Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Humor... Just what the Doctor ordered

Funny commercial landed in my inbox today.
OMG, hahaha. Thanks Paul for sending it :)

"This is so funny ...

the expressions on the women's faces are priceless...."

Needed to look up Clint Eastwood for something
and saw that Today is his Birthday. He's 84.
Happy Birthday Mr Eastwood !!


Brad Tramell said...

Hi there once again :) I was curious about something......I am signed under you in the 20 by 30 and I have like 20 positions that have reached 5$ and are on hold and says they have 3 days left to mature....Could you tell me how much more each position is supposed to earn upon maturity?

blondie said...

Hi Brad,
Assuming you've been purchasing with 40% of each cash out... you should receive 50% on each. So an additional $2.50.
If not, then 20%.

Here's a note taken off the main page:

"Positions will cycle at 5% daily for 20 days. The remaining percentage will be cycled on the mature date. Example: If you have positions, your positions will cycle at 5% ($0.25) daily for 20 days. On the 30th day, your positions will be cycled and earn the remaining 50% commission."

Have a good Sunday :)