Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Wednesday

Digadz: are you all busy digging again?
Everything is coming back into play after the long downtime and seems to getting back to normal.
YaY for Digs!

UnionCycler: BRB with those updates. The wheels are turning but waiting to arrive at the final destination.
(hint: waiting for the 'secure' site to propagate in all areas.)
Here we go:

Dearest Blondie,


Once again Thanks for your patient, and apologies for not sending any update yesterday, It was a whole day of work as we kept testing, updating and upgrading the security feature of the script to make sure it functions properly, The Good News is That UnionCycler is going to be launched on top notch configurations. Everything is Fixed and We are Set For This Passive Earning Flight.

So Many Great things happening with UnionCycler and we are so prepared for the Mega Opening of UnionCycler,10AM Friday 9th, 2015.

FUNDING: We are done with the complete configuration of automatic funding features, at this time funding is allowed, You Can Now Fund Your UnionCycler Account and Stay Prepared For The Blast!!!.

PURCHASE OF UC LINES: This feature is still closed until the program is launched.

GOODNEWS IS THAT MORE AND MORE PEOPLE HAVE BUILD CONFIDENCE IN OUR PROGRAM, ALREADY WE HAVE HIT THE 4690 Membership Level, Imagine UnionCycler as a flight, we are soaring on the best and highest altitude.

You have time to share UnionCyclers with folks this opportunity stands out from the rest and it’s worthwhile.

Please Be a Part of Our DISCUSSION GROUPS, It is very helpful to keep you on good standing with the program; the urls can be accessed here;

Facebook Group:


Looking forward to a Mega Launch on Friday January 9th, 2015. More detailed newsletter coming soon, please stay tuned.

Shannon Walker


OneLineAd will be returning this month also.
Here's the latest from the Admin:

Dear Blondie,

We would like to welcome new members and wish all the members extremely Happy, Prosperous and Joyful new year.

As promised, programmers have already started working on a new module and the compensation plan is based on a 2 stage straight line cycler. Please note that the new pay plan has automatic re-entries along with forced re-purchase rule to give fair chance to all the members and earn with One Line Ad.

Members will definitely have a question about the deposits they made, what will happen to that?
We assure our members that the members who could not reach breakeven point will see the amount in their OLA cash e-wallet.

For eg: A member bought 2 Ad Packs for $10.00 and withdrew $7.00 will see $3.00 in the cash e-wallet. Same rule applies for both the pay plans. We strongly suggest all the paid members to take screen shots of their back office and save it to avoid any mistake/error when we update new compensation plan onJanuary 18th, 2015.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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