Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day Friday

I'm a little tired this morning after having Lou dog for a sleep-over :)
Jessica surprised Dave with tickets to a Billy Joel Concert last night, so I offered to baby-sit Lou since I knew they'd be way late. And my Son has no voice this morning. hahaha Way too much hootin and a hollerin at the show! He says it was great though!

How could Billy Joel NOT be great?!?


I promised you and update on SurfProfitPro today. Everything is running great there. How long will it last? No one knows. But I have seen no signs of an early closure.
I'm really enjoying it and AM in Profit :)) Here's the update:

A quick note on some changes that happened during the week.

1. Withdrawal requests are open on Wednesdays and Sundays from now on. No more Saturdays. Payments are still Thursdays and Mondays.

2. Members from the same household are allowed from now on as many members requests if their family member can join. But, they still have to have a different username, payment processor ID and email address.

3. An 'EXCHANGE' function has been added. You can now exchange your cash balance from LR to STP and vice versa for a 7% fee.

4. A translator has been added to the Rules/FAQs page for those members and potential members who cannot understand or has a hard time understanding the English language.

5. And for those who does not know yet, the program now allows 4 concurrent upgrades, but the max total is still $2500 or 500 units.

I would like to stress again that please VOTE and POST at our threads if you got paid. You may not know it or ignore it but it would help our program very much in terms of our growth. And speaking of growth, please don't hesitate to PROMOTE our program also to others who may still be waiting in the sidelines or maybe haven't heard of us yet. Tell them what a great opportunity they are missing.

Dave / SPP Admin"

- And they've starting a semi-weekly Lotto drawing for $1 a ticket. (just bought 2 tickets. you pay with your cash balance. that was fun)
- And you can Exchange your e-gold to STP (to play with) for an 8% fee.
It's all very good :))


Ohhhhhhh shoot :(
My cat just jumped on the keyboard, and when I picked him off, he stuck a claw out and removed 2 of my keys. So with reading glasses, tweezers and some good light .. I hope to be able to put it back the way it was. These are kind of tricky, aren't they? Ok, ... I'll be back.

... couldn't get the z key back on yet. will work on that one later.


Don't forget to stay qualified in 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay. The Rules will be enforced Tomorrow! Again they are:

Clarification of the requirements to maintain positions active:
To guarantee our program grows healthily, if you do not meet one of following minimum requirements within 30 days, your active positions will be deactivated till you do so.
They are:
1. Purchase or re-purchase at least 1 new position every 30 days.
2. Or, sponsor at least 1 "paid" member.
3. Or, sponsor at least 5 "free" members. The "free" members must have valid Alertpay accounts and/or IP addresses that are different from yours.

If you allow your positions to become deactivated, the only way you can re-activate them is by making 1 new purchase or re-purchase for EACH deactivated position. Meaning if you have 10 positions that get deactivated, then you must purchase or re-purchase 10 positions to get them ALL active again. You can reactivate them one at a time, or all at once. Our advise is to take care of your business so that this does not happen to you.

Our program is a business opportunity NOT an investment. It is very important for you to stay active and know your business. These very minimum requirements will be enforced on 3/1/08 to ensure our growth and your success.

Please note that your positions will be deactivated, if you do not meet the minimum requirements starting 3/1/08. There will be no warning or notice to you, if your positions are deactivated. It is your business. A successful business requires certain responsibility. "


I am moving in slow motion today.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Very Important re: 10dw and e2ePay

Good Morning,
Did you read the latest Update in 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay ?

Requirements to maintain positions active:
To guarantee our program grow healthily, if you do not meet one of following minimum requirements within 30 days, your active positions will be deactivated till you do so. However, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will re-activate 1 position:
1. Purchase or re-purchase at least 1 new position in 30 days.
2. Or, sponsor at least 1 "paid" member.
3. Or, sponsor at least 5 "free" members. The "free" members must have valid Alertpay accounts and/or IP addresses that are different from yours. "

As long as you meet one of those requirements before March 1, 2007 (this Saturday) you have nothing to be concerned about.

If you are passive and have no referrals in these programs (see 2 & 3), you must be SURE to make a purchase or re-purchase from now on, at least every 30 days.

If you don't? Your positions will go "inactive" and you will not be earning on them any longer.

IF they go inactive, you can only re-activate 1 on 1.
So if you have 10, you must purchase or re-purchase 10 to bring them all back. Same goes for 100 or 200. ok?
Don't let them sit idle. And don't just withdraw.
Watch your account, keep it active, and it'll pay off. Kapish?

Ok then, that is really good news for these programs! Why?

Do you all remember when these relaunched?
Everyone who had old positions were given 1 free 'active' position. So those who had purchased 1 or 2 (and then forgot about the programs), started earning something right away.

But did they ever come back? Did they ever check their accounts? Are they active now? Some are not and I can see that from my referrals detail list.

So when our dimes STOP paying 'dead accounts' ... those of us who ARE active should start cycling more. That's how I see it :))


Wow. The news is telling me the Temperature here for the next 3 days will be 58, 60 and 66 degrees! That'll be awesome. Then will snow Saturday night into Sunday. How cool is that?


Was just over at All-Teamed-Up and see we're getting closer and closer to their first Team-Build program, Total Team Profit. Once we reach 5,000 members, it's a GO! I've paid my $40 entry fee long ago. Now I'm just anxious.

All Teamed Up Leader Board & Stats

Total ATU Members: 4881 Total Pro Members: 2029 Total Paid Out: $35586.09

"About Total Team Profit:

1. Membership cost per pro account is ONLY $40.

2. Total Team Profit has 2 different matrix programs built in to one. The main part of the program is a 2x2 Matrix structure. That means it only takes 6 people to cycle your position. When you cycle, you will earn $100. You will also be given FREE re-entree back in to the 2x2 Matrix. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of times you can cycle. Every 6 pro members, cycles you and earns you another $100."

Our $500 BONUS Reward

We have recently added a $500.00 BONUS for those of our members who stay in 3 Consecutive Team Builds and cycle 3 times! You will be paid an extra $500.00 via check (other than USA can use one of our pay processors to receive the bonus)! So if anyone of our members stays in 3 consecutive team builds and cycles just 3 times, you will receive this special bonus!"


Read a good post from our good friend js in the ezy-ezy-ezy forum just now. Thought I would share. (you don't mind, do you js?) and I have nothing more to add at this time. ummm

Hi. I understand. We all thought that this was a cycler, in the tradition of cyclers. Perhaps it was a misnomer, because it's not really a cycler, as we all all found out, but some kind of matrix plan that fills in the weakest spots first (although I've seen no evidence of this) and rewards those who recruit most.

So now the question is whether that overspill will kick in or not. I know of two leaders that have lists larger than my own that are promoting heavily right now, starting yesterday. So let's give this one another few days, or weeks. Hopefully many of you will recover your $48 and more.

