Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Friday !

Funny, I have a squirrel or two who reach out like that when I'm throwing them nuts.

They look like little football players reaching for peanuts from heaven, lol

AdHitCash: received my daily earning for each of my spends just fine today. The site is still slow but that's OK since we're not required to surf again yet.
I do hope the Admin gives us advance notice of the surfing requirement. Sure would hate to miss that.

Twentyby30: just received a super fast payout and I will be making a new spend (putting back) 40% of that very soon. Thanks Admin.


Randy V said...

Happy Mothers Day Judy.

Have a great day tomorrow!

blondie said...

Thanks Randy !

Funny you showed up just now...
was just listening to The Beatles.

Have a great day too!
Cheers :)

Randy V said...

I guess I have ESP when it comes to the Beatles.

Hope your day was good.

I'm on my way to Kentucky for a week of golf.

Have a great week!

blondie said...

ESP could be the answer Randy.

Have a great time golfing in Kentucky and stay nice and warm.

Later :)