Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey do me a favor ...
When you send me a comment, unless it's totally generic, please send it to my gmail address shown under my picture here on the right. There are certain things that should not to be shared with the world. So if we can keep that 'comment' section sort of basic, that would be great.

--- Ad2Million: again for the record, I am not the Admin and don't have any control over the program. If there is something you need to write to Carrie about, then please write to Carrie and not me. She doesn't answer my tickets or emails any faster than yours. I'm a member just like you.
I did repurchase another nice chunk of positions today myself. Everything is going well and of course payments are taking a little longer than they used to. Well ... she even wrote about that in the last update so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

--- GBC: I see Gord's been busy today drawing more PIF Winners for a new $40 board in the K-game. He writes: "
This being the last day of March I made additional draws for PIF Pool 40 dollar free positions to be placed on the K Games starting Board. Todays winners are roberteb... angelrose...servant1 and profithub. Congratulations goes out to those members."
Congrats to All !

--- Carbon-Profit: all is going good there and I just requested another payout today myself. I might start putting funds back in once I get to the 50 day mark. Now, where's my calendar? LOL

--- If you noticed I added the Collie Rescue banner on my side bar. If you were considering donating, DON'T yet. Something fishy is going on with their email account and until I get to the bottom of it, I'm not donating either. Will let you know how it unfolds. Thanks :)

Night :))

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

May I Have Your Attention Please

To the last two folks who wrote a comment on yesterday's post, and to anyone else who has not taken the time to read the entire ad2million withdrawals page... I will post it here for your convenience.

Important Note:

* You are a Paid member with xxx total active advertising positions.

* You must maintain at least 1 advertising position to get paid and earn commission.

* The minimum amount for each withdrawal is $10.
1. Estimated payout processing time
$10 to $49 - 5+ working days

2. $50 to $99 - 10+ working days

3. $100 to $199 - 13+ working days

4. $200 to $299 - 15+ working days

5. $300 to $399 - 16+ working days

6. $400 to $499 - 17+ working days

7. $500 to $999 - 18+ working days

8. $1,000 to $1,999 - 19+ working days

9. $2,000 and higher - 20+ working days

10. Working days exclude Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Disaster days

11. No payout on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and Disaster days (Our staffs need some break)

12. The processing time is an estimate. It can be longer or shorter. You may submit support ticket, if your withdrawal has not been processed after 5 days of the estimated processing time.

13. The estimated payout processing time is subjected to change by our growth.

14. You can request withdraw once every 3 days.


--- On Monday, I received an ad2million payment of $155.00 and it was paid within the Terms written above. Thanks to everyone who's supporting the program. Tomorrow I'll be making my usual re-purchase of quite a few positions.

--- Still can't SURF in McFads (due to time-outs) but was able to stay logged in long enough to buy my very first position in the 12x12 that Matt is running. Now, once my current Ad Pack expires in 4 more days, I won't need to bother my Upline any longer to surf for me. Whew! Wish me luck and same to you :)

--- I've been talking to Bill all day. Weird huh? Wonder if he can hear me? Oh that reminds me. Let me go grab the Collie picture for my side bar.

--- Speaking of Dogs ...

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. - Anonymous

Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. - Ann Landers

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. - Will Rogers

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. - Josh Billings

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person. - Andy Rooney

I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult. - Rita Rudner

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down. - Robert Benchley

Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog. - Franklin P. Jones

If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise. - Unknown

My dog is worried about the economy because Alpo is up to $3.00 a can. That's almost $21.00 in dog money. - Joe Weinstein

Ever consider what our dogs must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul -- chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we're the greatest hunters on earth! - Anne Tyler

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea. - Robert A. Heinlein (my favorite)

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' - Dave Barry

If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them. - Phil Pastoret

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quiet Tuesday

Not too much to 'chat' about today.

--- I did have a good day in ad2million yesterday with a couple of high RC's that I received. Thanks to whoever did that :)

--- GBC: nothing new since Saturday's post. Just 'on wait' now since kissing the Moose.

--- Carbon-Profit: received another payment from Cedric yesterday.

