Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March

And yesterday was our warmest day here since October.
Got to 82 F and broke the record!

No new updates today so far.
So if you missed yesterdays, go read it now, it's good.
As for me... back to the Tax calculations (big sigh)


Life is short!
Break the rules!
Forgive quickly!

Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably...
And never regret anything that made you smile.

The best things in life are free...
until the government finds out and taxes it.

- Thanks to Jim L for the above.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Only Good Stuff Today :) PLUS Bunny Bump Info

Our Bunny Bump Game started this morning for current members of The Prosperity Game. Once the current folks all have a chance to play, then I should be able to invite an outsider or two. Stay tuned for more.

** More down below ...


Surfed and got another super fast payment from NextGenMarket this morning. Reminded me of the energizer bunny, LOL


HYIFunds just keeps going and going too! Today must just be one of those bunny kind of days :)


Back to The Bunny Bump Game, my friend John wrote a good blurb about it just now, so being the lazy person that I am today (still stressing about the tax thing), I'm going to borrow his.
TY John :))

The Bunny Bump Game is here!

Do you remember the folks who brought you TheProsperityGame? Do a FIND on ProsperityGame and you will see what I mean. A truly legitimate and legal board game. Not a pyramid, not an MLM or NM, or any kind of ponzi.

Well? Some of you may not be able to afford a position in TheProsperityGame, but now you can in the BunnyBumpGame! Each position is five dollars via AlertPay and the maximum number that you can buy is 10 positions (plus AlertPay or Credit Card fees). This will allow you to eventually get into the bigger Board Game.

Now please DO NOT spread the link to the BunnyBumpGame around (me: not allowed in forums or traffic exchange sites). It will not be tolerated. But you can invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone that you may personally know who is in desperate need of some cash to help with the bills and such.

Finally, carefully follow ALL instructions to the letter. Make sure that in the comment field at AlertPay you also include your full name, your email address, and your phone number. Do not fill out the application unless you truly are prepared to pay right away as they must receive your funds within 24 hours of having filled out the application/form. Oh and mention who sent you on the form, that would be me: Judy Morrison, and the "where" would be Blondies Blog,
and please remember that the positions are a membership fee, in order to allow you to play in this Board Game.


Here's a story I read at John's blog this morning ...

I was driving when I saw the flash of a traffic camera.

I figured that my picture had been taken for exceeding the limit even though I knew that I was not speeding.

Just to be sure, I went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed.

Now I began to think that this was quite funny, so I drove even slower as I passed the area once more, but the traffic camera again flashed.

I tried a fourth and fifth time with the same results and was now laughing as the camera flashed while I rolled past at a snail's pace.

Two weeks later, I got five tickets in the mail for driving without a seat belt.

You can't fix stupid.

- Thanks to Blake Wyndlow for this one.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Well it's that time of year again ...

Can't say I'm real excited about pulling out the pencil and paper, tax forms, receipts, statements, calculator and everything else that has anything to do with Me for the past year.

But maybe this guy has the right idea.
Sure would help take the stress out of tax time, ya know?

Yes I'm kidding! LOL


So did someone read my post yesterday about HYIFunds and referral commissions? I made about 10 bucks since yesterday in RC's. So thanks to everyone who made a new purchase from outside funds! Appreciate it :)


NextGenMarket is still high on my list at it's current 6% daily! Still wishin I had more confidence in it when it first started. But who could have know that this one would turn out so good? Oh well, live and learn, never spend too much, get your seed money out first ... you know the drill :)


The Bunny Bump Game will open tomorrow for current members of The Prosperity Game. I'll let you all know as soon as outsiders can join. Remember it's 5$ per spot via Alert Pay. Will give you more detail as soon as I am allowed.


OK, here's a couple of RIP's before I head off.

HugMoney, selectively paying (but NOT me)!. They're still promoting and taking in cash, (big no no)! Am sure it's done. It was good while it lasted ... but no more.

PayBackAdz, pretty sure it was a scam from the start. Wish I had picked up on that. Daily rebates have not been given since mid-month. I actually clicked members ads for the .20 cent daily credit for 10 days. Got to the 2.00 min cashout, requested it, and got ZIP!

So this should be the last time I mention these two. And am sorry if you played and lost. (deep breath)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't make me swear on this but ...