I will continue to recruit myself, so as to create overspill, and am sending folks to my original link, not my latest matrix link, so as to create that overspill.



Ok time to do my Surfing at SurfProfitPro ... which is running perfect right now.
Will update more on them this weekend when I do another purchase and withdrawal. okie dokie?

3:30 pm my time: I just received an update from them, but will save it for tomorrow since some of you may have already been here and gone, and I don't want you to miss it, ok?


Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ezy Wednesday?

I'm back and this is cool :))

Just logged into e2ePay and noticed that the first positions I bought at re-launch on Dec. 26, 2007 have now cycled 200 times! So yes, I've doubled my money. So yes, those were already re-purchases. So yes, this is a very good program!

The Admin is going to re-post his latest update soon. Seems there was some confusion about how to re-activate IF your positions go inactive (dead).

In a nutshell, for the passive folks, just be sure to Purchase or Re-Purchase one position every 30 days from now on and you'll be fine.

Same goes for 10DollarsWonder. ok?


Just posted this reply to my friend Greg in the ezy-ezy-ezy forum:

"Hey Greg,
You know how much I care about all of you also.
And must admit I'm a bit disappointed at this point.
I DID receive an AD yesterday from one of the biggest promoters that I know of. So if his (and others) advertising produces results, we should see what we've been wanting to see. Trying to stay positive, although I really don't understand how the matrix works. (don't be upset with me js).
And am doing some advertising as well.
Hang in there and keep in touch,

Ok, back to me.
Did we all think it was going to be easy? Maybe.
Why did we think that? Because it was a cycler?

I've played in many a cycler myself, where you put your money in, wait a few, cycle out, then put your money in again and again. Is that what we were thinking would happen? Why?

I re-read the site and the Ad's I've received. And I don't see anything misleading in them. (but I must admit I read nothing before I joined and put my money in. I relied totally in the trust I have in my sponsor and his sponsor ... and you probably did the same.)

Now that we're in this program, and can see what we need to do to "cycle out" ... how do we do it?

One suggestion is to go to their Forum and check the "Marketing Ideas" thread. There is a huge list posted by 'micronuts' titled 'my list of places to advertise your opps'.

Now I know everyone is not a marketer ... some like to remain passive only. And that's fine. Just know that it will take longer for you to get that spillover of referrals needed to cycle out. (and no, I'm not making excuses for this program, I'm just trying to see the logic into what's happening.)

Yes I have cycled and I thank you all for that. What would really make me happy now is to see all of you cycle as well! I'm serious! I do care about you all and feel a bit like a dog with her tail between her legs at the moment.

And have I ever been in your shoes? Absolutely! More times than I care to admit.
But I really don't think any false promises were given here. I just think we (including myself) didn't fully understand how the program would work before we jumped in. Do you agree?

So keep your chin up, promote for faster results, relax if you don't mind waiting. That's the best advice I have right now.

With that said, it's time for me to shower.
I'll be back a bit later with more.
Thanks you guys,


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is the coast clear yet?



Sorry I missed you yesterday. Just didn't have much to say I guess. Everything was running smoothly without me. How can that be?? hehehe


I actually used my brain today (don't laugh). Went over to do my surfing at SurfProfitPro and remembered it was another withdrawal day. Nice!
So, knowing that withdrawals are Paid really fast ... I purchased first, did my surfing, put in my w/d req, updated my Ad link, and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, was PAID to STP in a matter of minutes! (was only 'out of pocket' money for about 5 minutes). Ya follow me?

And noticed that you can now Exchange your STP to LR or visa-versa. Makes it much easier to manage your account. Even a blonde can do it, ha!


Was just over at e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder and noticed this:

"News update 02/26/08 - Requirements to maintain positions active

... Requirements to maintain positions active:
To guarantee our program grow healthily, if you do not meet one of following minimum requirements within 30 days, your active positions will be deactivated till you do so. However, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will re-activate 1 position:
1. Purchase or re-purchase at least 1 new position in 30 days.
2. Or, sponsor at least 1 "paid" member.
3. Or, sponsor at least 5 "free" members. The "free" members must have valid Alertpay accounts and/or IP addresses that are different from yours.

Our program is a business opportunity NOT an investment. It is very important for you to stay active and know your business. These very minimum requirements will be enforced on 3/1/08 to ensure our growth and your success.

Please note that your positions will be deactivated, if you do not meet the minimum requirements starting 3/1/08. There will be no warning or notice to you, if your positions are deactivated. It is your business. A successful business requires certain responsibility. "

*** This will be good for those of us who ARE purchasing and re-purchasing. I'm sure there were a lot of folks just sitting on their 'free' active position. When they stop cycling ... more for us right?

** Which reminds me, if you need e-gold to play with, I'll trade you 1=1. Drop me a line and I'll send instructions.

* One more thing ... WHY are there so many FREE members? I mean really, you're offered a TRIAL Position to get started with. Try it out! Why not?

And if you never received your "activation email", just try to log-in. You can.


Here's a good Update from All-Teamed-Up! Oh and if you don't read my comments section ... I DID make my 5 Referral Goal for last week and did receive my Cash Bonus! Thanks to ALL who joined and to Paul S. who put me over the top! Yay!!!

You are receiving this message as you are a registered PRO member in All Teamed Up…

As we move closer to the 5,000 total member mark in ATU, we now have over 900 out of 1950 pro members prepaid in the first ATU Team Build Program, Total Team Profit. Once we reach that 5,000 total member mark, we will begin working on the preloading of the ATU Pro members. Currently we are about 219 members away from reaching the 5,000 total member mark which means we are ONLY DAYS away from the beginning of the Total Team Profit preload process for PRO MEMBERS ONLY...

We estimate, somewhere between Wednesday and Friday we should reach that 5,000 member mark…

NOW, if you have already made your prepayment, congratulations! Now it is time to contact your personal pro referrals and make sure that they to have taken the time to get there pre-payment in as well. Communication is KEY.

IF you HAVE NOT YET PRE-PAID in the ATU Team Build program, time is running out. Once we start the pre-load of the pro members, those that have not pre-paid will have to wait until after we have preloaded the pro members and upgraded those members that already made payment. Unfortunately we cannot wait around on those members that have not pre-paid as we have been talking about this now for well over a week, almost a week and a half…

IF you have not pre-paid the $40 one-time membership fee, log in to your ATU member area, go to ATU Bonus, and then go to the Total Team Profit info page. There you will find info on the program and also methods of payment, including paypal (through DGNS Solutions) and Money Order!

Like I said, time is running out on this as we are only 219 total members away from the beginning of the pre-load!!!!

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PRE-PAID, you are all set! Just get with your personal pro referrals and assist them in any way possible… (*blondie: remember they take e-gold)

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PRE-PAID, you only have a few more days to get in and take care of this!