--- McFads: received payment from Matt with the help of my Sponsor. I still can't keep the site up long enough to do much of anything. It always times out on me. Not sure what I'm going to do when my next Ad Pack expires in 5 days. Hmmm

--- Just read a great post over at Gord's Home Biz entitled "Friends". I had no idea that Gord was really listening to me when I told him how close Bill "koiman" Stewart and I had become. Thanks Gord ... another of my lifelong friends, am sure :)

You know, that's what my blog means to me. Everybody here has a life, whether it's online or offline, or both. I've made some great friends over the years here online. And as you know, I write what I feel and never hold back.
The blogs that I read sometimes that I find boring are promotions promotions and more promotions. Some of these people don't talk about themselves or others. Could be because they don't care about anything but their online money making biz.
Well, it's more than that to me and to Gord and others that I support. I love reading the blogs that tell me more than just the quickest way to lose my money online so that 'they' can gain.
You understand what I'm saying, right? ok cool :)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Best Friend has moved on

After I finished my post on Saturday, I received an email from a gal named Betsy. She was browsing through her brothers computer knowing that he had business and personal relationships online.

I was quite shocked to learn that he was recently hospitalized and the procedures they did to try to save his precious life, didn't work.

I first met Bill Stewart back in 2003 when I was promoting a Pet Vitamin product. We quickly became friends, both being animal lovers, about the same age and born in Detroit. Now I've lived in Colorado since I was 24, but Bill still resided in Harper Woods, MI with his Collie family pictured here.

Bill was a Pet sitter, dog walker, dog and puppy trainer, Koi fish breeder, loved cool cars and gardening. I read that his Hummer was parked out front of the funeral home during visitation hours.

On a personal note, Bill was the only person that I could talk to on the phone and be myself. He was a great listener, didn't judge anything and cared about everyone. He made friends everywhere he went and continued working for his 'pet' clients as long as he could. I know for a fact that he touched a lot of lives during his short life here and will be missed my many.

There's probably a hundred or more stories that I could tell you about his generosity, but this page just isn't long enough. However, I would like you to know that I am writing this note from a laptop that Bill sent to me after he purchased a new one. He knew my old laptop was on it's last legs and didn't see any point in me spending money to buy one when his was working just fine. So he shipped it to me about a year ago and as you can see, he was right. It's still purring like a kitten.

The only online program that Bill was involved in was GBC. I'm in the process now of getting approval from his Sister to take over his account so that I can Donate any future earnings to Tri-County Collie Rescue where I know he was an avid supporter and loved.

So Thank You William for being such a good friend all these years, and I'm crying like a baby while I write this note to you. I will sooo miss our phone conversations... some laughing, some worrying, some bitching and sometimes just to say 'Hi, how are ya?'.

May you Rest in Peace now.
It's so hard to say goodbye.
Love You Lots,


PS I'll be adding a link soon to the Tri-County Collie Rescue site. They do accept Pay-Pal donations and that's how I plan to send the funds in memory of my BFF, Bill Stewart.
(had to close with a smile. I know he'd like that :)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday & Anniversary

--- Today is Ad2millions 7 Month Anniversary! That's quite an accomplishment in this type of business. Congrats to all who are active members and sharing this program with others.
Total members as of today is nearing 13,000. WoW!

--- GBC: received a 'partial' payment from my $20 Moose Boost today. When it's completed with full payment, I'll go "Kiss the Moose" and play another round. This is going really good and once it catches on with others, well ... I think we'll keep the Admin very busy. Pucker up Gord. LOL

--- Carbon-Profit: got paid again from CP last night. So far, so good :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ad2m, GBC and more

--- If you open your Ad2Million account and see something other than YOUR OWN account, don't worry about it. Carrie is aware of the problem and is checking. Seems to be some sort of SQL error which is defaulting to an ad2million test account. If you re-login, everything should be fine. Also someone mentioned that when they clicked the "Home" button, it was reset to their own acct info. Whew!
Total members now: 12455
And: Some of you seem to think I am the Admin of Ad2Million.
I am not Carrie.