The Prosperity Game will be coming out with a New Bunny Bump Game soon. It will be only 5$ per spot via Alert Pay. Now, current members of The Prosperity Game will be the first to enter (only fair) but after that, everyone will be able to join.
So if TPG at $150 or even $42 was out of your price range, here's a chance to get started at a much lower cost and hopefully earn enough to be able to get into the "real" game. Make sense?
I'll keep you updated on it, but it could be sometime this week.


Still trying to get used to this new laptop. It's wonderful and I thank Bill for sending it to me, but am just having trouble getting things to show the way I want them to. And I hate wearing reading glasses! Makes me feel old and icky! LOL


Got paid today from HYIFunds and made a new deposit directly from LR (rather than from available funds, so my sponsor would get paid his RC). You're welcome Greg ;)

Also bought a new share in NextGenMarket with earnings, (sponsor gets paid either way), and got a new referral on Friday, YaY!


I wonder if YouTube will be easier to load from this laptop? Might have to check that out soon.
OK then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday (unless you're an Aussie, then it's Monday already).


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gettin There

Still playing with this laptop, trying to get the settings and fonts and sizes to where I want them. I'm still having trouble seeing the print though. I guess it could just be me. So I'll keep messing with it until I'm happy :) Cause you know .. if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!


The new HYIP I mentioned yesterday (or the day before) won't be ready for about a week. I do know it will take all the regular pay processors, and of course will be affordable for all levels. It will be long term with a lower daily ROI. I'll share more as I learn more.


Why can't all computers have the same keyboard set-up? Can't tell you how many times I've hit the wrong button thinking it was the delete button! Geez.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm here .. but not really

Been busy today setting up my new / used laptop that my friend Bill shipped to me. YaY! Like JS, he didn't have any use for it anymore since he got himself a new MAC. And you know .. once you go MAC, you never go back, LOL

So anyway, am in the process of loading up firefox and skype.
To my Skype buddies: now you know why I'm not there.

See you all tomorrow :)
Oh and TGIF !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joke of the Day

A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house. She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs, 'Honey, pack your bags. I won the lottery!'

The husband said, 'Oh my God! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?'

'Doesn't matter,' she said. 'Just get out!!'


Got wind of a new HYIP launching soon. Will be run by someone I've known (and trust) for a few years now. I'll let you know more as soon as I do, OK? And I will be one of the first to know. Always a good thing :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Got more than 6" of expected snow during the last 16 hours, and still snowing. I would guess about 10" here at my place. So I'd better learn how to work that snow blower, eh?
Here's a cool link my friend Paul sent me.
Not only does it show what my area looks like today, but for the past month. He was shocked to see a foot of snow, then dry, then snow, then dry. Living in Hawaii, he's just not used to these weather changes like I am.
But hey, the squirrels hippity-hopped through all the snow to get to my place for their morning peanuts. They didn't even look scared, lol


NextGenMarket has really got me spoiled with these steady 6% days! But you won't hear me complaining. I like being spoiled :)
PS, requested a payment this morning, got paid in a couple of hours.


HYIFunds completed their Spring Clean Out of the database of free members. They deleted 19,549 freebies!
That's a lot, but it's OK. The way I look at it is they saved themselves over $48K by not having to give away that $2.50 per member.
They are also offering a 6% bonus now IF you withdraw to HD-Money. Yes, the promo is sponsored by HD-Money. As for me? I'll stick with my LR payments.


List-Zilla: my sponsor says: "
Hold on to you horses.... be patient with ListZilla. Some things are being reworked and it is still the best offering as compared to others like and More info coming soon." OK then, waiting.


I have a slow connection so I'm off for a bit and hope the lines unfreeze while I'm gone. Later :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well that's pretty much the story of my life. And yes, I know I missed 2 days of posting ... but nothing much has changed here on the business side of things.

-- NextGenMarket is still pumping out 6% daily and they're at 60 days running now. That's got to be some kind of world record! LOL

-- HYIFunds continues to be my other favorite pic, earning daily and paying every time we ask for a payment.
PS, Today was officially clean up day and they deleted FREE members. Can't believe some of you couldn't find a buck to invest. Well, to each his own. Sorry you've lost out, but it's too late now. The only thing you can do now is to start from scratch at this point. Honestly, if you didn't have a buck, why didn't you ask me for it? You gotta know I would have helped you.