See you on the ATU Conference call tonight at 9pm EST! (Visit conference calls link in your member area for call in details) (*b: was last night, sorry)

Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin"


Those of you who are in ezy-ezy-ezy should have received their update, so I won't post it here. And was happy to read this is js's blog yesterday:

"My sponsor, Joseph Shipley (the other js), sent out over 60,000 e-mails re and that should create some overspill for folks. Stay with it! "

More coming ... don't go away!

I lied. Am all talked out.
Cya tomorrow :))

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Retirement Plan ...


If you had purchased $1000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now Be worth $49.00.

With Enron, you would have $16.50 left of the original $1000.00.

With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left.

If you had purchased $1000 of Delta Air Lines stock you would have $49.00 left.

But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have had $214.00.

Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.

It's called the 401-Keg Plan.


Not feeling very talkative today ... so see you tomorrow?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Promise ...

I won't talk your ear off today.

Just a couple of quick updates ... it's Sunday after all.
A day of rest. Right?
The cat thinks so :))


Bought a new position in SurfProfitPro since I was paid out fast yesterday! Remember to buy before you surf, else you won't earn anything on that position for the day.

And did you see my blog banner on the left side? Thank you Admin for helping me share my blog with others. Oh and we're past the 3 week mark. All the better.


Lot's of action going on at All-Teamed-Up! And I could use 1 pro referral today to qualify for this weeks cash bonus. Anyone interested?
You know what? I just remembered I can have 2 positions in Pro, and the 2nd one should be under myself anyway. ok. I'm going to buy another spot ;))

All Teamed Up Leader Board & Stats

Total ATU Members: 4725 Total Pro Members: 1954 Total Paid Out: $34094.34

And we're getting closer to the first Team Build Program. Would hate for anyone to miss out on that. Go take a look.


Wow! I've cycled over 11,000 times at e2ePay since the Dec. 26th re-launch! Yeah, that's a lot of dimes folks. A lot! And you CAN BE totally passive in this and still earn plenty. Trust me on that.

Same goes for 10DollarsWonder. No need to promote if you don't want to, don't have time, or just can't. Each position cycles regardless. Yes it does.


Haven't mentioned The Private Millionaire the last few days. I'm doing well, making some sales, getting some 2nd report sales (thanks guys) and not in a big hurry with this one. I did purchase the website for eternity (ha) so I guess I've got time to make my million.


Was just doing some reading at the ezy-ezy-ezy cycler forum. (and thank goodness my sponsor has been there answering questions :)
Like a lot of new programs, this started off with a bang. Everybody who was ready to join, joined. Now we need more publicity. And I just read:
Campaigns are starting up from some big folks so I expect some overspill will start happening soon. Hang in there folks."
So that's music to my ears!

Have a good day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

False Alarm :( and an update near the bottom

I got all excited this morning to see 3 notes from All-Teamed-Up telling me I sponsored a new member! Whoo Hoooo I thought. That could quality me for this weeks Bonus!
Then checking the emails, I realized they were delayed a bit and I already knew about those members. So Dang on the delay :( and Thank You to the Members!
So I need one more to go Pro this week in order to qualify. Are any of you FREE members planning on doing that soon? I can help if you need it.
Let me know.

Here's today's Update, and I've cut out a bit of it:

"ATU Team Build Update…

As of right now, we have close to 840 pro members pre-paid in Team Build number one. That is almost HALF of the All Teamed Up Pro members (just over 1,900 pro members in ATU)...

IF YOU HAVE NOT yet made your pre-payment, you will want to do so as soon as possible. Once we start the pre-loading of the pro members and you have not made your pre-payment, you will have to wait to get in to the team build when the free members do. Trust me, you want to get pre-paid BEFORE we open Total Team Profit to the free members of All Teamed Up and then to the Internet Community!!!

IF YOU HAVE NOT pre-paid, we estimate you have until Wednesday, Feb 27 to get it in...

To do so, login to your member area...

Once logged in, go to ATU BONUS page, then to Total Team Profit info page and you will find all the information and pre-payment info. Reminder, it only costs a ONE-TIME fee of $40 for the first team build. NO MONTHLY FEES and once you are a paid member in that program; you are paid in for life…


Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin

PS: don’t forget to join us on the Saturday ATU Call at 1pm EST. For call line info or conference room info, go to the Conference Calls page in your member area…"


Was PAID last night by ezy-ezy-ezy! and just received this Update:

"What an absolutuly fantastic day for members
now well in excess of 200 paid members not bad for 30 hours

most support is focused at the member ids so i would like to address this here

when you sign up you get a tracking id this shows on your payment
**************** this is not your user id ****************

once you submit payment and its verified the system then gererates your account number and sends you an email
Please dont try to login with youtr tracking id as you wont get in

also make sure your referals are advised to enter corrent pament info when they sign up

We cant payout via google.
E-gold is a number
Ebullion is a letter then number
Alertpay is an email address
Safepay is a email or id

without correct info we cannot pay then when they are eligle

Im sure your as excited about this program as i am this is an exciting opportunity for everyone to make exception returns

also please let us know if you would like us to ad other processors

Regards admin"


brb with more updates soon.

Have to take the Giraffe out for some air :))


Just finished Surfing at SurfProfitPro. Remember it's withdrawal time. If you don't get to it today, you can always do it on Wed (server date). I plan on re-purchasing tomorrow as soon as I get my payout. Yep.

UPDATE: Received my payout within a few hours of request. Thanks Dave! Will be sure to buy some new positions tomorrow before I surf.

This programs doing well folks. 140% ROI in 14 days, takes 5 minutes of my time daily. What a deal :))


I forgot what I was gonna say next .................


Feeling a little melancholy today.
(melancholy: pensive reflection or contemplation)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cyclers and Eating Humble Pie

It's 8 AM and I just got done answering emails.
To those who jumped on my 1st Alert sent last night, I apologize as we all know it was originally the wrong link. I was in a hurry and just not paying enough attention. Anyone who had a problem, I think has already wrote to me, and me back to them. I feel just awful about it. Today will be better, right?


Ok this is the program that launched last night, ezy-ezy-ezy!
It's a 2 x 2 forced matrix cycler and once you complete your first matrix, you are automatically re-entered into the system for another position.

- Unique 2x2 forced matrix for a one entry cost of $48!
- Once your 2x2 fills you receive a cash payment of $105.
- We Pay for You to re-enter FREE when you cycle.
- Earn over and over. There are no holes ever.
- Earn $25 Matching Bonus when your referral earns $105.

And they accept e-gold, AlertPay, SafePaySolutions, e-bullion, and Google Checkout (credit card).

Looks like I cycled once last night after having humble pie for dinner. Let's hope we have a productive day with this today. Should last a while right?