--- Gord has done some tweaking to our Moose Boost so from now on you'll see payments much earlier than before. You can read his "blog post" in GBC for more detail. And since I'm in all 4 PIF Boosts, I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for the tweak Gord, LOL
PS, you realize this is almost like a Cycler. Yes. No. Well it is.
Speaking of which, just received:
$5.00 USD

--- To
Sedux11 ... sorry but I don't allow advertising links in my comments. You can always write to me at the gmail address shown here on the right, under my picture. Thanks :)

--- Got Paid again from Carbon Profit today. I think that officially puts me in profit, even though I haven't been in for 50 days yet. So a Big Thanks to my referrals who have helped me get to this point. YaY!

--- Just got home from mailing a check to my Mortgage Company for yet ANOTHER escrow shortage of $823 and change. I swear they're trying to kill me off. Idiots keep changing their policies which costs ME more money. Argh!!!

--- Just a reminder to everyone here on the net playing in these programs:
Be Careful where you spend your money. Just because everything seems to be going well, isn't always the case. I've been caught by surprise more than once in my long life here, and so will you. My most recent rule is NOT to spend additional funds until after I am in profit from my original spend. Because you just never know.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Post Today

Trying to get my paperwork together to file taxes, which means my mind is on other things.
Nothing new or exciting as of this minute anyway, so ...
Have a Wonderful Wednesday :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ad2m important update

There is a new update at ad2million today. The most important part (although there's more and you should read it all) of the update is:

"Due to many hacker issues, your withdraw will not be processed until you have added your first Alertpay purchase reference number to our system and matched.
Click here to add your first Alertpay purchase reference number.
Due to this important verification process, withdrawals may be processed slower than we used to."

The Reference Number will be on the original receipt from your purchase. Mine however, has been long since deleted. So if you need to 'find' the reference number:

Log into AP and find the transaction in your AP history.
Each line will have a "completed" link on it.
Click that link and your receipt will show.
The Reference Number will be on the receipt.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Business as Usual

--- A couple of days ago a few members of Ad2Million had some of their positions cycle twice in one day. This wasn't wide spread and if it happened to you, then just enjoy the extra .20 cents or .60 cents or whatever. It wasn't a big enough issue for Carrie to have to try to fix it. Cool :)
And I just repurchased 5 more positions today.

--- Paid again from Carbon-Profit yesterday! Just realized that this is over 30 days old now and has been perfect since day one. Of course being a 2% daily, we don't break even for 50 days. None the less, it's been a nice surprise from an Admin that I don't know personally.

--- Remind me to clean out my side bar banners, ok? Some things, although I'm a member, just aren't performing like I had hoped they would. And I wouldn't want you to waste your time or money. Pay more attention to the things I talk about on a regular basis. If I don't mention something, that means it's idle.

--- Global warming is one thing, but look at what might happen if we continue to clear our forests! We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious!

(Thanks Robert for the funny today :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Moon, Ad2Million and more

Well, I was disappointed in my viewing of the Moon last night. Waited for it to rise, had cloud cover and the sky was hazy. Saw it setting this morning, again foggy looking hazy sky. Oh well. No big deal I suppose.


--- Ad2Million: don't know what happened yesterday but some of my positions cycled twice. Not all, just some. If you're not sure about your own account, you can always check the 'cycle history' and see if you were affected or not. I did write to Carrie asking about it last night, and she just now replied:
The cycling scripts went wrong. I have to re-do it. Some of the positions may be twice. I am checking on it. Thank you for letting me know.
Maybe it was the full moon causing havoc, LOL

--- GBC: got a nice profit share % today. Thanks to Gord who does his calculations for us every Sunday.

Gonna be out this afternoon visiting my Granddaughter. You know, I always take my camera but forget to use it sometimes. I'll try to remember today. LOL
Almost forgot it's the First Day of Spring :))
(psst, am borrowing the pic, thanks to Deb in the forum)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Moonlight and Love Songs ...

Never Out of Date."

Tonight we are supposed to witness the biggest and brightest Moon that won't happen again for something like 18 years. I think they said 2029.

Well I'll be ready with my Camera although I'm not sure 'my' camera can capture the moment, but I'll give it my best shot.

Nothing new or exciting to write about today, so ...

Hope you like the song below. I saw in an interview when Barack Obama was asked "What's your favorite song?" He replied: "As Time Goes By".
Written in 1931, has been recorded by a lot of different folks, but Carly Simon has always held a place in my heart. (and yes, that's Stevie Wonder on the harmonica).
Enjoy that Moon tonight :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ad2million ... no big deal

Noticed this happened to Ad2Million earlier today:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

I said OK. Went to the store, came home, and everything was back on track.

