figure I'm in good shape for now.

Ran out of milk.
Off to the store (meow)

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