UPDATE 3:00 MST: Wow! I just cycled my position # 2. And it wasn't only due to folks joining under me. I counted them and I'm a little short so ... Spillover IS Working! How are you guys doing? Would love to hear from you :))


I'll be right back.
Had to make peace with you all first.


Had a great night of cycling and referral comm's in e2ePay. Thank's everyone!
It hurts me to go to the forums and read that some folks are only reporting their withdrawals. Guess they're not interested in making MORE money by re-purchasing. Well, to each his own, right? As for me, these programs are paying a lot of my bills right now, and for that I am grateful.

10DollarsWonder is also doing well. Can't complain when you earn money every single day!


Will soon be the weekend at SurfProfitPro. Saturday and Sunday (server time) are the only days you can request a withdrawal. And unfortunately you can't re-purchase from your earnings. So if you're playing there, don't forget the next 48 hours. All payment are made on Mondays (if not before).

Oops ... just received an update stating that withdrawal requests can ALSO be done on Wednesdays, with payouts received on Thursday. How cool is that?


Just In from All-Teamed-Up!

Hello to ALL PRO members of All Teamed Up…

Just wanted to give you a quick update as I am sitting here working though over 700 emails that have been sent in to from pro members that have already made their pre-payment for the first ATU Team Build Program, Total Team Profit!

Right now, as I sit here and write this, I am working though this email account and checking off who has pre-paid so far. One of the things I am noticing is that I have received many receipts of payments for $35. If you are one of those members that sent in the $35 receipt, please note that that is for upgrade in ATU and the ATU company matrix (your pro membership upgrade). It is NOT however the $40 pre-payment for the first Team Build program.

The fist Team Build program costs a one-time fee of only $40.

Now, important to note. All Pro Members will be pre-loaded as stated. Once all pro members are pre-loaded, we will start upgrading those pro members that have made the $40 pre-payment. Once that is done, the team build program will be opened up to the NON pro members of All Teamed Up to go ahead and join. And once that is done, we will open up Total Team Profit and allow it to be advertised by our ATU members…

Right now, we are only just over 500 members away from reaching the 5,000 total member mark. We estimate starting the pro member pre-load as early as the beginning of next week. Time frame on pre-load to open fully of Total Team Profit, about 1 week’s time from start of pre-load.

IF you have NOT yet made your $40 pre-payment, I would say you have about 6-7 more days to get in and get it taken care of. (This info can be found under the ATU Bonus section in your member area)

If you have already made your pre-payment, congratulations! Now we need your assistance in helping your personal pro referrals to make sure that they are aware of the pre-load and team build program as our emails do not always seem to get to everyone.

Right now, we have just over 700 pro members already pre-paid for the team build program. We have over 1,800 total pro members in ATU. If we all work together to communicate with our fellow pro members (personal pro referrals), there is no dought we can open the first team build program with almost 100% participation. TEAM, it is time to TEAM UP and let the communication flow to our other pro members…

Like I said, about 6-7 more days at least before we start the pro member pre-load…

Let’s spread the word...


Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin"


One more thing I wanted to share with you ... you know Me and my Critters :))
The sun was almost up this morning when I saw a little baby skunk running through the farm. Probably on his way 'home' before daylight. At the same time, I noticed one of the stray cats in the neighborhood at my back door. So I opened the door to feed the cat ... and the Skunk stopped dead in his tracks ... listened for a minute, then turned around and came back to my house. How cute is that? Guess he was still hungry.


Good Comments today. Read if you please :))

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday's Cycler is Up and Running

Sorry, finally here it is:

Detailed info can be found in previous Alerts and in my blog.

Have Fun and Good Luck!
Judy (blondie)

Finally it's Thursday

And my calendar says there's a Full Moon on Thursday. Does that mean the Full Moon happened after midnight last night? or will it be tonight before Midnight? Anybody have a clue about that?


Thanks to those who replied to my ALERT tests sent out yesterday (twice). If you did NOT receive either of the Alert's, please check your junk folder. If for some reason they did NOT reach you, the Link for the New Cycler will be posted here as quickly as I can get it done. Just know that the ALERT will go out first ... so those who get the Alert will have a head start of a few minutes. cool.

Here's the ALERT that was sent:

Just want to be sure you all receive this note and that it doesn't end up in your junk mail.
If it does, change your settings so that this is NOT considered sp*m.
Please reply and let me know that it came through!
The REAL ONE will be sent Tomorrow.
And I thank js for letting me borrow his words below ... why reinvent the wheel?


This is a reminder to all of you who have expressed an interest in getting an advance link to the new cycler that is launching some time tomorrow between 5 PM EST and 6 PM EST.
Please read carefully as I will not repeat this tomorrow.

I expect this one to last perhaps a week, maybe longer as it is not a straight line cycler and it is not feasible for the big hitters to invest large amounts of money and thus slow the process down.

You will need forty eight dollars. You can, if you wish, acquire more than one position but you will have to do so using the link of your sponsor, and in this case that would be mine, for all positions. As well, each position must be registered using a different e-mail address.

After about one week you may be able to acquire another position on the same account.
In case for some odd reason, this email address goes down or you do not receive my ALERT with the link (tomorrow, between 5 and 6 PM EST or 2 and 3 PM PST) then go right to my BLOG and I'll post it there. ( )

Have fun!


Showered, had brunch, paid the bills, doing laundry, just waiting for 5 PM EST. I don't like waiting :( Makes me antsy.

Washed dishes, made the bed, got coffee ready for tomorrow, turned off the TV (don't care for soap operas), having a drink and killing time. And You?


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Unknown Cycler

Just sent an ALERT Test Message out to my Alert group.
If you did not receive it, please check your spam settings, and your junk mail box so that this doesn't happen tomorrow.
If you DID receive it, please reply and let me know.
Thanks !!

OK, I'm trying it again w/o the link to my blog. g-mail put the note in my spam folder. So am trying one more time. Will say "ALERT - Test Two". If you got the first one, no need to reply again, ok? Then I need to vacuum. Seriously.


The unknown (no name) cycler launching tomorrow will be $48 one-time, not $38 as previously posted. Thanks to Bonnie for this update:

"One time $48.00
2x2 cycler (completed 2x2 gets you $105.00 + Gifted Reentry)
Pers. Sponsored Gets you $25.00 every time they complete matrix.
NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL! you earn you get paid
Unique 2x2 forced matrix

Alert Pay
SafePay Solutions
Google Check out

Multiple Positions are ok as long as they are bought from sponsors link, people can not take additional positionsto capture there own referral bonuses, this is good for everyone. There will need to be a new email address for thesoftware to let this happen."

If you're on my AlertList, you will be notified of launch before I post here.

