Monday, January 19, 2015

To Start Off the Week

Here's another new one I just got wind of... 

The dimming twirly site was making me dizzy but as long as it pays, I can learn to live with that. Plus the instant payments should make up for any dizzy feeling I get, lol

ComboCredit has completed it's first week of business:

"With great pleasure we would like to announce that we passed our first week of business. This means that the first depositors are already in profit. This is a real proof that our program is paying everyone without exception and that we are paying profits to our members.

We would like to share with you the moment to remind you that you can also post to the world about your experiences in Combo Credit, by visiting some of our public forums and rating sites: 
and you can also join our Facebook group:

Thank you for being part of our program."

Seems this commercial has been out for 6-7 months but today was the first time I saw it.
Yes I live here in the Rocky Mountains.
So why am I laughing?
No, that's not why. LOL


Gord said...

Good Day Colorado,

Hilarious commercial. I Digz it ... lol

blondie said...

Hi Gord,

Yes it gave me the giggles even though I wasn't smoking what that Eagle was, lol

Cheers :)