Friday, December 12, 2014

I Smell a Rat

OneLineAd: I did decide to buy a daily sub position when this launched yesterday. Now I was under the impression that this being a daily sub, that the same amount would be taken from my account today to pay for the new one. That hasn't happened yet so members are trying to get answers on what we need to do next.
In the meantime, my first Sub position did cycle in level 1 and gave me my money back. Now waiting for the 2nd cycle to gain a bit more.


DigAdz: I've really gotten into the groove of digging and clicking for our daily allotment of Points and Cash. Been doing a lot of building (repurchasing) also and working my way up the Level ladders.
Read a good post in facebook today written by Annie Walsh (one of the FB admins) that you might be interested in also.

* Dig Value ads are usually released by this time of day. But today if you click on the Dig Value button, you'll receive a message similar to the one below. Now your time may be different as I think they are staggering the value ad releases so we don't overload the system when they're ready.

 You have 20 pending Value Units. Please wait till they will be open. Approximate time of opening : Dec 13 2014 02:02

* There is an addition Note when you click on the Dig Bonuses blue box too. You'll see when you get there.

Annie Walsh note:
Beejay has been in Bangkok for two days and organized a new office for Digadz. Here there will be support staff and an in-house programmer.
This is to make ready also for third party business that will benefit Digadz and its members revenue-sharing. This is one of the long term ideas of Beejay and in addition to this many add ons and tools will be implemented next year also, so this is marvelous news for us all.
Also worth mentioning is that the SQL part of the system will be renewed over the new year, because now we experience some slow server progress when many thousands are online at the same time. It will be taken care of and improved after Christmas, please be patient, at this time of the year it is difficult to get things done in due time. People are already thinking of Christmas & are slow to do things!

Now all paying processors are installed and people are excited about their daily earnings with the system! The problems with PayPal & India will be discussed over the weekend with BeeJay. I will not let you down over this issue. I strongly recommend any Indian members NOT to use PayPal at this time if you can use another processor
My conclusion so far: It's really worth digging into this opportunity. I think
many thousands will enjoy this opportunity in the years to come. I also heard some say they want this to be their primary business. I couldn't agree more!
We are here to stay & we are only new, but we will make this a company that everyone will be proud to be a part of, all we ask is patience for a little while, accept that we are working to improve things behind the scenes for you & be amazed at what is to come for all of us 


Last night I saw a critter on my patio. It was already dark but I got a pretty good look at it. So I searched google pictures today trying to place it.
Now we do have Prairie Dogs over on the farm so looked for them first.

No, I don't think that was it, but could have been.
Then I thought, OMG, it was a Rat. So I searched again for Rat pictures.

Ewww No. I don't recall it looking like that either.
So again I checked google for Rats in Denver and learned something today.

Since our Flood last year September, seems the Norway Rat has been around town a lot more and moving into the suburbs rather than just staying in Downtown Denver.

I've lived in this house for years and never saw a rat here before. But when I saw this next picture of the Norway Rat... yep, I think that was it.

Now I just hope the little guy finds somewhere else to go and not try to find a new home in my home.
Besides, with my two cats here, I really don't want to deal with hearing a commotion overnight if their paths should cross.
Ewww again!


Gord said...

Rats! Looks like an overgrown shrew. All the way from Norway eh?

Actually, first time I seen a hairy rat.

Your cats will probably have to Google it as well. Looking at each other.. are we supposed to attack or not.

Thanks for the interesting FB update about Digadz

blondie said...

OMG, Google'ing Cats.
That was funny.

Digadz as you know are doing a lot of things different today. Hard to keep up. But at least some members will have a clue if they just click around the site.

Cheers :)

ld randi said...

hi Blondie!
norwegian rats are quite common in my area... they are very, very clever, probably the most clever rodents around. we discovered a simple (and nice) way to keep them away our house. feed them daily, but leave the food everyday a little farther till you reach a forest or an abandoned building. once they are there, feed them for a few more days to make them settle in the area. once they feel they are safe there, they will hardly leave the place. i like them but our dogs go crazy when they are around so it's better if they live far :-)

blondie said...

You know Randi, the one I saw on my patio looked really cute and not mean at all. But I do know they carry diseases and don't want them chewing up my outside wiring either.

That's a good idea about the food. Maybe I'll start throwing it in the neighbors yard... the one I don't like. hahaha
(just kidding)

Have a good one!

DoomCrew said...

I like the way Digadz is going, just have to limit my mmg reading as the crying there drives me nuts. We have a great new site and some people just can't complain enough.
Buying a few snakes might take care of that critter issue.

blondie said...

I hear ya DoomCrew,
mmg'ers can be a tough crowd at times.

Snakes? Then I'll have a snake problem, lol

Already have some little snakes around but not big enough to eat rats, if that's where you were going with that.

Moving the food a little farther from the house as Randi suggested. We'll see if that works.