PayPal was not mentioned, so if you need e-gold to play with, Let me Know.


is re-launching at Noon EST. News from the Admin:

This time, it will be 2% daily ROI for 70 days HYIP.
referral commission is still set at 5% only to those members with active upgrades running.
$1000 daily max deposit and $12000 max deposit per account stays.
Withdrawal requests will be Wednesdays and Weekends, with payments done on Thursdays and Mondays.
Minimum withdrawal is still $1 for LR and $2.60 for STP with a 3% fee.
STP deposits still carry the additional 4% fee."

You know what? I like this a lot better. You know why? Because I don't have to go into the site every day and 'try' to figure out how it make a buck. I never did master that plan. So am starting out the day with the funds that I was 'out of pocket' from the last round. Nice! Thanks Admin. I hope this new plan does well for all of us.


BPP is run by the same folks as SurfProfitPro where I do a daily 5 minute auto-surf and earn 10% each day. I also use it to promote other programs. It's been running over 2 weeks now, I've never had a problem and I am in profit! Check it out.


brb - got a piece of chicken cooking that should be about done


Looks like my referrals are getting referrals at All-Teamed-Up! Congrats you guys!!! And remember, ref. commissions are paid 10 levels deep.
With the launch of the first team build program less than a week away ... I can see how folks are getting excited :) I am!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunshine, Cows, Upcoming Cycler and More, Not in any particular order

The Sun is Shining bright!
And I see 5 Cows.
Make that 6. One must have been hiding behind another one earlier.


Thanks to everyone who's joined my Alert List.

My first Alert will be on Thursday when the new Cycler launches. Those on the list will be notified first, then I will publish the link here in my blog.

If you prefer to play with e-gold and need some ... Let me know.


Speaking of the Cycler on Thursday ... someone asked me if this was the same as the ATU Matrix. No, it is not.

The Thursday cycler is NOT the "Total Team Profit" matrix that will be launching soon. The TTP matrix is managed by the All_Teamed_Up folks. If you're not a Pro Member of All-Teamed-Up, think about it. As they will be pre-loading Pro members into the matrix before the free ones.

If you ARE a Pro Member in ATU, you can pre-pay your membership for TTP.
Just log into your ATU account, click on ATU Bonus on the left, then click on the first link on the next page. Lots of different pay processors to choose from. Here's their recent update:

"Hello to ALL Pro members of All Teamed Up…

First, if you were not able to attend Monday nights ATU Call, you can listen to the recorded call by dialing (641) 715-3429 access code: 624909#

Now, on to better news…

As of right NOW, we are ONLY 619 members away from reaching our target goal of 5,000 total members in All Teamed Up. That means we are that much closer to starting the pre-load phase of the first Team Build program, Total Team Profit!!!

I don’t know about all of you BUT I know I am extremely excited about this…

I estimate that we will hit this target of 5,000 total members as early as the beginning of next week! That means that those of you that have not yet pre-paid and secured your pro memberships in the team build program still have about 7 more days to do so. As I type this email to you, we already have had over 600 pro members pre-pay and secure there positions. That’s about 1/3rd of all the pro members in All Teamed Up and that’s in only 4 days since we started accepting the pre-payments from the pro members. Our goal is to hopefully have all pro members in and pre-paid by the time we start the pre-load (as early as the beginning of next week!).

For those pro members that already made your pre-payment, all we ask is that you communicate with any of your pro referrals you may have and let them know, they have about 7 days to secure their pro memberships in the first team build before we start the pre-load. If they need assistance, help them if you can. Total Team participation will only help the entire team in this team build. And remember, pro members are being loaded FIRST before free members have the chance to join and before we open the Total Team Profit program to the entire Internet world!

For those pro members that have NOT YET secured there pro memberships in the team build program, it only costs a one-time payment of $40. Not monthly, one-time. There will never be a monthly fee in any team build program we personally build and open up.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET made your pre-payment of $40 to secure your pro membership in Team Build one, log in to your All Teamed Up member area, click on ATU Bonus, then visit the page set up for Total Team Profit.

All processors are being used for this team build program, including sending in a money order for your position. All instructions on how to make your pre-payment are listed on the Total Team Profit page in the ATU Bonus section.

The team build programs are not mandatory BUT I can tell you they will be beneficial for you to be a part of ESPECIALLY since you are a pro member in All Teamed Up. YOU will always have the ability to be pre-loaded with the rest of the pro members unlike free members that have t wait until after pro members have been loaded. The power of pre-loading a TEAM is HUGE. Just think about what it’s going to be like on the next team build program when we reach the 10,000 member mark, then the next one when we reach the 15,000 member mark and so on…Each and every pro member in All Teamed Up right now could not be in a more perfect seat in ATU. It only gets better as we continue to grow!

Like I said, IF you have made your $40 pre-payment, GREAT! Communicate with your other pro referrals and get them involved NOW...

If you have NOT made your pre-payment of $40 yet, you only have about 7 more days or so to get it done. Once we start the pre-load, if you HAV NOT yet made your pre-payment at that time, you will have to wait to upgrade in that program until the free members get the go ahead to join and upgrade. Why not avoid that all together...

We are down to the final stretch before we open up Total Team Profit.
The excitement is building….


Gregg Wallmuller
All Teamed Up Admin"


I'm having a good day today ... are you?


Oh and the cycler scheduled for Thursday, is $48. not $38, ok?
I'll fix yesterdays note. Just FYI.

Cya tomorrow :))

Monday, February 18, 2008

My ALERT List and more ...

- Join my new ALERT List Here.

- If you need e-gold, let me know.


Thanks to the first dozen folks to join my Alert list :)
Here is WHY I decided it was time to start one ...

This program is launching on Thursday. I don't know the exact time yet. I will be one of the first to get the link, and will notify my Alert List before posting here in my blog. I believe that everyone should have the same fair chance of getting in early. So here's what I know so far: (thanks to js and j.shipley) (oh and I had to cut some of the original note out, since it was sent from js, ok?) Thanks

  • “Shipley has an inside source on a 2x2 cycler that knows the admin of and he wants us 1st. We can all go in with a real, real early jump, but we need to know if your onboard.
    We go Live Next Thursday afternoon.

    Be Advised!!!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with ATU in fact if you are not in ATU, we would hope
    that you would take a position in ATU before sending me a request for the early link

    It will be about 1 time $50.00 or less, I can not give additional details, but you know this is
    good or I would not be tossing it at you, nor would I be doing it.

    Pay Processors will be the normal including SafePay Solutions and Possibly PayPal
    on an as needed bases for funding only. We will probably use one of the NEW kids
    the block also, these guys look like they have their ducks in a row.

    Pay processors that will be available for this cycler:

    Alert Pay
    SafePay Solutions
    Google Check out

    Entry Timing is critical for the BIG Money.