My first thought was that somebody paid for one of those "Guaranteed Hits" packages, where they promise they'll deliver something like 100,000 hits to your site in 5 minutes. Well if that's the case, that would exceed MY Bandwidth Limit too!!
These sites can only take so much, you know? So take it easy on the promoting, and if you do your own, do it a little at a time, not all at once. OK? Cool :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

We could all use some of that luck, right?
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish readers here.
Have a Fun Day and take it easy on the green beer :)


Thinking if there's anything exciting enough to write about today. Hmmm Oh I know ...

--- Ad2Million: I am officially in the 200 Club Today. Yeah I know it took me longer to get 200 positions than it should have BUT I really needed those new tires and saved up for them. Thanks to Carrie & my referrals :)
Also we should hit 11,000 members before the day is done.

--- Gord's GBC-Easy40Plan: I read that my friend 'Koiman' got paid from his $75 board. Yippee! And Gord pulled 4 more Winners out of his Hat for new $40 Board Positions in the K-Game. Man it just doesn't get any better than that. Thanks Gord! You rock!!
Guys, if you're not involved here, you should be. Gord runs the most honest and giving game around. He doesn't even keep anything for himself and some of the time, is adding his own funds to help others. Just join at GBC from my link on the right, and make a small PIF contribution (through the deposit link) of $6, $10, $15 or $20 to receive 150% back PLUS you'll be added to the Hat of Names for the next $40 board drawing for the K-Game. And once you're in the K-Game, payments keep rolling in like magic. It's just too frickin easy.

--- Carbon-Profit: just requested another payout from Cedric the Admin. You know, he's doing a fantastic job running this program. Am not sure why it's not getting bigger faster. Maybe just not enough exposure yet and he seems to be the 'quiet type'. In any case, I'll probably be making another new 'spend' there tomorrow. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

--- By the way, I got 3 SPAM's from Liberty Reserve today promoting some guaranteed program crap. Well first of all, my account at LR is NOT attached to the email they sent to. Meaning, it's NOT from LR but from some Scammer who expects you to join and send him money that you'll never see again. Never ever.

--- Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight. Although I'm not Irish it DOES go on sale this time of year, so what the heck. It's great on an Onion Bun with horse radish, mustard or BBQ sauce. Mmmmm

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Domain Names

When certain people who don't know what they're talking about start rumors ... I find it irritating and annoying. Maybe they're new to the 'net' and trying to look like a "hot shot" in front of others. Who knows.
In any case, yes we know Domain Names are purchased for a one year term. That's the norm. At the end of one year, assuming everything is going great, the domain will be extended.
How hard is that to understand? Not very hard at all.
So the people who think a program will 'close shop' just because the time frame for the domain name is running out, need to get their heads examined and stop spreading stupid rumors!
Seriously, I pay for my telephone monthly. Does that mean I plan to shut off my service next month? No of course not. As long as it's working, I'll pay it again and renew for another month.


OK, let me take a deep breath and start at the top. Or better yet, here's something fun my friend Robert showed me this morning. I had to try it 5 times before I gave up. Still shaking my head wondering How??


Was thinking about this last night and came to realize how much sense it made. In the last Ad2Million News Update, Carrie wrote:

The best strategy is to make new purchases at least 30% from each withdrawal and re-purchase at least 20% from your earnings.

And you know what? That does sound like a good Strategy.

If no one were feeding the kitty, the kitty would starve.
When we Re-purchase, we're just moving money around. All you're doing is recycling what's already in the program.
But the Kitty needs to be fed on a regular basis or he'll shrivel up and look all pruney before his time, LOL

It takes money to make money and I've made some decent funds here in Ad2Million. So I'm going to re-think my own strategy in order to help others in the long run. That's only fair, right?


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


--- As most of you Ad2Million members know, there is a new update posted in your member area as of yesterday. Carrie strongly suggests changing your password to something more difficult so hackers won't be able to guess it easily. Also a minor change in the payout schedule (again) and a New Strategy for keeping our program alive and well. OK, all sounds good.
PS, received a payment from Ad2M yesterday. (smile)
AND here's something to write home about:
Congratulations, you have earned a commission at ad2million!
Your direct referral has spent $ 640.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 64.00!
Great job and thank you!
ad2million Team
Thanks to whoever did that! Just made my day!!