-- The Prosperity Game is doing well. Can't wait till I'm actually "on the board" and seeing some funds rolling my way :)

-- HugMoney hasn't paid my LR pending for 5 days now. You know it's done (toast), right? OK

-- PayBackAdz still hasn't given us ANY rebates for a week! This one's probably done too ... or more like "well done" crispy.

-- List Zilla ... let me think about this one before I open my trap.


Hey it's raining and going to turn to snow soon. Looking for another 6" or so by morning. Nice :))

Heard this song while grocery shopping today. I found myself singing along while walking down the isles with my shopping cart. Of course I got a few stares, but who cares? They don't know me, right? LOL

Saturday, March 20, 2010

They're Baaaack :)

NextGenMarket site is back and beautiful :) Seems it was just a hosting problem and is all fixed up now. Hurray!
PS, just bought a new share with earnings.


Got paid last night from HYIFunds. Since I'm already in profit, I'm going to turn compounding back ON for awhile. I really like that feature. It's pretty cool.


HugMoney is a sad one. Even though the site is still up, it looks like toast from where I sit. Payments are way late or selective payments are being made. No updates from Admin. No responses to anyone's contact requests. I'll keep an eye on it today but I got a bad feeling it's a definite toast :(
PS, I myself am waiting almost 48 hrs for payment.
PPS, Just received a small $2.50 pmt via AP, however the larger LR pending for twice as long is still pending. I'm seeing the writing on the wall, are you?

Well obviously everyone doesn't read my blog before investing. I just got a referral commission via Hug Money :( So Please STOP depositing until further notice. I'm just trying to save you your money. Kapish?

Anyone need more toast?

PayBackAdz is also on my sh**list. What is it now? Four days of no daily rebate earnings showing up.
Almost makes you wonder if these programs are tied together in some way. Like one was supposed to fund the other but everything got screwed up in the process so neither one is working now.


Just got 10 emails in a row from GrandBankClub. Looks like Gord is desperate to reach us all. Either that or he's lost his mind, hahaha
I best go see what this is all about. Later :))


Almost forgot ...
Happy 1st Day of Spring
With close to a foot of new snow, well,
you get the picture.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday I got some sun in the 67 degree weather while watching the Dogs romp and the grass grow. Today's high will be 37 with up to 1 foot of snow. Gotta love Colorado!


It's now been 3 days of no rebate earnings at PayBackAdz. You know I like to stay positive about these things, but in this case I don't think staying positive will help any. I won't bad mouth it too much though, cause I know some have more money in than I do and I'd sure like to see everybody get paid ... but I did remove my banner for it. So it's just a waiting game now to see if it comes back or not.


Speaking of waiting games, there's a lot of good, bad and ugly being said about HugMoney. Today's payments are being posted in forums (good). Some noticed Monitor site info has been tampered with or gone (bad). Others are crying scam after waiting 24 hrs for a payment (ugly).
I have no opinion one way or the other. I requested an LR withdraw yesterday that is not received yet, but they do say it can take up to 48 hrs.
But to be on the safe side, if you DO receive payment from them, hang on to it. That's the best advice I can give right now.


Yesterday I requested payment from HYIFunds and got it lickity-split.
March 18, 2010, 9:57PM
After receiving many requests that we postpone our spring cleaning for a few days, we have decided to do so. This will give inactive users an extra window of opportunity to bring their account into active standing. The revised date for the spring user cleanup will be on Tuesday March 23rd.


Also got Paid from NextGenMarket after a few blinks :) Still can't believe we're receiving 6% daily after 55 days of operation. I'll be buying more today or tomorrow for sure.
**Late night update: Site's been down for several hours. Hopefully it's nothing serious and will be back ASAP. I'll check again in the AM.
Night :)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Morning

Well I think I got everything done yesterday that I needed to. First I had trouble with PayPal who charged me for something I didn't buy. Plus they locked my account, so that took some work to get fixed. Then the bank wouldn't let me transfer funds from one account to the other. Then I had to make a decision on car insurance for the new ride and pay for that. Then the crazy kitten from down the street came in and ran through my house meowing like he was lost. (Well duh, you're in the wrong house!) Then I broke my chair (the up and down part) so now my butt is pretty much on the floor, LOL
Today I've got my grand-doggies here so at least I'll get lots of slobbery kisses to cheer me up :)


I see that PayBackAdz hasn't given us any earnings for yesterday. Two days again they need to catch up. Argh


Today is house cleaning day at HYIFunds and inactive accounts will be deleted. Remember it only takes a 1$ spend to be active, 5$ if using Alert Pay.