    Shipley is looking for 10 Promoters to go in first then every one else will go in immediately
    after that this way everyone that gets in during the first hour will do quite well.

    Am on his top 10 list, just so you know.

    This is how it will start...

    Top 10 will get link and have 5 minutes to enter and send link to their people.
    All other Shipley Group Members will get link 5 minutes after the Top Ten, do you
    know what that can mean for you?....that's right...

    ATU is Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! you gotta get in they are about to start their 1st TeamBuild.

    Are you interested?

    If you are not in ATU then you

    Join Below

    This is the only place you can put $35.00 and watch
    it turn into $3872.00 even if you do not sponsor anyone.

    Have a "Great" Weekend!”

    end quote, blondie :)
  • Upcoming Cycler as discussed above and described below:

    - Time: About 2:00 to 3:00 PST Thursday (so that's between 5 PM and 6 PM EST). I'll have a better idea as we get closer to Thursday.
    - Cost: One time $48.00 ( edited on Tues )
    - matrix: 2x2 cycler (completed 2x2 gets you $105.00 + Gifted Reentry)
    - Ref. Comms: Personally Sponsored Gets you $25.00 every time they complete their matrix.
    - W/D: NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL! You earn and you get paid.
    - Unique 2x2 forced matrix (meaning six positions in each full matrix).

    Payments via:

    - E-Gold
    - Alert Pay
    - SafePay Solutions
    - E-Bullion
    - Google Check out

    My advice is to get in as soon as you get the link from myself and buy a couple of positions. Once those cycle I would not put the money back in but get it out. Besides, you get a gifted re-entry. Don’t be greedy as I don’t think it will last longer than a day, this is not Cycler Season.
Addendum: The only way to have, say 5 positions, is to get yourself 5 e-mail addresses and sign up using the ORIGINAL link from your sponsor, then sign up five times, each time with a different e-mail address (and I repeat, each time with the SAME signup link; this is to prevent cheating).

Feel free to take the 1st note above, edit it accordingly, add the above and send out to folks that you personally know to get them ready to roll. Once you get my link, sign up, send out your e-mail to your folks, upgrade and watch the action.

Thank you js for keeping us (and me) informed and for your "words of wisdom". And Remember Folks, this IS a Cycler. And cyclers are risky. Don't play this like it's going to last forever, ok? Should be fun for a little while anyway :))

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nice & All Teamed Up Moving Forward

The first thing I noticed when turning on my PC this morning was a Payout received from SurfProfitPro ... more than 3 hours early! Nice :))
Now I can re-purchase and keep the ball rolling. Oh and it's been a full 14 days so I am in profit. Even nicer :))


The second thing I noticed was plenty of referral commissions from both e2ePay
and 10DollarsWonder. Thanks Everyone!
On Friday, I repurchased quite a few positions in each, and had a sizable withdrawal. Was PAID on Saturday! So if anyone needs some e-gold, let me know.


You Know What I Need? An Alert List !!!
It dawned on me last night when I was notified of an upcoming program launching on Thursday ... but I don't know what time yet, so ...

- How will folks know?
- Will they remember to check my blog?
- What if they miss it?
- And do I want everyone to have the same opportunity as myself?
Of course I do!

A lot of these programs (or games) are just a matter of getting in early in order to make a few bucks. But you need to know when they launch, right?
So let me try this idea and see how it goes.

If You'd like to be on my brand new, starting today, I hope this works out great, ALERT LIST ... just CLICK HERE and send. That's it! I'll save your email address in a folder and you will be the FIRST Notified of new program launches. OK? cool. And Thanks :))


Just read a comment from HermitJim while I was writing this. He's such a nice man, isn't he? With a great sense of humor too! (and I'll bet he's the first to join my Alert List (hehehe)

He's right about TrafficEra. He wrote this in his blog last night: "
Let me tell you about TrafficEra. If you are going to surf for credits, this site makes it so much more using a feature called Team Talk. After you join, you can join a team of other surfers and while surfing, you can chat together on a sidebar. Not nearly as boring as other surfing sites..."

Now, I can easily spend a few hours at TE surfing and chatting with my internet friends, while in places like Mrs V's (sorry), I couldn't wait to finish that daily "rating" of sites. Ugh.


Going to surf and earn now.
Should be back a little later.
I have swollen glands today.
What do I take for that? Anything?


I just read that All-Teamed-Up wants to prepare us for our first income steam called "Total Team Profit". Yay!!!
So if you are an upgraded member, below is the info which can also be found by: Logging In to your ATU account, then click on ATU Bonus (on the left) and use the first link in the text. It's $40 per position.

If you are NOT a member yet, please consider joining:

Total Team Profit Pre-Pay Page for Pro Members

As we are moving closer to our first goal of 5,000 total members in All teamed Up and the beginning of our pre-load of the All Teamed Up PRO members in to the first ATU Team Build Program, TOTAL TEAM PROFIT, we have decided to start allowing our PRO members the ability to go ahead and pre-pay for their upgrades in Total Team Profit!

Important to note:

1.IF you have 2 accounts in All Teamed Up that are both in PRO Status, you will have 2 accounts pre-loaded in Total Team Profit. You CAN pre-pay both of those memberships. To do so, you will need to login to each PRO account you have with All Teamed Up and visit this page. The pre-pay buttons are located at the bottom of this page.

2. This is for PRO members ONLY! NO FREE members of All Teamed Up have access to this page. If we find that a FREE member has somehow pre-paid, they will not be upgraded in Total Team Profit until ALL PRO members have been pre-loaded!

3. All Pro members current ATU information, username, etc. will be imported in to Total Team Profit so you will NOT need to register at the Total Team Profit website. We are taking care of all of that for you!

About Total Team Profit:

1. Membership cost per pro account is ONLY $40.

2. Total Team Profit has 2 different matrix programs built in to one. The main part of the program is a 2x2 Matrix structure. That means it only takes 6 people to cycle your position. When you cycle, you will earn $100. You will also be given FREE re-entree back in to the 2x2 Matrix. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of times you can cycle. Every 6 pro members, cycles you and earns you another $100.

3. As mentioned, their is 2 different Matrix programs built in to Total Team Profit. The main 2x2 Matrix, then there is the Team Profit Matrix. Every time you cycle in the 2x2 Matrix, we are going to automatically give you a FREE position in the Team Profit Matrix. Cycle 5 times, you will have 5 positions in the Team Profit Matrix. Each position you receive is going to be a 2x5 portion of the Team Profit Matrix. Your 2x5 portion of the matrix will pay you out $15 per position on each level of that 2x5 Matrix. In total when filled, you will earn $930 and a 2x5 only takes 62 people to fill it. The Team Profit Matrix fills from left to right, level by level from every member that cycles in the 2x2 matrix.

Pre-Pay Options:

We will be using ALL of the same processors we have listed in All Teamed Up. In addition, if you need to pre-pay using a money order, you can do that as well.