--- This morning I received a payment of $22.50 from GBC for completion of my $15 mini-board. So I immediately logged into GBC and purchased a replacement so I can do it again. YaY!

--- Received payment from Carbon-Profit yesterday also.

--- OK, today IS the 15th and I've been hinting around at a new program that I thought would be starting about now. However, seems to be a hang up with everything needed to get it going smoothly. So sit tight or hang loose and you'll be notified either through Alert or here in my blog when we're getting closer.

--- Not in a work mode today. Can ya tell?

Cheers !!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ad2Million Milestone

Watching the stats like I do at Ad2Million, I see that TODAY we will hit the 10,000 Member mark! Holy Cow!! Counting both our Launch Day AND Today, it is our 200th Day of Operation. (Thought that was another amazing fact that I just had to share, LOL)

Well, everything has been GREAT from where I sit.
Thanks to our Wonderful Admin Carrie who hasn't missed a beat, daily 2% earnings, a great team of members and supporters that I read daily comments from in the forums, payments have always been completed within the posted time frame, and new member count continues to grow at a staggering rate of approximately 200 per day.

So what else is there to say besides WoW ?!?
Happy Cycling Everyone, YaY!!!

** And there it is:
Total members now: 10000
at approx 5:37 EDT. Amazing to say the least.


--- Heard from a referral in GBC who was paid today $15 from his $10 PIF contribution. So what did he do? He turned around and made a new $15 PIF contribution for the next round. Way to go and that's the way to do it. Build em up if you needed to start small.

--- Got paid from Carbon-Profit last night, another excellent 2% daily earning program. Thanks Admin and members.

--- McFads: I guess Matt didn't automatically assign missing credits for those "Active" members who have been surfing this entire time and only receiving the free member allotments. A support ticket will probably do the trick to get you some bonus credits. It did for me :)


Been busy this morning watching a newborn calf (cow) over the back fence. What a cutie. If he or she wanders closer to the house, I'll grab a pic of him or her. Awww!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slow Day ... Just Readin and Thinkin

To pinoydeal who just sent a comment here,
would you email me at the gmail address shown under my picture? I'd like to talk to you more in detail about what you wrote. K, thanks :)


I need some Girl Scout cookies really bad. Will be back later.
* Back with 15 boxes! Hey, it's for a good cause plus they freeze really well.

On the business side, no news is good news.
Nice and quiet out there today so I think I'll just go with the flow.


You guys all know my true colors, right? Sure you do.
Especially those of you who have known me for a long time.
Funny how some of these new people online get angry when you won't allow them take advantage of you or what you've built.
A shame isn't it?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Kind To Others

Trying to decide what to talk about today.
Too many things on my mind and it's hard to pick just one or two.

Let me start by mentioning that my Comments section is NOT for your Advertising needs. I've worked hard on this blog and have been getting new readers for almost 3-1/2 years now. So to you "promoters" out there who think you're soooo smart by trying to sneak Your AD (with links) in my comments ... Get Lost!!


--- Gord's new PIF / Moose Boost in GBC is doing really well. He's paying out as fast as it's coming in. As a matter or fact, I asked him today if it would be OK for me to buy 1 position at each level. Figured that would help to push other people through the triangle into a Paid Status. He said Yes, so now I have spots in the $6, $10, $15 and the big boy $20 Moose Boost.

--- Ad2Million: still my favorite 2% Daily advertising cycler.
Just wish everyone was on the same page with their actions to help it grow and not just cash out for themselves.
You know what I'm saying, right?
And am not referring to new members either, who should be getting their "seed money" back, then playing with profit.
But once you're well into profit ... be kind to others.
Tomorrow I'll be re-purchasing another nice chuck of positions to help the program, other members, and myself.
PS, thanks to those who have been purchasing and/or re-purchasing on a regular basis with a fair amount. YOU are the ones who have made this program what it is today. Kudos to You!

