Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Digadz - Time Consuming but Well Worth It

Sorry to leave you hanging for a few days.
Been busy around here plus learning how Digadz works has been a bit time consuming.

Was thinking about how to explain the "steps", then I received an Ad from a promoter who broke it down pretty good. So I'm gonna borrow that from him and make my own changes as need be.

By the way, we're over 34K members now and I read that PayPal** is being tested as we speak. So if you've been waiting for that Pay Processor, it shouldn't be too much longer.

** PayPal is now available.
You don't need to add funds to your account first.
Just select - Purchase Ads - Create Bundle Ad Campaign - follow the steps and purchase using your PayPal. Ad Bundles are $1 each.
Note: there Is a daily limit spend of $120 as of today but that should be raised over time.

Here is a brief explanation on what it is & how it works.....

Digadz is not a cycler or pure revshare, no need to join early to earn, most of us are in building mode with long term in mind. (Me: that's what I'm doing now, building)

Cost of Ad Packs: (Me: purchase Bundle Ads)

Each Ad pack cost $1 and expire at $1.50

Each Ad pack awards you 1500 points.

The more points you have = Higher ad value to click = Higher earnings!

There are 11 levels:

Point Level 1 ........ 800 to 4.5k
Point Level 2 ........ 4.5k to 10.5k
Point Level 3 ........ 10.5k to 22.5k
Point Level 4 ........ 22.5k to 45k
Point Level 5 ........ 45k to 82.5k
Point Level 6 ........ 82.5k to 165k
Point Level 7 ........ 165k to 330k
Point Level 8 ........ 330k to 660k
Point Level 9 ........ 660k to 1.35m
Point Level 10 ...... 1.35m to 2.7m
Point Level 11 ...... 2.7m to 7.5m

Is it passive?

Yes. It is 100% passive - Join, buy bundle ads (ad packs), start clicking ads and start earning. No need to refer a single person to earn.

Do I have to click Ads to earn?

Yes. Every day you will get "Dig Value" Ads based on your level - CLICK & EARN!

What are DigPoints, DigBonus and DigValue?
Once you log in to your back office, on to your right you can see three clickable buttons, Digpoints, DigBonus, and DigValue.

Dig Points:

You get 10 (or 20) ads every day. Each worth 12 points. Click all 10 & earn 120 (or 240) points daily!

Dig Bonuses:

These are bonus ads, you need to click 10 qualifying ads daily to get bonus ads the next day. Click DigBonus in your back office and when you see 10 qualifying ads click all one by one and qualify for next day - I earned few 1000's points & cash through these!

Dig Value:

These are your value ads. You get higher value ads if you are in the higher levels.

What are Digger, Hunter and Hunter Pro? (OPTIONAL)
These are optional upgrades which gives special value ads to only those who are upgraded ==> 1% of global ad sales in the entire company is allocated for that purpose!

Every day you get value ads. If you earn more than upgrade amount in a week it expires and in case you earn less than upgraded amount, your upgrade is extended for another week ==> so basically, you cannot lose by upgrading as you MUST earn at least the value of your upgrade!

Digger cost - $0.05 (upgrade is valid for 1 week)

Hunter cost - $3.00 (on first day I got value ads for $3.66)

Hunter Pro cost - $21 (on first day I got value ads for $23.15)

So, basically it was worth upgrading into both Hunter & Hunter pro as I earned the cost in just 1 day!!!

======Back to Me: I am still only in "Digger" and "Hunter" and have been spending my earnings on purchasing more "Ad Bundles" at this point. Once my Point Level is a little higher, I'll probably go "Hunter Pro" at that time.
But like I said in an older note, I'm just clicking daily and learning all the 'tricks of the trade' as I go along.

But you know what? I'm really enjoying it so far. I received some "Dig Value" Ads in the $1 - $2 range last night. At that time, I was at Level 4. Today I used my earnings to purchase more "Ad Bundles" and am now at Level 5. So for starting with a little bit of funds, and doing that daily 'clicking' in all areas before they expire, it's going really good :))

PS, don't forget you can join for Free and work your way up by digging for those Ads.

Don't forget about the Videos too. They show in detail how to do what you need to do. Here's #1. While there, if you check on the side bar in Youtube, you'll see quite a few more.

Digadz Hybrid PTC Revshare Comp Plan Presentation 29-11-14


There is an excellent Member Testimonial in the comment below. Go check it out now!
Thanks Mark for posting :)
- You too doomcrew ;)


Mark said...

Have to agree Judy, looks really good so far, but obviously it's early. Last night I had one $5 bonus, and couple of $2 and $1. Like you, I am 100% repurchasing ad bundles, and my funds have nearly doubled - am sure your seeing a bit of it :-)

Am at Level 6 right now and going to ride another few days, if things continue as is am going to add some more funds and move to Level 8.

Thanks for bringing this one to us!


doomcrew said...

Im very pleased with it, made $18 so far today . I would say that this model will be big in the next year so hopefully we will get another big site or two in the next three months.