To pay by money order:

Send a money order in the amount of $41.50 ($1.50 for processing) to:

DGNS Solutions LLC
2921 Timberwood Drive #403
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Please include your username oon the money order.

Once mailed, please send an email to to let us know it is on its way and so we can keep a record of it!

Additional Notes on Processors listed below:

1. DGNS Solutions - Fundable by PayPal, you will need to fund with at least $43 to cover fees.
2. Google Checkout - For Credit Card payment ONLY
3. All other payment processors are pretty much self explanatory. If you need more information on them, please visit the "Processors" link in your ATU Member area.


ONCE you have made your payment for Total Team Profit for the username on this account, PLEASE send us an email to

Email Subject Line: Total Team Profit Upgrade Recipt
In Email Include the following:

1. Your All Teamed Up USERNAME that you JUST paid for.
2. What Processor did you make payment through.
3. A copy of your purchase receipt.


Remember, this is a ONE-TIME fee, no monthly fees on Total Team Profit!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Advertising, Advertising and More Advertising

Not trying to brag ... but I got a real good payout from e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder today so ... IF you need some e-gold, Let me know.


js has posted a lot of good places to Advertise in his blog. Check at out HERE.


is or was having a problem displaying the 'turing number', which you need in order to log in. To get around it, I put in a bogus number, got an error, kept doing it until the turing number finally appeared.
I surfed. I requested a withdrawal. I'm good. (remember withdrawals are only accepted on the weekends - based on their server time) And Payouts are done on Mondays (server time).


Having an off day today ... kinda like the guy who was writing with "one sock on". har!


10DollarsWonder and e2ePay just keep going and going and going! I still think e2ePay is currently cycling more than 10dw ... but what do I know? What do you think? Are you in both? I'll listen.


Just remembered something I need to check out. So maybe "I'll Be Back".

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Friday

Since it's Friday and everything is running smoothly, think I'll go the Pet Store to load up on cat foods and kitty litter. You know ... what goes in, must come out. So we'll cover both ends of that :))

Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Not sending out individual email cards due to the virus warning. So I just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to all my Valentine's out there!


Someone had mentioned Advertising through SafeLists the other day. So I dusted off some of my favorites and gave it a shot.
I had trouble with one of them, wrote to the Owner, who fixed my problem and even upgraded my account. (thanks Carl Pearson)

Going there today, I was quite impressed with the list they have on this site for other safelists, free and paid ones. Check it out.
Just remember to use a "throw away" email address for your List Address. Don't say I didn't warn you. You will get a LOT of emails to that address.

Then after you click on the "Log Off", you'll be taken to the ECC page which says:

"Thank you for using the EasyChairClub Safelist!

CLICK HERE for more information about safelists and their use.


I clicked on the last link and was happy with the way Carl presented the info. If you go there to check it out, feel free to let me know what you think.


Getting a lot of emails from e2ePay this morning telling me I've earned a Referral Commission. Thanks Guys !!! You KNOW I Appreciate You!

And my total times cycled is over 10,000 in e2ePay, plus over 7,300 in 10DollarsWonder. These have got to be the most reliable, easiest programs out there! So what are you waiting for? You are playing, right?


For those of you who purchased websites for The Private Millionaire, please be sure to check all the Links on each of your pages. This is very important.
- The Gateway page should link to YOUR Invitation page.
- The Invitation page and Offer page should have your name at the bottom.
- The Welcome Page should have your name near the top, and when clicking on "Your Product Supplier", should show your Sponsor name. (Judy (blondie) Morrison IF you purchased Report 1 from me.)

There has been a bit of confusion about folks who have "replublished" their sites. So AFTER you do a Republish, please take a moment to double check your links. Else you and I could both be losing money. Thanks!

Also "
Ok, if you sign up with Private Millionaire, ENSURE that you are not blocking cookies! Else your payments for the reports will go to the Admin of the programme! And not to your sponsor and sponsor’s sponsor!"
Thanks js.


My cat Stubby eats bologna. Can't find a pic of her right now. Sry.


I need to do my Surfing at SurfProfitPro before I lose track of what I'm doing today. Everything is going good there and the payout weekend is coming soon!


I'm tired. Might have to relax for the rest of the day.
It should be an easy day ... I hope.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goofy morning stuff :)) & Viruses & Supertramp

Was doing my rounds this morning and saw this in HermitJim's blog. Try it ... it's weird stuff.

A Little Test For Ya...

My baby sis sent me in an email today and I wanted to share it with funny not to!

How smart is Your Right Foot? Just try this. It is from an orthopedic surgeon.............This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't. It's preprogrammed in your brain!

1. WITHOUT anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY...) and while sitting where you are at your desk in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise Circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.Your foot will change direction. I told you so!!! And there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done, you are going to try it again, if you've not ready done so.
Send it to your friends to frustrate them too.


Just heard on the News there is yet another Computer Virus scheduled to go out tomorrow with the Subject Line of a Happy Valentine's Day card. So maybe I won't send any out tomorrow, or won't open any either. Proceed with caution if you DO receive such an email. And NEVER open attachments in such emails.


Going to be 56 degrees here today and sunny!
Tomorrow will be 20 something and snow.
So I best get my shopping done today, then I can go back to being a hermit again tomorrow :)


Well I have not sold 253 PrivateMillionaire reports like js has. If I had, I'd be seriously thinking about repairing my rotted out bathroom.
But that's ok :) I have sold a few, enough to be in profit and Hope to continue selling them for quite a long time.
I purchased the website for the life of the program and will continue to advertise for as long as I can. And I hope you are too. This isn't something that will make you a millionaire overnight, but with patience and persistence, I can see myself, and YOU, doing quite well ;)


Over at All-Teamed-Up I have a new Pro referral (thanks Allan) plus some spill-over bucks! Can't wait for them to reach 5,000 Members. I'm so ready to play something new! ya know?


Hey this is Leap-Year ... 29 days in February.


Over at 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay, I just noticed I'm only 28 cycles away from 10,000 in e2ePay. What does that mean?
10,000 x .10 cents = $1,000. and that's just since Dec. 26th, 2007. Whoo Hooo! I'm sure you'll be hearing from me tomorrow when I reach the top :))


Ok, I've been up and drinking coffee since 5 A.M.
Unless something really exciting happens ... I'm otta here.
See you later


Just got back from the Store. It's a Beautiful Day here today!
It's warm. The Sun is shining bright. I had my car windows open and am not wearing a jacket today! I saw a guy in a convertible car with the top down.
So I decided to: "Take The Long Way Home" and really enjoyed it. Drove past the stables where there were several horses getting a little drink of water, and found myself singing this song on the way ... enjoy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Morning :)

I'm moving slow today for some reason. Not sure why.
Maybe just cause I'm getting older and I feel it today.


