Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Updates

UnionCycler News,
mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 13th.

Dearest Blondie,

Greetings Today! We must thank every single member of UnionCycler for their understanding and confidence in our ability to make this program a success. We appreciate all supporters who helped us  attain this height in this short time; it’s a pleasure having you on our side. In this newsletter we want to bring to your notice important factors to help us achieve success and we seek your understanding.

After the failed launch we went on to announce the program re-launch for today Saturday the 10th, At the moment this doesn’t seem feasible because we can see that some members still have negative balance in their wallet while others do not have the correct amount credited, We want the program re-launch to be good, we cannot afford to be faced with unexpected challenges again as this might cause a final crash hence we want your patient until Tuesday, If by Tuesdaywe are unable to re-launch then we would issue refunds.

RELAUNCH: The re-launch would be by 10AM EST. We have been forced to change the style in which purchase would be done, positions would be placed in queue system which gets executed in minutes. Please you must understand that we have over six thousand members and having everyone buy position the same time is not feasible with this script, the traffic on the purchase page causes hundreds of sleep MySQL processes and it would result in members having double positions and earning more than they ought to earn in referral commission and cycler spots. The queue system would have this controlled since the cycler spots would be placed at intervals.

We understand that some of our members are frustrated but please if we must re-launch we have to get it right otherwise it will result in loss, UnionCycler was designed to help members earn and not lose funds, Tuesday is just a few days away, if it doesn’t work we will refund every member. Let us have the last trial but let’s do it in the way we believe it would work.


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