Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well that's pretty much the story of my life. And yes, I know I missed 2 days of posting ... but nothing much has changed here on the business side of things.

-- NextGenMarket is still pumping out 6% daily and they're at 60 days running now. That's got to be some kind of world record! LOL

-- HYIFunds continues to be my other favorite pic, earning daily and paying every time we ask for a payment.
PS, Today was officially clean up day and they deleted FREE members. Can't believe some of you couldn't find a buck to invest. Well, to each his own. Sorry you've lost out, but it's too late now. The only thing you can do now is to start from scratch at this point. Honestly, if you didn't have a buck, why didn't you ask me for it? You gotta know I would have helped you.

-- The Prosperity Game is doing well. Can't wait till I'm actually "on the board" and seeing some funds rolling my way :)

-- HugMoney hasn't paid my LR pending for 5 days now. You know it's done (toast), right? OK

-- PayBackAdz still hasn't given us ANY rebates for a week! This one's probably done too ... or more like "well done" crispy.

-- List Zilla ... let me think about this one before I open my trap.


Hey it's raining and going to turn to snow soon. Looking for another 6" or so by morning. Nice :))

Heard this song while grocery shopping today. I found myself singing along while walking down the isles with my shopping cart. Of course I got a few stares, but who cares? They don't know me, right? LOL


danish said...

Glad to see your blog posts, two days absence makes me wonder if something's gone wrong. Sort of causes withdrawl symptoms...lol.

naphtali said...

Hey Judy, Speaking of a day late and a dollar short, i finally made a deposit in Next Generation yesterday. It says 6% daily but in addition to my 6% I keep getting an extra nickel each day. I'm not complaining, but is that normal?

blondie said...

Glad to see somebody missed me. At least I know I'm not just talking to myself, like I do in the grocery store, lol

Yes you get the 5 cent earning in Next Gen every time you complete your surfing for the day.
Cool huh?