Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday and I'm Back

Lost some data on my laptop last Friday and haven't been able to get back online to do anything!
Was frustrating not being able to get here.
Felt like a fish out of water.

While I was gone, seems like two programs went to hell. ComboCredit (which was too good to be true in the first place) and SolidMargin.
Sure thought one of those would last longer than they did. (big sigh) But I'm happy to report that I had no referrals to worry about this time. I know that might sound weird but I care about my referrals so it's sort of a relief, you know?

DigAdz has been down for maintenance over the weekend so at least I didn't miss anything there. Waiting patiently for it to come back to life.


Just checked in on OneLineAd and see that it's been postponed. Launching in 7 days and some odd hours. Ummm, OK.

Speaking of fish out of water, there was a big chicken in my back yard yesterday. Then today I saw him walking down the street. Sure wish I knew where he lived so I could notify someone to come and get him before something bad happens to him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 21st Already?

Today is my Son's Birthday.

Unfortunately he's traveling on business for his company's annual awards and appreciation gathering. So his birthday is just gonna have to wait.

He did tell us though that he would be getting an Award this year for selling the most automotive tools for the company in 2014.

"Tool of the Year" I believe it is, LOL (no joke)

So Happy Birthday Kiddo and we'll do dinner when you get back. Love you lots and have a safe and fun trip!

SolidMargin: my first deposit in SM will expire today. I went for the 2 day plan which always seems to work well for me. Yes I do plan to re-spend my original funds and withdraw my earnings. Will keep doing it that way for as long as I'm comfortable with it.

ComboCredit: had a good run for my money in CC and my original spend expired yesterday. Am feeling really good about it so I decided to go another round starting today. Happy earnings to those who are playing :)

Digadz: just digging and earning daily. Not tons but keeping my head above water at least.

OneLineAd: we have 6 more days to investigate their New Plan. I tried to take a peek at it yesterday but was distracted. But hey, we've got time.

Monday, January 19, 2015

To Start Off the Week

Here's another new one I just got wind of... 

The dimming twirly site was making me dizzy but as long as it pays, I can learn to live with that. Plus the instant payments should make up for any dizzy feeling I get, lol

ComboCredit has completed it's first week of business:

"With great pleasure we would like to announce that we passed our first week of business. This means that the first depositors are already in profit. This is a real proof that our program is paying everyone without exception and that we are paying profits to our members.

We would like to share with you the moment to remind you that you can also post to the world about your experiences in Combo Credit, by visiting some of our public forums and rating sites: 
and you can also join our Facebook group:

Thank you for being part of our program."

Seems this commercial has been out for 6-7 months but today was the first time I saw it.
Yes I live here in the Rocky Mountains.
So why am I laughing?
No, that's not why. LOL

Friday, January 16, 2015


Sorry for not being around much.
It's been a long and stressful week for me.

ComboCredit that opened on the 12th is doing extremely well. Admin has been sending out our payments super fast. Go go combo.

DigAdz: I've gotten into a nice little groove with Digs. Since they're making changes to the site and servers and all, we have less Ad's to dig now so it doesn't take anywhere near as long as it used to. Fine by me.

UnionCycler has a misfire at launch on the 13th. First the buy button was open an hour before the countdown clock went to -0-
When noticed, they stopped the purchases, reset our accounts and the clock. Then as I foolishly waited for the next countdown clock to hit -0- again, it opened 5 minutes prior to that.
So needless to say, the positions I bought are way down the line and have not cycled.
You can see the Next In Line from the link on the site. I personally have quite a few thousand to go before my numbers come up.
* If you're one of the members who got in early and cycled... please remember to spend your re-purchase balance. You can't cash it out anyway so plse spend it on new positions to help your fellow members.
** Also the FREE Auto Re-entry has been removed. Sure wish the Admin would fix the site and the banners to reflect that change.

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Today and New Tomorrow (I think)

A new program opened today, but I've had a really rough day and am way too tired to give details about it. But the good news is, it's pretty self explanatory once you see it. (wink) 


UnionCycler's test was a success! 
Waiting for the next update to be sure we'll be launching in the AM.

No official newsletter yet as of 8:45 PM my time but we are launching tomorrow. Found out that minimum spend will be 2 pos's and maximum will be 5 pos's every 30 seconds I believe. Don't forget minimum deposit is now $10.00

Hope to see you there and Good Luck to those who play :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tomorrow Tomorrow, It's Only a Day Away

*** If you're seeing this post at a later date,
Do Not join Union Cycler. It is toast! 2/9/15

UnionCycler Test is scheduled for tomorrow.
Hope you all will be able to participate so the Admin will know if our Launch on Tues will be a GO or not.