--- GBC Easy40Plan: Bought another $40 board position today along with contributing to all the PIF's mentioned above.
Go Moose! LOL

--- Carbon-Profit's 2% daily is like a well oiled machine. Make a purchase, check your account daily, request your cash out, and be paid within 24 hours (most of the time). Nice smooth sailing since day one.

--- McFads: seems active members have been getting the short end of the stick with regards to Surfing Credits. All this time I should have been surfing at a 1/1 ratio, but I've only been getting .5 credit for each. Well, Matthew said we received bonus credits today to make up for it, so I'll have to check.

--- Cash-Twist seems to have petered out on me. But their referral stats now show your "personals" in green. I counted em up, and see that I got 21 referrals. So my first 5 who joined did well because of spillover. Now it seems kind of stuck. Dang :(


Received an email this morning, which was longer but I'll just show you the middle paragraph:

I made my way to your blog and was shocked when I scrolled down and read of John Stankiewicz's death. I met John through various online ops probably a year ago. We ran in some of the same circles online for a while and then eventually went different ways. I kept an eye on his blog from time to time, but not in a long time now, obviously... Are you able to tell me what happened to him? The last time I read his blog, he was talking about how the fridge and the air conditioning were talking to each other... LOL

OMG that made me laugh and cry at the same time. Of course I remember that. John even warned me in private about how 'something' was trying to reach us and it was coming through our electrical source.
God rest his soul.

So as you can see, even after 5-1/2 months, am still answering emails about our dear JS.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How About a Moose Boost Smooch?

This would sure give me a Boost in the morning, even faster than the coffee or the cows at my fence today. lol

On Sunday (or was it Monday?) Gord introduced something new in GBC by putting our monthly PIF's to better use.
(PIF's = Pay it Forward contributions.)

It's kind of like a cycler where those of us who pay the monthly PIF's are now having them returned to us when they 'cycle' at 1-1/2 times in value.

Don't let him confuse you with all the detail in his GBC Blog or Pay Plan. I asked him to KISS (keep it simple stupid) but you know how Gord is. Always needs to explain things at the microscopic level, hehe

- So anyone can join GBC and play this.
- Current members are already having a blast with it.
- You don't have to buy a $40 Board position in order to play in the PIF - Moose Boost.
- If you decide to join us,
you will be paid 150% of what you contributed when your triangle mini-board is full ... and that only takes 4 people from what I understand.
- The Boards come in 4 Sizes: $6, $10, $15 and the big bad $20 Moose Boost.

- Bring in new members and you'll get an RC or Loyalty Bonus.
- ANY level of contribution also enters you in the Drawing for the $40 Board (K-Game) give-a-ways.
- Also a good step ladder to earn enough funds for a $40 board purchase, although that's not a requirement.

I am currently in the $15 and the $20 Boards.
The only thing we really ask is that once you get paid, you continue playing. This morning I received this:

Date: March 09, 2011 11:33:12 AM

Amount Sent: $30.00 USD

Sender Name: Gordon Boehler

Message: Moose Boost Payment.
Kiss the Moose and re-enter the Boost to remain in his harem. Thank You

That payment was from the $20 Board.
So I immediately logged into GBC, went to "Purchase Units" and selected another Moose Boost $20 from the drop down menu. On to AP or STP, made my purchase, and I'm done.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
If anything more needs to be answered, I'll grab Gord or you can send a support ticket through the GBC site as well. Okie dokie.


--- Today is another refund day for Synergy Money members who were not in profit in the end. However, I believe Ivan (the Admin) is having IP issues today, so he will get them going as soon as possible.

--- Ad2Million: over 9300 members, growing about 200 per day, and never missed a beat. WoW!

--- Just made a withdraw request from Carbon-Profit which I'm sure I'll receive tonight, like I always do.
** Yep, received a few hours after request :)

--- What else? Nothin? Zip. Zilch. Nada. OK then.

Happy Wednesday Hump Day :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Will Update Tomorrow

Not a good day for me today.
My "surf site" won't let me surf so I had to ask my sponsor to surf for me.
Fighting again with my Mortgage Company about their stupid policies.
Still don't have my new debit card so have been using my 'New PC money' for every day expenses.
I am not a happy camper today, so best wait till tomorrow to post updates.
Thanks for understanding, and I know, I should just chill.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Did You Say Charming?

