Saturday, March 6, 2010

Animal Planet

Been watching too much TV today so I'm not sure where to start here. I like watching "Animal Planet" when the stories have happy endings. Unfortunately, that's not always the case so I just turn away from the TV when it gets too sad.


Just read a couple of good updates for both List-Zilla (the monster on the right) and The Prosperity Game over at my friend John's blog (in his Thursday post). So without sending you away, here's what he said:

She is doing remarkably well in it's second day of the launch. I already have 22 personally sponsored and 43 in Total, which means my folks are also having good success at telling others about this, oh and they are all paid up! Meaning? No free members! Hoorah! Finally something is really working. And it's only the 2nd day of the launch!

At 22:16 EST I requested a Transfer (withdrawal) of my earnings at ListZilla. Got an alert box saying it was processed. I could not believe it. So I signed into Alertpay and the transfer was there! Within just a few seconds! Not even five! Am stupefied and truly amazed! I bow down at the radiant feet of Tai the Admin and Creator of this great programme!

The Prosperity Game: Wow things are sizzling in our team there. Am sure glad I joined that particular team. Why? Because even Corporate is figuring out what we're doing in there, our methods and techniques in playing that game (which again, is not a ponzi, just search on ProsperityGame for my other write-ups), and adopting those techniques! We are the leaders!

Our team is the hottest in the whole world-wide game. (I can't reveal the real name until it is fully online). But you can join our team now and enjoy the fun. We have a group chat on Skype as well, open 24 hours, and we do party! Instructions on how to join in that skype chat group will come in an email to you once you join in the fun.

What's unique about our team is that we have long-time players of the game managing placements, so that they are optimal and helps all of us, including those who are shy at telling others about what we have here. But they are becoming less and less shy as they are seeing the success and the camaraderie in the team.

I myself just bought yet another position today! Without fear! ......... this board game has existed for years and will soon be online. Now.. our Team does have an online back-office, where you can check your positions, get training, and much more. Well, that's enough from me!

Back to me.
These two listed above should last a very long time. One just launched and the other has been around for years but will soon become famous on the net. OK?


Now for the gambler in you ...

PayBackAdz has paid 3% daily for their first 2 days being open. I have withdrawn a bit of referral comm so I can tell you that they do pay. Also I'm confused why their banner says "Earn 2% Daily" when the site says between 1% and 5%. Oh well, no big deal right?
Re: the email I just got ... they expect today's ROI will be 4% and you can expect to see your earning after 8 PM EST. Just remember to re-login after you purchase and log in daily thereafter to qualify.

Hug Money: Had all 3 of my deposits expire today and paid me out 122% (which is 4.4% daily). YaY! So I went ahead and purchased 3 more with profit. So that makes 4 rounds I've completed since I joined! Thumbs up.

HYIFunds: Some folks are still having problems getting to the site and I hope the Admin is working on that. Also noticed earnings have not been posted for the 6th yet. I'll check back on that later. This one, as you recall pays a little over 1% daily. Just remember your spend is never returned, but never expires either.

NextGenMarket: 6% days continue and I received a payment from them today. No complaints here.

Gold Nugget Invest: got an email from Robert who will update us when he returns home on Tuesday. Sounded like he's been trying to work with the bank that froze our funds. Hope he was successful.

Have a good weekend!


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