Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wed nes day

Happy Anniversary Hug Money !
Today is Hug Money's 3 Month Anniversary, YaY! This one has quickly turned into one of my favorite "games". Tomorrow will be the 5th round I've completed in the 5 day plan so of course I'll come back and share the news then.
Oh and they're doing a really nice referral contest for those of you who like to promote :)


Was out running around today trying to get Title changed on a used car we bought. Well the Mrs forgot to sign the title so need to do a little more leg work before it's officially ours. It's a nice vehicle though for a good price too. Hope it all gets worked out soon.
PS, I did NOT win anything in that new Lottery game last night. Dang!


Will update more tomorrow, OK?
I'm just kinda pooped out today.

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