Had to laugh yesterday when a reader referred to my blog posts as "charming".
What? Are you talkin to me? LOL
They replied: "
Yes, charming indeed. Sometimes funny, sometimes royally PO'ed, sometimes a bit sad, and whatever else .. just a real life girl and we don't see that all too often on the internet. So yes, I mean it."
Awww, isn't that sweet? (blush)

And for my record breaking day, I think I answered more reader emails yesterday than I have all week. Not sure why. Maybe just cause it was Saturday, or a "let's email blondie day" :))

--- Ad2Million: a record breaking day for me with those wonderful "Congratulations" emails we receive when we get a referral commission from a downline. Yesterday I received DOUBLE the emails I normally get! WoW!! Wondering why? Surely Saturday had nothing to do with it. Could be because members decided it was time to re-purchase more, keep their money in the program AND growing faster for them. Sounds good to me and Thanks everyone!

--- Gord's working on something new at GBC so I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and not bother him until he's got it perfected and ready to rumble. I think you will really like this!

*** I think it's ready. Read the latest GBC Blog article first. Then if you're interested, Log in and from the main page, go to "Purchase Units". You'll see there's a new one added called the Moose Boost. I already bought mine. YaY!! But you will also read that you CAN do this for $6, $10 or the $15 that you're used to paying for the PIF contributions anyway. It works for ALL of Us :)

--- Carbon-Profit: just checked in there and noticed a couple of new referrals. Thanks guys! Gosh everything has been running so smooth it makes it hard to talk about. hehe Anyway, got Paid from CP last night too. Thumbs up!

--- I did NOT win the Lottery last night ... again :(

--- Got about 9-10 more email addresses entered into my Alert Service yesterday also. Shouldn't be too much longer before my next ALERT goes out. Are YOU ready for it? Yes? Cool

--- Joined a Matrix type of Cycler on the 24th of Feb. My gal pal twisted my arm to get in but I told her I wouldn't share it in my blog unless I saw it work for the "passive" member. As of today I have -0- downline. So am glad that I never mentioned it to you. I don't like to disappoint people but sometimes it's hard to know what's going to work, and what's not, for the passive non-promoter type.

--- I was just surfing at McFads and the site went down. No biggie. I'll check again later and finish my surfing for the day when I can.

Am glad that Debbie mentioned "Bread" in the comments here the other night. Got me groovin in youtube listening to my favorite Bread songs. Since I'm feeling mellow today (for a change), here's the one I decided to share.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Record Breaking Day

Today was a record breaking day for me.

Will tell you about it tomorrow ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today Just Keeps Getting Better ...

and you don't hear me say that very often, LOL

The Bank has already reinstated my checking account. Good thing I noticed that Jewelry Purchase (that I didn't make) as early as I did. They caught it in the middle and the transaction was canceled. So other than the crooks being arrested (which I hope they are), my account is back to normal now. YaY!

Went to my regular grocery store and Cat Food was on Sale. Went to a different store 2 days ago because it's always empty and I didn't feel like being around people. Checked the price there, .65 cents a can. What?!? Went to my regular story today, .40 cents a can. That's more like it. I stocked up with as much as I could carry.

Got home, checked my email, saw some RC notices from Ad2Million. Expecting the usual .20 cents, .40 cents, $1.00 ... almost fell off my chair when I saw the newest one for $70.00! OMG, this day is getting better and better. Went over to my favorite forum and saw who made that purchase. Thanks strawb6354! You know you made my day, right? Yippee!


--- Ad2Million: heard some concern the other day about the extended payout times. But from where I'm sitting, I sure don't see any slow down from the members at all. Carrie has to be extra careful when doing payouts because of the crooks out there. And boy, can I understand that! I did learn that she'll be adding a verification process soon for when you request a withdraw. Hopefully that will stop the crooks in their tracks and give us honest members the opportunity to continue upward with this great program!

--- Received payment from Ad2Million yesterday, well within the payment terms.

--- Received payment from Carbon-Profit yesterday. Thanks Admin and members.

--- Received payment from McFads today. Thanks Matt.


