Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Hybrid Open

Just got word that this new Hybrid opened last night while I was sleeping. It's called AdHitCash and has a few different ways to earn long term.

Finally it's opened.
Been waiting on this one for quite a long time.

Besides what's written on the Home Page of the site, the FAQ's are always helpful so I won't repeat what you already read.

"How It Works" has a nice video which shows you how to register and how to make a spend to get started.

I personally didn't go with the Premium Membership, but don't let me stop you if you see the value of it.

Basically you have 2 Plans to choose from:

Cash-Pro is a straight 2% daily for 90 days.
- ROI 180%

PTC pays earnings daily and expires in 15 days.
- ROI 117% - Principal return on expiry.

I can see some merit in each of the plans, so it's just a matter of preference which one you feel more comfortable with.

Pay Processors are: STPay, OKPay, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, EgoPay and Payeer.

I do know they've been working on this program and the plans for a long time now and it was not just slapped together for a quickie. Also I intend to see a nice long term program running here.

Now go check out the site and see if it interests you.
Hope to see you there ;)


dr.capoon said...

Yes finally a new long term hybrid, and I sure hope it will stay for us there a longer time than recent programs.
It is really well thought and established, with phone lines that are actually working for members to call.
I also went for that shorter plan, but I might change it soon as there are some new plans announced to come in next days.

Still can't see the benefit of purchasing Premium membership though if someone gets in with a serious amount, it becomes beneficial for him to upgrade even without sponsoring anyone.

blondie said...

Hey Capoon,

Yeah I'm anxious to hear what the "new plans" are going to be also. Was going to make a new spend but decided to wait until they are announced.

Premium doesn't do anything for me either but I'm a small spender at this point. Maybe when I win the Lotto and become rich, I'll give it more thought, lol

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts... which I agree with.
Cheers :)