Been reading some concern about HugMoney here and there, but I don't see any proof or problems on my end. Later today my 7 day spend will expire so I'm looking forward to that.
Just remember none of these games last forever and they all run their course in due time. So how much longer will Hugs last? No one knows for sure.
Today will be my 6th 'cycle' completion. I'll be back later with the details.


continues to surprise me with those 6% daily earnings! 54 days now and still running smooth! YaY from where I sit!


You guys remember Adam Silva who ran District9Funds? Well he's re-launched the program as a HYIP but there's little to no interest from what I can tell. The forum crowd has all but hung him by his u-no-whats, and reading members posts, I can't blame them. I was lucky enough to get in when the original one started and barely broke even. So will I be playing in the new one? Nope.


OK I said I was going to write more about The Prosperity Game today but after breaking up a dog/cat fight, decided I'd better keep one eye on the screen and the other on the critters.
Gord of GordsHomeBiz wrote up an excellent article about "The Team" as it relates to The Prosperity Game. Check it out.


Guess I need to get my money out of Liberty Reserve soon. Look at this shit going around in emails with the subject line of ...

"You're invited to How to hack money with Liberty Reserve hack tools"
What in the hell is going on here and how do I report this?!?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hasn't been a happy day for me, but I won't bore you with the details.

Enjoy your day, eat lots of corned beef and cabbage, and drink lots of green beer. That should work.

I'll update more tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PayBackAdz .. bummer

Well this makes two days of no earnings at PayBackAdz, which is a bummer. I wrote to support and asked for an update. I'll let you know if they respond. In the meantime, might as well click those Ads for the .20 cent credit, lol

** 5:00 PM MST, Rebates for the 14th and 15th have just been posted, finally! Not sure what these bozo's are doing but I hope they get their act together soon.

No more bad news today, OK?


-- NextGenMarket kicked out their 6% last night as usual. This is getting to be habit forming, ya know? Surfing now and just got paid again :)

-- HYIFunds will be doing their Spring Clean-Up on Thursday. I do hope you all are Active and don't need to be concerned about this:
March 14, 2010, 1:28AM
As part of our annual spring cleaning, we will be reviewing the accounts in our system and deleting all inactive accounts. Accounts are considered inactive if they are more than 2 weeks old, and have not yet made a deposit. Any account that has made a deposit is considered active and will left untouched. The purpose of this, is that we are attempting to speed up our databases. With 37,000 accounts, the servers can become a little "bloated" at times. By removing inactive accounts, we will be able to increase the speed of our website to serve you better. The spring clean up will take place on March 18th.

PS, they had a 1.14% day today and I got Paid!

-- HugMoney .. got a couple of units expiring in a few hours from the 5 day plan, and another still running in the 7 day plan. Will let you know when that happens.
OK, this is funny. Was patiently waiting for my 5 day spends to expire. I had marked down the time I bought them and was wondering why they hadn't matured yet. DUH! Forgot about my daylight savings time change. Someone smack me, OK? We're fine and I just re-spent most of my earnings and cashed out the rest.

So I got 3 winners here out of 4. Seems like good odds for the HYIP industry. Don't you agree?


I know I don't talk about The Prosperity Game or List Zilla as often as I should. Maybe it's because I'm just expecting them to be long term and not a quickie that requires a daily play-by-play on the action.
My Sponsors in both programs are doing very well, so perhaps I should chat about them a little more and try to help the programs as well as myself.
Now I gotta clear my head from the "games" and start thinking harder.


Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Ride

After being a one car family for the last 8 or 9 months, we finally picked this one up for about 1/4 of it's value.

Yes it's old, a 95 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition, a lot of miles but in excellent shape with all the bells and whistles.

I'm just happy the previous owner was moving and wanted to ditch it fast, LOL

Zoom Zoom Zoom !!!