We will be able to purchase a max of 10 units every 30 seconds during the test. That will still apply when the actual launch occurs. Min number of units you can purchase is 2.

Everyone should have some Test funds in the test site now. Please check yours and be ready at test at 10 AM EST if you want to help.

Most Valued Blondie,

Greetings to you today, We hope you are having a good weekend. It’s a new week and we are hopeful that things would go as planned.
Please this is a reminder to let you know the test website is all set for launch tomorrow, this is test and not the real website, it’s a duplicate to help us know how the website would optimize on re-launch on Tuesday and we seek your participation. The Testing launch would be by 10AM EST on Monday, please be available. find test link here:

More detailed information on UnionCycler can be read below:
MINIMUM POSITIONS: Due to request from members to reduce the minimum number of position to be purchase we have decided to reduce it from 4positions to 2 positions. This means that you can now buy 2 positions worth $5.00 rather than the 4position which was set before.

CHANGING THE 2.5USD BONUS: We are sorry, we are unable to change the bonus to a different payment processor from Payza. We would consider helping members with swaps and this would be from withdrawable balance and not wallet balance, also this would be done based on availability of funds.

We don’t want to stress you with long news update today. Enjoy your weekend.

All the Best,
UnionCycler Team

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Updates

UnionCycler News,
mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 13th.

Dearest Blondie,

Greetings Today! We must thank every single member of UnionCycler for their understanding and confidence in our ability to make this program a success. We appreciate all supporters who helped us  attain this height in this short time; it’s a pleasure having you on our side. In this newsletter we want to bring to your notice important factors to help us achieve success and we seek your understanding.

After the failed launch we went on to announce the program re-launch for today Saturday the 10th, At the moment this doesn’t seem feasible because we can see that some members still have negative balance in their wallet while others do not have the correct amount credited, We want the program re-launch to be good, we cannot afford to be faced with unexpected challenges again as this might cause a final crash hence we want your patient until Tuesday, If by Tuesdaywe are unable to re-launch then we would issue refunds.

RELAUNCH: The re-launch would be by 10AM EST. We have been forced to change the style in which purchase would be done, positions would be placed in queue system which gets executed in minutes. Please you must understand that we have over six thousand members and having everyone buy position the same time is not feasible with this script, the traffic on the purchase page causes hundreds of sleep MySQL processes and it would result in members having double positions and earning more than they ought to earn in referral commission and cycler spots. The queue system would have this controlled since the cycler spots would be placed at intervals.

We understand that some of our members are frustrated but please if we must re-launch we have to get it right otherwise it will result in loss, UnionCycler was designed to help members earn and not lose funds, Tuesday is just a few days away, if it doesn’t work we will refund every member. Let us have the last trial but let’s do it in the way we believe it would work.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Buggy Script :( Re-launching Tomorrow


Hello Blondie,

We understand that some members are furious about te failed launch, this is the time for us to unite and have this program work because it’s good great potentials. We the team of UnionCycler have no reason to run away with your funds, we have worked so hard to make sure all goes fine but sometimes this things happen. What we want to do now is fix the script and use the suggested method by the coder to enable us have a smooth re-launch.

UnionCycler would re-launch tomorrow 11AM EST. We hope everything works fine this time.

Thanks for your understanding and patient.

Earlier in the day:

Dear Blondie, 

Quick Update to inform members the purchase button is closed for now. The reason is because we saw double processing; double placement e.t.c meaning members earned more than they ought to have in their account and received double positions.

Our coders are online and we are fixing this but he has told us this can be fixed by Monday however we are requesting this be fixed today so we can test and re-launch by tomorrow. We do not want to postpone the launch anymore. Also, all funds would be returned to your e-wallet and cycler positions would be canceled.

Please have patient while we keep checking this out and see how best we can all work together in the most suitable time. It is possible that we have an open vote on when we would like to have the program re-launched.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

UnionCycler Launching Tomorrow

Just one more Important Update for Today, Friday!

1. GET FUNDED: Everyone can now pre-fund their wallet, so at launch time, you can purchase instantly from your wallet, which will certainly speed up your purchases and hence, placement into our unique cycler line. You can fund via anyone of our major payment processors namely Payza, EgopayP, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin.  If you fund your account using Bitcoin please send us a support ticket to enable us credit your account without delay.

