Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day and The Wait

DigadzOh no... we have to wait again?
Been having withdrawal symptoms waiting the last 3 days. Now it looks like it'll be another week for Digs to reopen. (sigh)

Server upgrade mode...
Dear Value members of DigAdz!

First I want to say sorry about our delay and mistake on change new server.

We plan before move and already announce to every members inside member area.

Our main problem is the server issue. It is not powerful enough to handle 10k-30k members at the same time.

For this server is high performance SSD Linux servers:

CPU 12 Cores
Storage 768 GB SSD
B/W 20 TB
Network In 40 Gbps
Network Out 4000 Mbps
With Load balancing and 2 servers inside

After launch we had problems with config and it made server overloaded and unfortunately the server provider’s Staff have holiday till January 5, impossible to reach.

Now we purchased new powerful full managed server with great support. It will be up withing 1-2 days. As soon as it is setup we will transfer Digadz on this server.

Now New Year is coming. We wish you and your families all your dreams come true. Happy New Year!

Please allow us to use this time to work and give back the best service to you.

We will back on 1st January, 2015


Wish I had my own Batmobile. 
Maybe Santa will bring me one next year eh? lol
(sorry the pics are blurry. guess I still don't
know how to hold the camera still.)


Randy V said...

I love the Batmobile. Stephanie created one on the side of the boys wagon for Halloween but the real one looks great. Landen would love it.

Hope your Christmas was great and it looks like it. As long as the grandkids are taken care of, we are fine!

Happy New Year!


blondie said...

Hi Randy and Yes,
First things first at Christmas time.
It sure was a fun day.

Happy New Year to you too!
Cheers :)