Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 21st Already?

Today is my Son's Birthday.

Unfortunately he's traveling on business for his company's annual awards and appreciation gathering. So his birthday is just gonna have to wait.

He did tell us though that he would be getting an Award this year for selling the most automotive tools for the company in 2014.

"Tool of the Year" I believe it is, LOL (no joke)

So Happy Birthday Kiddo and we'll do dinner when you get back. Love you lots and have a safe and fun trip!

SolidMargin: my first deposit in SM will expire today. I went for the 2 day plan which always seems to work well for me. Yes I do plan to re-spend my original funds and withdraw my earnings. Will keep doing it that way for as long as I'm comfortable with it.

ComboCredit: had a good run for my money in CC and my original spend expired yesterday. Am feeling really good about it so I decided to go another round starting today. Happy earnings to those who are playing :)

Digadz: just digging and earning daily. Not tons but keeping my head above water at least.

OneLineAd: we have 6 more days to investigate their New Plan. I tried to take a peek at it yesterday but was distracted. But hey, we've got time.


doomcrew said...

Happy Bday to your son.
Looking forward to Digadz now that it has settled in and issues are behind it.

blondie said...

Thanks on behalf of my Son doomcrew.

Yeah, I'm happy to see things getting done at Digz also and hope we'll still be chatting about it at year end :)