Friday, May 30, 2014

What? No Coffee?

This morning I turned on the coffee pot as usual. No light went on. Oh No! Had to brew it manually by pouring boiling water through the coffee and filter into the pot.

Also what a crappy week this has been online.
Good thing I had a lot to do around the house to keep me occupied else I might be stomping my feet and throwing a fit, lol

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday I think the
PlutusProject is on shaky ground. Do not join.
There are some strange things happening which seem to be out of Admin's control. What a shame.

AdHitCash: site is up but nobody's home!
No payouts for over a week, no updates, nadda.

PAS / PerfectAdSolution: is getting ready for their 'real' beta testing soon. Then will open their doors about 2 weeks after.

Twentyby30: still doing good. Requested a cash out yesterday and once paid, will purchase again via STP.

ACX is going to start giving RC when your referrals upgrade their membership level. Ummm OK, they used to do that long ago so I'm glad they're bringing it back. BUT they've also created a new Wallet for it so it's not added to your regular RC wallet. Yep, another flippin wallet to watch. Sheesh :(

Gotta go.

Thunderstorm coming through but high-five to Blondie for fertilizing the grass today.
Cheers :)

Much later in the day... the storm blew over.
For some strange reason, I can relate this song to a lot of different situations.

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