Saturday, March 20, 2010

They're Baaaack :)

NextGenMarket site is back and beautiful :) Seems it was just a hosting problem and is all fixed up now. Hurray!
PS, just bought a new share with earnings.


Got paid last night from HYIFunds. Since I'm already in profit, I'm going to turn compounding back ON for awhile. I really like that feature. It's pretty cool.


HugMoney is a sad one. Even though the site is still up, it looks like toast from where I sit. Payments are way late or selective payments are being made. No updates from Admin. No responses to anyone's contact requests. I'll keep an eye on it today but I got a bad feeling it's a definite toast :(
PS, I myself am waiting almost 48 hrs for payment.
PPS, Just received a small $2.50 pmt via AP, however the larger LR pending for twice as long is still pending. I'm seeing the writing on the wall, are you?

Well obviously everyone doesn't read my blog before investing. I just got a referral commission via Hug Money :( So Please STOP depositing until further notice. I'm just trying to save you your money. Kapish?

Anyone need more toast?

PayBackAdz is also on my sh**list. What is it now? Four days of no daily rebate earnings showing up.
Almost makes you wonder if these programs are tied together in some way. Like one was supposed to fund the other but everything got screwed up in the process so neither one is working now.


Just got 10 emails in a row from GrandBankClub. Looks like Gord is desperate to reach us all. Either that or he's lost his mind, hahaha
I best go see what this is all about. Later :))


Almost forgot ...
Happy 1st Day of Spring
With close to a foot of new snow, well,
you get the picture.

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