Not much to write about today on the money side. Everything is going as planned EXCEPT FOR PayBackAdz.
Once again we had NO earnings credited last night, the member count seems to have slowed to a crawl, the memberadz on the site have disappeared (the text ones), so I click, refresh, click, refresh the one banner ad in order to earn my extra .20 cents for the day. And payouts were really slow for awhile. None of this is good for a new HYIP, you know?
So my guess is we're either dealing with a rookie Admin or a scammer. Hate to use that word but .. time will tell.


Wow, I gotta get me one of these!! Read the story here.
Maybe the Cats will think twice before chasing another mouse, LOL


Watched the old movie "The Replacements" yesterday and the best part (besides the cheer leader tryouts, which is hilarious) is when all those big football players were dancing and singing "I Will Survive".

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

Tic Tock
It's that time again already. Time to spring those clocks forward an hour.

But it's not even spring yet! Geez!

This daylight savings time thing lasts too long in my opinion .. until Nov 7th. Yikes!

Oh well, just a reminder to change your clocks if you haven't already.


Also a friendly reminder about GNI / Gold Nugget Invest. If you are out-of-pocket money and want to request the "refund", tomorrow is the day to do that. Log into the site and read the instructions in their latest update on how to apply.


One more reminder: if you're still a Free member at HYIFunds and want to continue the program (and why wouldn't you?), you will need to make at least a 1$ deposit (or 5$ if using Alert Pay) to your account before March 18th. Now don't forget.


Am about half way through my investments at Hug Money. Two positions expire in 2 days, and one more in 4 days. YaY!


6% Daily Earnings continue at NextGenMarket. Wow! Am speechless!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Reminder

I say weekend because a lot of times I don't post on Sundays.

HYIFunds will soon be cleaning out their database and deleting Free members. So if you've been enjoying the daily compounding feature (on your $2.50) and using it to watch your earnings grow, NOW is the time to get a little more serious by depositing at least $1 (or $5 if using Alert Pay).
Once you're an "active" member, you can also start withdrawing. It's a win-win in my opinion. I started with $10 back on Dec 13th and have built it up to well over 100$. Just remember, you do NOT get your spend back in one lump sum, but you do earn daily and can withdraw at any time.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Stuff

Well my Meatball Stew tasted pretty good for dinner, if I do say so myself, LOL


PayBackAdz gave us No earnings last night. Hopefully it's just a glitch and will be fixed soon. But honestly, I'm not real excited about this program. Get my drift?
*Update: earnings have now been credited, another 2% day.


NextGenMarket is back in full swing and paid another 6% today!


Both HYIFunds* and HugMoney are still at the top of my list too :)

*HYIFund update:
As part of our annual spring cleaning, we will be reviewing the accounts within our system and deleting all inactive accounts. Accounts are considered inactive if they are more than 2 weeks old, and have not yet made a deposit. Any account that has made a deposit is considered active and will left untouched.
Back to me: All it takes is $1 to be active unless you use Alert Pay which is $5.


GoldNuggetInvest sent us a really long email today and announced that they will be back, new and improved, but didn't give us a time frame. They first need to clean up and pay the folks who are not in profit from the original program. So I'll just wait patiently until they're ready.
*If you are NOT in profit with GNI, they emailed a form you need to complete. Hopefully you all received that.


Ahhh, that's all for now.
Need to do some other things today.
Happy Friday :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Are NOT My Cat !

Don't know what it is about my house, but new cats in the neighborhood seem to think it's just fine to come in and help themselves whenever they like.
My fault for leaving the door open I guess.

And as you can see, my Cat (in the background) had the same look on his face as I probably did, wondering
Who Are You? and why are you eating my food?


News News News ... Hmmmmm

-- I thought the streak was over at NextGenMarket. After 46 days of 6% daily earnings, today's rate was 4.7% ... BUT just got an email from Admin:
Hi Judy,
yesterday share it supposed to be maximum because in back office it was over the capped 6%, I will ask the programmer to investigate why it show 6% but it gave only 4.7% .
Definitely the live share is real time correct one and today the ROI will be back to normal, so I will appreciate if you can post this information on forums.
AND I was paid by NGM today too.

-- Got Paid today from Hug Money, so I doubled it and put it back in for 7 days this time (that's 5% daily). Everyone sure seems to be loving this program, including me :)

-- HYIFunds is like my little energizer bunny with daily earnings always over 1%

-- I'm a bit disappointed in PayBackAdz. They advertise from 1-5% daily but their rates since launch have been 3-3-4-3-2-2-2%. It makes me wonder how they calc it. Cause you'd think launch day would have been 5%.

