Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Updates

List-Zilla is officially open today for everyone. The pre-launch is over and we can start promoting the monster now.
Be sure to have $37 available in your Alert Pay account. There are no free members in this one.
Also might be a good idea to clear your browser cookies before joining, just to be sure you get in under the referrer of your choice. Thanks!

Oh and lookie here:
John over at 9PlanetReviews just created a splash page for a few of us. That was sure nice of him, wasn't it? And I'll bet if we twist his arm, he'll create one for you too. Just let me know and I'll sweet-talk him on your behalf, haha!


Everything else is going as planned.
Received payments from HYIFunds and Hug Money yesterday.
Used my earnings to buy a new position at NextGenMarket, which is still kicking out 6% daily!
I'm a quiet player at The Prosperity Game so it's a good thing that I'm involved with a Team that does most of the playing for us, lol

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