Monday, May 19, 2014

Just The Facts plus Tuesday

Been watching AdHitCash all afternoon waiting for my PTC scheme to expire and return the principal. Has not happened yet. But word on the street is the site was having some little problems overnight (my time) so that could have delayed our expiration dates. Hoping to receive an update on that soon.
* Still no update from AHC. Waiting.

Twentyby30: will be starting our week day cycling again tonight. Always look forward to that.
* Cycled last night and in a couple more days will be withdrawing and purchasing once again.

ACX: temporarily down and under maintenance.
Hmmm Is it restart time?
* Not yet but 'surfing not required'? Weird.
** Later in the day, I surfed and received my daily credit. BUT it was not added to my balance. Still weird.

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