-- I understand List-Zilla has some new splash pages for us to use. Haven't had time to check them out yet but I'm sure they're very cool.
I'm back. They are cool. Check em out:


OK off to make meatballs. I'm trying out a new recipe tonight. Later :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wed nes day

Happy Anniversary Hug Money !
Today is Hug Money's 3 Month Anniversary, YaY! This one has quickly turned into one of my favorite "games". Tomorrow will be the 5th round I've completed in the 5 day plan so of course I'll come back and share the news then.
Oh and they're doing a really nice referral contest for those of you who like to promote :)


Was out running around today trying to get Title changed on a used car we bought. Well the Mrs forgot to sign the title so need to do a little more leg work before it's officially ours. It's a nice vehicle though for a good price too. Hope it all gets worked out soon.
PS, I did NOT win anything in that new Lottery game last night. Dang!


Will update more tomorrow, OK?
I'm just kinda pooped out today.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday News

The long awaited email from Gold Nugget Invest has finally arrived. In a nutshell:
- GNI as we know it today is closed immediately.
- Refunds will be given to those not in profit, to the tune of 101.5% of their principal investment (this includes interest payments already received).
- On Friday we will receive an email about the New GNI which will be totally private.
So there you have it.
I'm sad that it's closed since they did run a fair game the entire time. I am in profit so won't be receiving anything back. And I sure am looking forward to see what their next plan will be.
Thanks Robert and the GNI Team :)


Had trouble all morning trying to get into HYIFund... but I'm there now, and our rate for today is 1.15% Might be the highest I've seen yet! YaY!
PS, just received a requested payout also.


There's a new Lottery Drawing that I hope to win (smile). It's called Match Play and I bought my first ticket for tonight's drawing. It's an interesting game where you can combine your lines of numbers for the winning pot. Wish me Luck ok?


List-Zilla News:
The One Time Offer has come to a close. The OTO was designed for just the first 500 people and we've gone well beyond that with it so it's now been taken down, and anyone wishing to upgrade to MMPro will be doing so via the products page in the Service Area.
So the one-time $27 via Alert Pay is all you need to get started.


I think it's going to snow again.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tried to post this morning but ...

Got a phone call from my Son wanting me to search for a "Van Morrison" Vinyl. Ya hear me? Van Morrison on LP Record.
OK, down to the basement and on with the search.
Went through several HUNDRED records and not one Van Morrison was in there. But wait, I got 45's in a suitcase. Checked through all those.
But wait, I got cassette tapes. Checked all those.
But wait, I got 8-track tapes (can you believe it?) Checked all those too, no luck!
So after two hours of ripping my house apart looking for it, I finally had to give up.
OK so WHY did he want that LP anyway?
It is for our friends funeral. Long story but that LP needs to be with him forever. Wish I could have helped with that. (big sigh)


Just realized something yesterday about PayBackAdz which I honestly didn't notice in the FAQs when I joined, and that is:
Question: Is there a Hit and Run Policy ?
Yes, 25% of all your withdrawal is placed in a a separate account and you can use this 25% for repurchases and continue to earn 200% on all your ad units !
Now this does not apply to referral commission withdrawals though. Just the daily earning portion. So if you promote and get some RC, you can receive that free and clear.
Oh and I got PAID from them today too :)


Also got paid from HYIFunds. Sure wish they'd get their site working so that everyone can log in again. Seems a handful of folks are still having trouble.


By the way, I'm really enjoying HugMoney and I noticed that one of the big promoters just published another good review. Well, it's been up and running perfect since the first part of December so I can't blame him for that. BTW, I have 3 more days before another 5 day plan expires. That will be my 5th!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Animal Planet

Been watching too much TV today so I'm not sure where to start here. I like watching "Animal Planet" when the stories have happy endings. Unfortunately, that's not always the case so I just turn away from the TV when it gets too sad.


Just read a couple of good updates for both List-Zilla (the monster on the right) and The Prosperity Game over at my friend John's blog (in his Thursday post). So without sending you away, here's what he said:

She is doing remarkably well in it's second day of the launch. I already have 22 personally sponsored and 43 in Total, which means my folks are also having good success at telling others about this, oh and they are all paid up! Meaning? No free members! Hoorah! Finally something is really working. And it's only the 2nd day of the launch!

