Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Friday and I'm Back

Was busy yesterday and out for most of the day. Tried to stay on top of things here online but this little 'almost' 4 year old kept asking "Will you play with me?" Well of course! That's what I'm here for.

PerfectAdSolution: best to read the "How It Works" on the site. It's quite lengthy but explains it all in great detail. Certainly affordable with good plans that help newer members and newer spends along with those of us who join at the start. Will update more on that later but in the meantime, read up (like I'm trying to do) and I'll do my best to stay updated :)
NOTE: Beta Testing just opened. Check it out and Try Before You Buy, lol
Greetings, everyone!
We'd like to inform you that you can already start testing the system.
Our contest however still begins on the May 30th

Now a bit more about our current Beta settings:
- You can purchase up to 5 P. RevShare and 5 P. Cycler positions every 3 minutes
- TimeMatrix is restarted every 2 hours
- You don't need to surf to get RevShare payments
- Revenue is shared every 18 minutes

Last but not least, we're happy to say that we have crossed the 200 members line.
Keep 'em coming!

AdHitCash: they've certainly been busy the last couple of days with our PTC's expiring and everybody cashing out and hopefully making new spends. I too have cashed out and also bought a couple of new Cash-Pro and PTC schemes.
NOTE: the old 15 day PTC is now an 80 day PTC that pays 2% daily including your principal. Similar to the 90 day Cash-Pro with the 2% daily but the 90 day plan only costs $19 whereas the PTC is still $45.00
They have also added some Bitcoin plans but they're out of my price range so I'll stick with the two above for the time being.

Twentyby30: this is cool... the positions I bought on 4/24 when this launched have now given back my $5 spend (.25 cents at a time) and are now 'on hold' for 10 more days after which the other $5 will be added to my account balance.
Now in the meantime, every time I receive a payout I have been purchasing new positions of at least 40% of my cash out. No complaints here :)

This is just too funny (and scammy) so have to share...
Some spammer tried to post an Advertisement in my comments section for a HYIP that pays
9000% After 1 Day.
I think we can all see what their intentions are so please don't ever fall for something like that. I like a good game as much as the next guy but programs that offer that kind of return are just too slimy!!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy do I remember that. Mind you, I still get the same with my "little 9 yr old", except the games have matured some what now. No longer coloring books. Now its board games, but what a joy? Wouldn't give it up for the world! And you're right....that's what we're here for! LOL
Keep enjoying her Judy. The day when we don't get asked anymore will get here before we know it.


blondie said...

Hey Tree,
Glad you can relate too, being a little bit ahead of me age wise. (her not you)
Olivia is growing like a weed now and she seems way older each time I see her.
Couldn't get their TV to work yesterday so it was all 'hands on' playing. We had fun.
Cheers :)

Anonymous said... little ones for me yet. Just a turtle, and she doesn't like to play. She likes to eat, sleep, and...well you know. I guess I should get cracking as I'm going to need some help cutting the grass :)

blondie said...

Awww mm,
Yeah you should be working on that soon, and they grow so fast, you'll have that help cutting the grass in no time. Just make sure they didn't take the turtle out to play in the grass first :)
Have a good weekend!