Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sometimes Less Is Better

I decided to take the plunge today and go Hunter Pro in DigAdz. Yes it cost $21 for one week but if you don't get into profit, they extend the upgrade for an additional week. Plus I think I will get better valued ad's and less of them to click on. So in this situation, less IS better. 

Hello Digadz friends! *NEWS* NEWS!
1. Programmer is now working on the website to have it accessing faster. We had an old SQL system and will now upgrade to a new faster one. Improvements will be seen in the next hours.
2. Timer on ads will be changed to 18 hours from Monday.
3. A Report Site button will be added on the surfing page, so please help us reporting inappropriate sites (porn, frame breaking etc.)
4. Paypal withdrawals are OK, pending for tomorrow
5. Payza is approved but Payza not yet approved our account, so delay from their side, not ours.

OK, I know #5 doesn't make much sense but I'm sure we'll hear more details on that later.

Anyway, hope you guys are all getting all your clicks done in time. That's very important if you want to move up the ladder.

Item #2 above should help those who had a hard time squeezing those clicks in during a busy day. I know it caught me by surprise more than once, lol

PS, Dig (Qualify) Bonuses are available now (5 PM MST) to click on in order to be eligible for Cash and Point Bonuses the next day. You have 24 hours to get those Ads clicked.
Note: their server time changes days at 5 PM my time.

Have a great evening :))


noobsaibots said...

Upgrades not worth cost, you pay nearly twice, because you lose points and pay price just for bigger count of Ads and a bit higher earning. Better focus Ad purchasing.

blondie said...

Yes I agree now.
I should have gone Pro right at the start. Those who did, did very well.
Now with the member count growing and the money being spread around more, it doesn't seem to be paying off like I had hoped it would.