Thursday, January 8, 2015

UnionCycler Launching Tomorrow

Just one more Important Update for Today, Friday!

1. GET FUNDED: Everyone can now pre-fund their wallet, so at launch time, you can purchase instantly from your wallet, which will certainly speed up your purchases and hence, placement into our unique cycler line. You can fund via anyone of our major payment processors namely Payza, EgopayP, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin.  If you fund your account using Bitcoin please send us a support ticket to enable us credit your account without delay.

2. GET READY TO PURCHASE AT LAUNCH: You’re allowed to buy up to 5000 UnionCycler position however in the first hour of program launch you can only purchase 4 positions every 30 seconds. After the first hour elapses you would be allowed to buy the regular 10 positions at a time without time limitation.

The moment you've all been waiting for... 
UnionCycler is launching tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

Funding is now Open so that you can deposit ahead of time and be ready to purchase once the countdown timer says GO.
- Minimum deposit is $10
- Minimum withdraw is $2.50
- Spends are $2.50 each in a 3x1 Matrix Cycler
- You may purchase only 10 per transaction**see above**
- There is a re-purchase rule of 32.5% from each withdraw you make.
- Funds that go to your re-purchase balance do not make automated spends and you must go in and spend those funds manually.

Oh there's lots of detail in the FAQ's on the site which is accessible before logging in. Do check that out and let me know if you have any questions.

Sort of busy today so this note is brief.

Wait, here is the latest update...

Dear Blondie,

Once again greetings! Seem like there is a huge spike in registration, everywhere I turn I see words about UnionCycler, Positive words and this make me really please. We have received several questions about handling traffic for tomorrow, and this has made us made a special request to have our server provider stay on stanby tomorrow to make sure we do not encounter any issue, here is the exact words from Snoork Hosting Support Team

"Hi Shannon,
We'll have engineers available on standby to monitor your server closely at that time and assist you if anything arises. Your current server resource utilization is very low, so there should be no problems at all for the server to handle very large traffic. You should be perfectly fine :)"

BITCOIN DEPOSIT: If you have funded your account via Bitcoin please send us an email including your username and amount to help us update your account. Bitcoin funding is not automatic however we are on standby to help you update your funds manually. Email address: or

Every $2.5 pays back $5.0
Your get 15% referral commission three level deep (10% - 3% and 2%)
Upon signup you get $2.5 Free which is the cost of a UC position
You get 2000 banner advertising credits on every $2.5 position purchase
We process payout 7days of the week
We operate a 32.5% Repurchase rule and offer e-currency swap services to help our members
The $2.5 free bonus does not give you full earning potentials, your required to buy a minimum of three more positions or more to earn.


Thanks For Your Time and Keep the excitements.


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