A couple of nights ago I tuned into Carole King and James Taylor on TV. Of course a lot of their songs were played but for some reason, this one jumped out at me. Maybe I need to lighten up a bit, ya think? Nah. One of my friends said she enjoyed it when I get PMS'sy in my posts. Just shows that I'm human. I think.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garfield Knows Best

This cartoon is dedicated to the person who stole my CC number. Would sure like to hear that he or she got caught and will get the ass burning they deserve!


Life is quiet here today so I might have to break down and do some house cleaning. Not my favorite thing and I'm sure it's not yours either. But somebody's gotta do it, right?


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gettin There

$100 down, $983 to go :)
My Bank restored the $100 facebook purchase back to my account. Hope it doesn't take too long for the other one, cause it's a real Owie.


--- Carrie at Ad2Million mentioned to me that she's been very busy doing the withdraw requests mainly because of the need to verify each account before paying. Seems we've got some dishonest members there too. Man, why can't these idiots find something better to do? LOL
Anyway, if your payment is a little later than usual, that's why. No need to worry, as she says:

Thank you for your great help,
We are really rocking now.
Oh and she'll do a News Update soon also.
PS, we're gonna hit 8,000 members any time now! YaY!

--- Don't forget we're into a new month and PIF's are due at GBC-Easy40Plan if you participate. Those who DO contribute with $6, $10 or $15 are all eligible to win a $40 Board Position in the K-Game. I am paid up for the month plus I helped a fellow member with his contribution also. (go ahead, say awwwww) LOL It was no biggie since I had earnings in my account, thanks to the thoughtful way that Gord runs the show!

--- Carbon-Profit: received another payment last night which included a nice RC from a couple of members. Thanks guys :) The Admin is keeping a good steady pace with the daily payouts, which are important, so I would hope the program gets noticed more over time.


Nothing else new and exciting enough to chat about at the moment. So am off to the store, once I figure out how I'm going to pay for my food. Hmmm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Is Wrong With People?

Made my mortgage payment yesterday like I always do at the end of the month. Called the Bank this morning to see if it cleared ... and their automated information told me my account was "overdrawn"!! What? How can that be?

Well, seems someone got their hands on my Debit Card number and used it to upgrade something in Facebook for $100 AND bought some Jewelery to the tune of $983. !!!

Thank goodness the Bank was helpful, canceled my Debit Card and my account should be restored in a few days. But in the meantime, hope I don't need to spend any money cause it's all frozen as of today.

So to the IDIOT who personally tried to steal from me... I hope you choke on that new necklace you bought with stolen money! Better yet, go hang yourself with it. No one needs anyone like you around anyway :p

And yes, am being mean. This person didn't use it to buy food. I might have some sympathy if they were starving. But Nooooo, they bought fkin jewelry!! They should be locked up!!!


OK, I feel better. Back to business :)

--- New program that I've been hinting around at should be ready by mid-March. So don't go spending all your AP or STP funds elsewhere. I really do think we're all going to like this new one.

--- Got paid from Ad2Million yesterday. YaY! And I also do a re-purchase every time I do a cash out request, anywhere from 20-50% I would guess. Depends on my situation for that week, you know?

--- GBC-Easy40Plan ... asked Gord to use my account balance to pay my PIF funds for March. Yep, I've earned enough in that to spend my usual $15, even though $6 or $10 are welcome contributions also. Thanks Gord and don't forget :)

--- Carbon-Profit is doing good and I haven't seen any problems anywhere. I've gotten into the habit of cashing out every other day and the Admin has been very prompt with the payments. I did put a nice chunk of change in that one, and since you can't re-purchase or compound, might as well withdraw it and decide later what else to do with it.

--- Cash-Twist: believe it or not, I had a level 2 down line upgrade to level 2 last night and I received a $15 payment. Yippee! So it's still going, just a bit slower than I would like.

--- McFads is doing fine too. Never did convince myself to play in the 12x12, but I see it's going quite well. Something about a 12x12 just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's too high risk for my tired old blood these days, so I'll stick with the surfing and advertising, building up credits for when I really need them :)


One more thing, Pete has his "My Cash Cow Biz" blog back up and running. It's in my list of favorite bloggers when you have time for a read. I enjoy seeing posts from others who think and feel the same as I do. Love the 'Lettuce Story' Pete. Suppose I'll NOT be making Tacos this week, LOL