Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday and I'm Back

Lost some data on my laptop last Friday and haven't been able to get back online to do anything!
Was frustrating not being able to get here.
Felt like a fish out of water.

While I was gone, seems like two programs went to hell. ComboCredit (which was too good to be true in the first place) and SolidMargin.
Sure thought one of those would last longer than they did. (big sigh) But I'm happy to report that I had no referrals to worry about this time. I know that might sound weird but I care about my referrals so it's sort of a relief, you know?

DigAdz has been down for maintenance over the weekend so at least I didn't miss anything there. Waiting patiently for it to come back to life.


Just checked in on OneLineAd and see that it's been postponed. Launching in 7 days and some odd hours. Ummm, OK.

Speaking of fish out of water, there was a big chicken in my back yard yesterday. Then today I saw him walking down the street. Sure wish I knew where he lived so I could notify someone to come and get him before something bad happens to him.

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