Friday, January 9, 2015

Buggy Script :( Re-launching Tomorrow


Hello Blondie,

We understand that some members are furious about te failed launch, this is the time for us to unite and have this program work because it’s good great potentials. We the team of UnionCycler have no reason to run away with your funds, we have worked so hard to make sure all goes fine but sometimes this things happen. What we want to do now is fix the script and use the suggested method by the coder to enable us have a smooth re-launch.

UnionCycler would re-launch tomorrow 11AM EST. We hope everything works fine this time.

Thanks for your understanding and patient.

Earlier in the day:

Dear Blondie, 

Quick Update to inform members the purchase button is closed for now. The reason is because we saw double processing; double placement e.t.c meaning members earned more than they ought to have in their account and received double positions.

Our coders are online and we are fixing this but he has told us this can be fixed by Monday however we are requesting this be fixed today so we can test and re-launch by tomorrow. We do not want to postpone the launch anymore. Also, all funds would be returned to your e-wallet and cycler positions would be canceled.

Please have patient while we keep checking this out and see how best we can all work together in the most suitable time. It is possible that we have an open vote on when we would like to have the program re-launched.


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