2. GET READY TO PURCHASE AT LAUNCH: You’re allowed to buy up to 5000 UnionCycler position however in the first hour of program launch you can only purchase 4 positions every 30 seconds. After the first hour elapses you would be allowed to buy the regular 10 positions at a time without time limitation.

The moment you've all been waiting for... 
UnionCycler is launching tomorrow at 10 AM EST.

Funding is now Open so that you can deposit ahead of time and be ready to purchase once the countdown timer says GO.
- Minimum deposit is $10
- Minimum withdraw is $2.50
- Spends are $2.50 each in a 3x1 Matrix Cycler
- You may purchase only 10 per transaction**see above**
- There is a re-purchase rule of 32.5% from each withdraw you make.
- Funds that go to your re-purchase balance do not make automated spends and you must go in and spend those funds manually.

Oh there's lots of detail in the FAQ's on the site which is accessible before logging in. Do check that out and let me know if you have any questions.

Sort of busy today so this note is brief.

Wait, here is the latest update...

Dear Blondie,

Once again greetings! Seem like there is a huge spike in registration, everywhere I turn I see words about UnionCycler, Positive words and this make me really please. We have received several questions about handling traffic for tomorrow, and this has made us made a special request to have our server provider stay on stanby tomorrow to make sure we do not encounter any issue, here is the exact words from Snoork Hosting Support Team

"Hi Shannon,
We'll have engineers available on standby to monitor your server closely at that time and assist you if anything arises. Your current server resource utilization is very low, so there should be no problems at all for the server to handle very large traffic. You should be perfectly fine :)"

BITCOIN DEPOSIT: If you have funded your account via Bitcoin please send us an email including your username and amount to help us update your account. Bitcoin funding is not automatic however we are on standby to help you update your funds manually. Email address: or

Every $2.5 pays back $5.0
Your get 15% referral commission three level deep (10% - 3% and 2%)
Upon signup you get $2.5 Free which is the cost of a UC position
You get 2000 banner advertising credits on every $2.5 position purchase
We process payout 7days of the week
We operate a 32.5% Repurchase rule and offer e-currency swap services to help our members
The $2.5 free bonus does not give you full earning potentials, your required to buy a minimum of three more positions or more to earn.


Thanks For Your Time and Keep the excitements.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Wednesday

Digadz: are you all busy digging again?
Everything is coming back into play after the long downtime and seems to getting back to normal.
YaY for Digs!

UnionCycler: BRB with those updates. The wheels are turning but waiting to arrive at the final destination.
(hint: waiting for the 'secure' site to propagate in all areas.)
Here we go:

Dearest Blondie,


Once again Thanks for your patient, and apologies for not sending any update yesterday, It was a whole day of work as we kept testing, updating and upgrading the security feature of the script to make sure it functions properly, The Good News is That UnionCycler is going to be launched on top notch configurations. Everything is Fixed and We are Set For This Passive Earning Flight.

So Many Great things happening with UnionCycler and we are so prepared for the Mega Opening of UnionCycler,10AM Friday 9th, 2015.

FUNDING: We are done with the complete configuration of automatic funding features, at this time funding is allowed, You Can Now Fund Your UnionCycler Account and Stay Prepared For The Blast!!!.

PURCHASE OF UC LINES: This feature is still closed until the program is launched.

GOODNEWS IS THAT MORE AND MORE PEOPLE HAVE BUILD CONFIDENCE IN OUR PROGRAM, ALREADY WE HAVE HIT THE 4690 Membership Level, Imagine UnionCycler as a flight, we are soaring on the best and highest altitude.

You have time to share UnionCyclers with folks this opportunity stands out from the rest and it’s worthwhile.

Please Be a Part of Our DISCUSSION GROUPS, It is very helpful to keep you on good standing with the program; the urls can be accessed here;

Facebook Group:


Looking forward to a Mega Launch on Friday January 9th, 2015. More detailed newsletter coming soon, please stay tuned.

Shannon Walker


OneLineAd will be returning this month also.
Here's the latest from the Admin:

Dear Blondie,

We would like to welcome new members and wish all the members extremely Happy, Prosperous and Joyful new year.

As promised, programmers have already started working on a new module and the compensation plan is based on a 2 stage straight line cycler. Please note that the new pay plan has automatic re-entries along with forced re-purchase rule to give fair chance to all the members and earn with One Line Ad.

