Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crazy Sunday lol

Just posted a few minutes ago re the Digadz problems:

from the facebook group.

“This is just in from BeeJay; ddos attackers are hitting hard server provider staff will need more time to protect those attackers are surely hired Please rest assured the site & your accounts WILL be protected, it is firmly locked down now & will most certainly NOT open for at least the next 6 hours. We are fairly certain who the group of haters is & they will be stopped! DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN UNTIL WE ANNOUNCE IT.”

So we wait.

The errors with the UnionCycler banners are being corrected and will be totally back on track tomorrow!

And here's the newest update: 

Most Valued Blondie,

Greeting to you in this new week of UnionCycler Launch. We are excited about the launch which comes up on Friday January 9th 2015, with over four thousand plus members at present, UnionCycler is a BLAST!!  And we anticipate that every member is able to enjoy the benefits wrapped up in this Passive INCOME Opportunity MACHINE!.

Some important issues which was received would be touched in today’s update, also the state of the program would be shared with members.

PROGRAM STATE & MEMBERSHIP GROWTH: UnionCycler membership has constantly been on the rise, with a total of 4077 ACTIVE MEMBERS, like we have always said this growth is directly proportionate to the number of cyclers spot to be completed and earnings to be made, 4 REAL “UnionCycler ROCKS!!” .  Funding and Purchase is still not enabled, and we are looking forward to having the coders fix all issues encountered beginning from today, this would help us have the best launch and a smooth ride through the life of the program.

BANNERS ERROR: Over the last hours we received notice that the banners weren’t loading on other website and even on the UnionCycler page, please be informed that this error has been resolved, it was an issue with cloudflare security features enable on our website and we have updated  the configurations to allow our images display on all servers.

During the process of trying to withdraw earning, the re-purchase rule takes effect, what happens is that 32.5% of the amount you request to withdraw is returned to your account to enable you purchase more UC SPOT, when this amount is returned to your account you can manually buy a UC SPOT.

Honestly we would love for every UC Position to cycle in the first hour but this is not feasible, This is a cycler and we are not able to know at this time if your position would cycler or not but one thing is sure some positions would cycler, infact so many UC Spot would cycle on DAY 1 considering the total number of members who are all set for the ride. Let’s give you a tip, if you get in fast you would be among the first to cycle but note that this isn’t a program designed for only a day or a week hence, we expect to see continuous cycling of UC SPOTS.

Thank you for your time, we envisage a profitable and solid partnership experience with You. The top is what we reach out for; The Top is where every member of UnionCycler would get to.


Your Admin,
Shannon Walker


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