Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tomorrow Tomorrow, It's Only a Day Away

*** If you're seeing this post at a later date,
Do Not join Union Cycler. It is toast! 2/9/15

UnionCycler Test is scheduled for tomorrow.
Hope you all will be able to participate so the Admin will know if our Launch on Tues will be a GO or not.

We will be able to purchase a max of 10 units every 30 seconds during the test. That will still apply when the actual launch occurs. Min number of units you can purchase is 2.

Everyone should have some Test funds in the test site now. Please check yours and be ready at test at 10 AM EST if you want to help.

Most Valued Blondie,

Greetings to you today, We hope you are having a good weekend. It’s a new week and we are hopeful that things would go as planned.
Please this is a reminder to let you know the test website is all set for launch tomorrow, this is test and not the real website, it’s a duplicate to help us know how the website would optimize on re-launch on Tuesday and we seek your participation. The Testing launch would be by 10AM EST on Monday, please be available. find test link here:

More detailed information on UnionCycler can be read below:
MINIMUM POSITIONS: Due to request from members to reduce the minimum number of position to be purchase we have decided to reduce it from 4positions to 2 positions. This means that you can now buy 2 positions worth $5.00 rather than the 4position which was set before.

CHANGING THE 2.5USD BONUS: We are sorry, we are unable to change the bonus to a different payment processor from Payza. We would consider helping members with swaps and this would be from withdrawable balance and not wallet balance, also this would be done based on availability of funds.

We don’t want to stress you with long news update today. Enjoy your weekend.

All the Best,
UnionCycler Team

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