Members will definitely have a question about the deposits they made, what will happen to that?
We assure our members that the members who could not reach breakeven point will see the amount in their OLA cash e-wallet.

For eg: A member bought 2 Ad Packs for $10.00 and withdrew $7.00 will see $3.00 in the cash e-wallet. Same rule applies for both the pay plans. We strongly suggest all the paid members to take screen shots of their back office and save it to avoid any mistake/error when we update new compensation plan onJanuary 18th, 2015.

Stay tuned for the next update.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crazy Sunday lol

Just posted a few minutes ago re the Digadz problems:

from the facebook group.

“This is just in from BeeJay; ddos attackers are hitting hard server provider staff will need more time to protect those attackers are surely hired Please rest assured the site & your accounts WILL be protected, it is firmly locked down now & will most certainly NOT open for at least the next 6 hours. We are fairly certain who the group of haters is & they will be stopped! DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN UNTIL WE ANNOUNCE IT.”

So we wait.

The errors with the UnionCycler banners are being corrected and will be totally back on track tomorrow!

And here's the newest update: 

Most Valued Blondie,

Greeting to you in this new week of UnionCycler Launch. We are excited about the launch which comes up on Friday January 9th 2015, with over four thousand plus members at present, UnionCycler is a BLAST!!  And we anticipate that every member is able to enjoy the benefits wrapped up in this Passive INCOME Opportunity MACHINE!.

Some important issues which was received would be touched in today’s update, also the state of the program would be shared with members.

PROGRAM STATE & MEMBERSHIP GROWTH: UnionCycler membership has constantly been on the rise, with a total of 4077 ACTIVE MEMBERS, like we have always said this growth is directly proportionate to the number of cyclers spot to be completed and earnings to be made, 4 REAL “UnionCycler ROCKS!!” .  Funding and Purchase is still not enabled, and we are looking forward to having the coders fix all issues encountered beginning from today, this would help us have the best launch and a smooth ride through the life of the program.

BANNERS ERROR: Over the last hours we received notice that the banners weren’t loading on other website and even on the UnionCycler page, please be informed that this error has been resolved, it was an issue with cloudflare security features enable on our website and we have updated  the configurations to allow our images display on all servers.

During the process of trying to withdraw earning, the re-purchase rule takes effect, what happens is that 32.5% of the amount you request to withdraw is returned to your account to enable you purchase more UC SPOT, when this amount is returned to your account you can manually buy a UC SPOT.

Honestly we would love for every UC Position to cycle in the first hour but this is not feasible, This is a cycler and we are not able to know at this time if your position would cycler or not but one thing is sure some positions would cycler, infact so many UC Spot would cycle on DAY 1 considering the total number of members who are all set for the ride. Let’s give you a tip, if you get in fast you would be among the first to cycle but note that this isn’t a program designed for only a day or a week hence, we expect to see continuous cycling of UC SPOTS.

Thank you for your time, we envisage a profitable and solid partnership experience with You. The top is what we reach out for; The Top is where every member of UnionCycler would get to.


Your Admin,
Shannon Walker


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday Updates

As promised Digadz re-opened last night and we were able to start digging once again.
I didn't have any Bonus ad's to click on but that's because the site went offline back in Dec. before I had a chance to do my qualifying ads.
So anyway, we're off and running and earning, yippee!

UnionCycler: unfortunately the Admin is having a hard time with the promotional banners on the site. So if yours are not loading, it's not just you. She's working on it and I hope to see them soon.
Also we're up to over 3800 members now and I see over 1000 in the UC Facebook Group. Nice :)

It has been soooo cold and snowy outside, even my Rat hasn't come out of his hole.


Friday, January 2, 2015

The Scoop

So here we are,
survived the New Year
and ready to take on the
next 364 days.

What's the Scoop?

Well... to the best of my knowledge Digadz will be returning this afternoon (5 PM my time) which will be Jan 3rd according to their server time. Really anxious for that since I've been going through Digging withdrawal lately, lol

Then a week from today if all goes well, UnionCycler will be launching. I'm anxious for that one too and noticed we have over 3600 registered members as I write this.
Admin Shannon has been doing a great job of daily email updates so if you're a member, you're receiving them as well.
If you're not a member, you can always find a copy of the updates in either the MMG forum or the Facebook Group (link on the main page).

thinking what else...........

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

To early to chat.
I'll be around later.
Cheers :)

OK, saw this on the News this morning and also received it in an email from a friend, so thought you'd enjoy it too.
Might want to do full screen to get the most out of it.