Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having a blurry Saturday

Everything is blurry here today and not sure why. It feels like I'm wearing somebody else's spectacles. Well, I did get too much sleep last night and I was spreading cow manure yesterday. Wonder if either of those could have anything to do with my eyesight?
I did manage to make a batch of Potato Salad this morning but had to use the magnifying glass to read my recipe, lol

AdHitCash: new interest earnings keep coming in right on schedule. The site is loading faster for me today which certainly gives me more confidence to advertise in the TE's that show a new site every 10-20 seconds. Good job Admin. Hope that slow loading problem is now fixed forever :)

Twentyby30: Hey... remember those 'old positions' we could "claim" from Twentyby20 when it switched to Twentyby30?
Well I did claim 5 and as of this past Wednesday, I see that they have started cycling. How cool is that?
So whether you're a new member or an older member, we are cycling at 5% M-F steadily. Cash outs have been paid fast and those of us adding new funds regularly are seeing some nice growth in our own accounts.

I'll be back after I can focus.

(Later) Nope. Ain't gonna be today.
Have a great weekend!

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