Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Are NOT My Cat !

Don't know what it is about my house, but new cats in the neighborhood seem to think it's just fine to come in and help themselves whenever they like.
My fault for leaving the door open I guess.

And as you can see, my Cat (in the background) had the same look on his face as I probably did, wondering
Who Are You? and why are you eating my food?


News News News ... Hmmmmm

-- I thought the streak was over at NextGenMarket. After 46 days of 6% daily earnings, today's rate was 4.7% ... BUT just got an email from Admin:
Hi Judy,
yesterday share it supposed to be maximum because in back office it was over the capped 6%, I will ask the programmer to investigate why it show 6% but it gave only 4.7% .
Definitely the live share is real time correct one and today the ROI will be back to normal, so I will appreciate if you can post this information on forums.
AND I was paid by NGM today too.

-- Got Paid today from Hug Money, so I doubled it and put it back in for 7 days this time (that's 5% daily). Everyone sure seems to be loving this program, including me :)

-- HYIFunds is like my little energizer bunny with daily earnings always over 1%

-- I'm a bit disappointed in PayBackAdz. They advertise from 1-5% daily but their rates since launch have been 3-3-4-3-2-2-2%. It makes me wonder how they calc it. Cause you'd think launch day would have been 5%.

-- I understand List-Zilla has some new splash pages for us to use. Haven't had time to check them out yet but I'm sure they're very cool.
I'm back. They are cool. Check em out:


OK off to make meatballs. I'm trying out a new recipe tonight. Later :)

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