Was just over at posting some Free Classified Ad's.

Giving some thought to a subject line that would grab attention ... I decided to promote 10DollarsWonder and e2ePay since they are BOTH giving away FREE Trial Positions for a true 100% passive income.
Heck, I make money Every Day from both of these. I'm sure you are too!

I also included at the bottom of my Ad, the link to my blog page here, with the hopes of getting some new readers who want to learn how I and others are earning some good honest bucks off the net :))

Speaking of 10dw and e2epay, I am so anxious for them to get SolidTrustPay included as one of the pay processors. My feeling is, once that option is released, we're going to have a slew of new members and new purchases. So Hurry Up Admin!


More in a bit.
I have things to do today so am off to shower.
Move over Louis.

I'm back and just saw the saddest commercial on TV about homeless dogs. Made me want to whip out my checkbook and send a donation.
Here's a site where your click can help those critters out ... and it's free. Lots of places there to click and contribute ... and not just for animals, take a look.


One of my referrals in ThePrivateMillionaire has made 9 Sales in 3 Days!
I asked him HOW he did that?
He responded: several SafeLists, 1 Line Ad's and Blasters. Wow! Am impressed. So impressed that I dusted off my old safelist links this morning and gave it a try. You can Google Safelists and Ad Blasters and choose the ones that fit your needs. I would share but I only have a few written down. They're easy to set-up and easy to use. Just remember persistence, patience and changing your subject lines for the best performance.


Shoot! I need to go Surf before I forget, and before I leave the house.



Monday, February 11, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

This old dude will NOT leave me alone!
He's back and seems mad as heck today.
Kept me awake last night, even though I slept on the couch to be away from the rattling bedroom window.

But he sure sent us a Beautiful Sunrise today.
Can't complain about that!


Received my first payout yesterday at the new SurfProfitPro! It's only been open for a week and does payouts on Monday's (server date).
Since it's a 14 day program (for full earnings), the next week is really crucial. I would hope most are continuing to play, and not wanting to 'hit n run'.
The Admin for this program has a very good reputation and I would hate to see someone taking advantage of that.

Update: Was just over at MMG and saw this:
You can now have up to 4 upgrades simultaneously.
So that gives us a little more flexibility with our purchases, yet the maximum number of units is still 500.
Sounds good to me :) Am off to purchase and surf now.


If you don't know how to spell a word ... How do you look it up in the Dictionary?


The Private Millionaire is going very well for me.
I will be sending out some 'follow-up' emails today, so if you've signed under me, you should be hearing from me later on.
Also, some folks have sent their payment to me, but no email. So I will try to mail you using the address in your paypal or other account, so I hope to reach you all.
Those of you having a problem with OR wanting to learn better how to Advertise such programs as TPM, see the note below from js to one of his readers and one of my friends as well:
  • I received an e-mail from one of our readers asking for help to get The Private Millionaire going. Specifically he is asking why he is not getting any signups. So I've included his note here and my response.

    "Good evening Judy. Ok time for u to give up the goods. Help a brutha out! LOL!I have been advertising like crazy and have only received 1 inquiry about Private Millionaire, but no signups. What am I not doing. I read your and Johns blogs everyday, have read TPM instructions over and over again, but nothing! I advertised using Traffiswarm, Hitgusher, Trueview traffic, USAfreeleads, Trafficmuscle, classifiedsforfree, and I just some leads from Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    xxx" [js: I think he’s been in the programme a couple to three days.....]

    The keys to advertising is persistence, time, and attraction.

    The heading of a text ad must attract attention. The body should not be too long. You need to get them excited enough (emotionally) to get them to the invite page or the gateway page (that is your ONLY job).

    You also need to test several different ads in order to see which one is more successful. I can't teach you all about effective advertising and web copy, but there is a book I have on the right side of my blog about Web Copy that Kills.... get the book, it's cheap, and apply the techniques. Else you will keep spinning your wheels.

    Let me give you an example.

    Let’s take Trafficswarm. You say you have had no success there. So let me ask you?

    - how many weeks have you been using it for your TPM ads? Days, right? Unless you're some kind of web copy wizard, days will not do it.

    - there is a column in your stats that says Credit Cap Used, for each advert. Those numbers get reset each evening back to zero. Are you getting any numbers in there each day, above 3 say? If not, are you tweaking your ads so you steadily get higher and higher numbers? Do you keep track of those stats each day? No?

    - have you upgraded your account so you can place more than 10 ads? Do you have over 40 ads placed? No?

    - are you keeping your credit count above 5,000? Why? Because TrafficSwarm has an algorithm that spreads impressions over your available credits and the more credits you have the more will your ads be put in front of faces. So either buy credits, or surf daily for credits and keep those nice and high.

    - did you watch the Getting Started Videos at Trafficswarm?

    - did you download the Ad Writing Guide at Trafficswarm and study it prior to placing ads? It can be accessed from the User Guide.

    - did you study the User Guide, especially the section on Optimizing Your Results?

    Do you see what I mean? Don't expect success in signing up folks into ANY programme unless you are willing take such steps as outlined above and don't expect results in days vs weeks and months if you don't have a nice blog where you have an immediate audience (or a large list).

    Other than that? Set up a blog yourself. Advertise the blog. Review TPM there. It may just take more time, that's all.

    So as you can see, to get results you must allow time, time, time, become good at placing ads at any advertising venue, and you must get familiar with the features of each advertising venue. Or... use your money, buy a large list, or write an article or two and pay for submissions at the various e-zines out there. Just google e-zines and you will find lots. Then experiment. Am sure it will be worth your while to put in 3 articles at $100 each because you will then get enough signups to recover that $300, but you may also be lucky and find some folks that will go to work and produce even more money for you.

    Again, TMP is well written. It is like Magic. But unless you can put it in front of folks and get them to read at least the first page?

    There are no real miracles on the Internet (mostly scams). Do Robots dream of Electric Sheep?

    Have fun!

    PS: Those of you who are reading this and feel discouraged? Don’t be! Am teaching you, as you can see. Take all of it as a learning lesson. You will get better and better at it and soon it will even be fun! Being discouraged and giving up is not the way to make more money."

We're all friends here, right?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

TPM Important: - All OK Now :))

Arrrgh Matey!
Call off the dogs !!! ... False Alarm.
The below is what we were concerned about, which is fine now! Hardy har har har!


"In the news: Private Millionaire is a go! They have renewed their domain into 2009! Have a look:

Domain ID:D139518049-LROR
Created On:12-Feb-2007 13:14:33 UTC
Last Updated On:10-Feb-2008 01:05:19 UTC
Expiration Date:12-Feb-2009 13:14:33 UTC

And that's good news! You can proceed with the hosting service!"

Have a good Sunday!