Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who'd a Thunk It?

I'm really happy to see NextGenMarket continue their 6% daily revenue for 40 days now! That's just unheard of with this type of program.

Running days 40
Total accounts 882
Live Share 6.00%

Had I known this ahead of time, I would have pushed you harder to "play". But with an unknown Admin and ... ahhh ... mmmm ... Let's just say I was leery and figured I would lose my shirt on it.
But I haven't! This has been going really well for 40 days! So how much longer can it last? God Only Knows and he isn't telling, LOL


I've decided on Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight. Looks good eh?
But I'm making it with broccoli, larger cut carrots and beans, like garbanzo, kidney, white beans and green beans. Yum!
With fresh baked wheat rolls of course.


My friend showed me a new HYIP this morning and we've been watching the stats and the forum responses on it all day. Not sure who's running it yet so it's hard to tell if it's going to be legit. But then again, sometimes the unknowns are the ones that surprise me the most. Thinking thinking.

OK what the hell. Should be good for advertising :)


Launched Today!
Earn from 1-5% Daily
No Surfing required, but you DO need to log in daily to receive your ROI
Spends expire at 200%
You can earn extra by clicking on the Ads on the site
Ref Comm is paid 5 levels down: 10, 4, 2, 2, 2 %'s

And they must be entering the spends manually because I'm still waiting for mine to show up via Strict Pay.

AlertPay, Liberty and StrictPay is what I noticed when I registered. There may be more available but it's getting late here so was not paying enough attention. Sorry about that.
Let me know what you think.


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