At 22:16 EST I requested a Transfer (withdrawal) of my earnings at ListZilla. Got an alert box saying it was processed. I could not believe it. So I signed into Alertpay and the transfer was there! Within just a few seconds! Not even five! Am stupefied and truly amazed! I bow down at the radiant feet of Tai the Admin and Creator of this great programme!

The Prosperity Game: Wow things are sizzling in our team there. Am sure glad I joined that particular team. Why? Because even Corporate is figuring out what we're doing in there, our methods and techniques in playing that game (which again, is not a ponzi, just search on ProsperityGame for my other write-ups), and adopting those techniques! We are the leaders!

Our team is the hottest in the whole world-wide game. (I can't reveal the real name until it is fully online). But you can join our team now and enjoy the fun. We have a group chat on Skype as well, open 24 hours, and we do party! Instructions on how to join in that skype chat group will come in an email to you once you join in the fun.

What's unique about our team is that we have long-time players of the game managing placements, so that they are optimal and helps all of us, including those who are shy at telling others about what we have here. But they are becoming less and less shy as they are seeing the success and the camaraderie in the team.

I myself just bought yet another position today! Without fear! ......... this board game has existed for years and will soon be online. Now.. our Team does have an online back-office, where you can check your positions, get training, and much more. Well, that's enough from me!

Back to me.
These two listed above should last a very long time. One just launched and the other has been around for years but will soon become famous on the net. OK?


Now for the gambler in you ...

PayBackAdz has paid 3% daily for their first 2 days being open. I have withdrawn a bit of referral comm so I can tell you that they do pay. Also I'm confused why their banner says "Earn 2% Daily" when the site says between 1% and 5%. Oh well, no big deal right?
Re: the email I just got ... they expect today's ROI will be 4% and you can expect to see your earning after 8 PM EST. Just remember to re-login after you purchase and log in daily thereafter to qualify.

Hug Money: Had all 3 of my deposits expire today and paid me out 122% (which is 4.4% daily). YaY! So I went ahead and purchased 3 more with profit. So that makes 4 rounds I've completed since I joined! Thumbs up.

HYIFunds: Some folks are still having problems getting to the site and I hope the Admin is working on that. Also noticed earnings have not been posted for the 6th yet. I'll check back on that later. This one, as you recall pays a little over 1% daily. Just remember your spend is never returned, but never expires either.

NextGenMarket: 6% days continue and I received a payment from them today. No complaints here.

Gold Nugget Invest: got an email from Robert who will update us when he returns home on Tuesday. Sounded like he's been trying to work with the bank that froze our funds. Hope he was successful.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sad Day Here ... story at the bottom

If you're still having a problem getting into the HYIFunds site, sit tight as help is on the way:
We are sorry for the inconvenience but our anti-DDoS features are blocking a lot of IPs that should not be. This will be resolved shortly


Correction about List-Zilla.
Everyone gets to use the auto-responder feature whether you paid for the extra "one time offer" or not. All you need is the $27 via Alert Pay to get started.

Tai sent us an email today with a list of members that were misplaced under the wrong sponsor. He's asking for them to contact him to correct the problem. So go read his email to see if you're on the list. OK?


PayBackAdz had a pretty good first day of launch. Total members now at 184 with $1867 in deposits. Not bad eh? I think I joined at the 80 member mark so it's grown nicely in less than 24 hrs since then.
Don't forget to click on the "Members Adz" to earn 2 cents for each, max 10 per day, or 20 cents per day. It all adds up, right?


My Son called me at 7 AM this morning with the sad news that one of our mutual long time friends passed away last night. His name is Gary and I would guess he's about the same age as me.
The strange thing about it ... around two years ago he had a heart attack. He changed just about everything he does in life after that. No more smoking or eating fatty foods, regular Dr visits, he lost weight and exercised on a daily basis.
The last time we had a visit, he was really proud of himself for what he had accomplished and said how great he felt. Looked like he was ready to take on the whole world, and could! lol

So I guess it just goes to show, when your number is up, it's up. No matter what you do, or try to do, or feel good about doing ... when you're called, you go.

He was a very sweet man and will be missed by many.
Love to Nancy and the Family.
RIP Gary, give Mr Beckitt a big hug :)

Funny for almost 30 years, Gary's always reminded me of Soupy Sales. And it makes me sad that I'll never be able to say that to him again.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who'd a Thunk It?

I'm really happy to see NextGenMarket continue their 6% daily revenue for 40 days now! That's just unheard of with this type of program.

Running days 40
Total accounts 882
Live Share 6.00%

Had I known this ahead of time, I would have pushed you harder to "play". But with an unknown Admin and ... ahhh ... mmmm ... Let's just say I was leery and figured I would lose my shirt on it.
But I haven't! This has been going really well for 40 days! So how much longer can it last? God Only Knows and he isn't telling, LOL


I've decided on Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight. Looks good eh?
But I'm making it with broccoli, larger cut carrots and beans, like garbanzo, kidney, white beans and green beans. Yum!
With fresh baked wheat rolls of course.


My friend showed me a new HYIP this morning and we've been watching the stats and the forum responses on it all day. Not sure who's running it yet so it's hard to tell if it's going to be legit. But then again, sometimes the unknowns are the ones that surprise me the most. Thinking thinking.

OK what the hell. Should be good for advertising :)


Launched Today!
Earn from 1-5% Daily
No Surfing required, but you DO need to log in daily to receive your ROI
Spends expire at 200%
You can earn extra by clicking on the Ads on the site
Ref Comm is paid 5 levels down: 10, 4, 2, 2, 2 %'s

And they must be entering the spends manually because I'm still waiting for mine to show up via Strict Pay.

AlertPay, Liberty and StrictPay is what I noticed when I registered. There may be more available but it's getting late here so was not paying enough attention. Sorry about that.
Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Updates

List-Zilla is officially open today for everyone. The pre-launch is over and we can start promoting the monster now.
Be sure to have $37 available in your Alert Pay account. There are no free members in this one.
Also might be a good idea to clear your browser cookies before joining, just to be sure you get in under the referrer of your choice. Thanks!

Oh and lookie here:
John over at 9PlanetReviews just created a splash page for a few of us. That was sure nice of him, wasn't it? And I'll bet if we twist his arm, he'll create one for you too. Just let me know and I'll sweet-talk him on your behalf, haha!


Everything else is going as planned.
Received payments from HYIFunds and Hug Money yesterday.
Used my earnings to buy a new position at NextGenMarket, which is still kicking out 6% daily!
I'm a quiet player at The Prosperity Game so it's a good thing that I'm involved with a Team that does most of the playing for us, lol

Monday, March 1, 2010

List-Zilla and HYIF Updates

List-Zilla will be launching tonight at Midnight CST for pre-registered members ONLY. I do plan to stay awake, sign-up and make my payments so that I don't hold-up any of you. And if you heard Video 3, you know what I'm taking about.
Here is the correct link to use for those who have pre-enrolled in Listzilla:

Also Credit Card payments will be accepted via Alert Pay.
Be prepared to spend $27 and an additional $10. (sounds like it will be worth it.) Be sure you use the same username you chose when you pre-registered.
Also Yes, I did get in and registered ASAP on Monday night so when you join, it should show "blondie" as your sponsor. Thanks :)

Note that Free members will not be allowed to stay in the system and will be purged after tomorrow. You can always join again at a later date.

You can still pre-register today IF you're ready to join tomorrow. Else you'll need to wait until Wednesday when we can start promoting to Everyone and you can join whenever you're ready. Cool?

Also for those of you having trouble viewing the Video's (like I did), Tai gave me the YouTube link:

Nice guy too. That was the first time I had a chance to "chat" with him.


Good News from HYIFunds:

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our servers and our DDOS protection, and our website is now back online. While you may experience spotty connections from time to time, the website is for the most part, once again accessible. This infrastructure investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Our customer service representatives are standing by to help with any difficulties that you may experience.

Please note the following
- We will soon be updating our site to reflect profits for Feb 27th through March 1st
- If you have trouble accessing the website, please wait 15 minutes and then try again
- If you experience any other issue, email our support team, and they will be happy to help

We thank you for your patience over the past few days. Please share this information on sites where HYIFund is discussed.


My 3 positions in Hug Money all expired last night so I re-purchased again today using the funds in my member area.