Monday, May 12, 2014

The Monday After

After watching it snow all day yesterday, then driving home in it last night... woke up to another 6" or more on the grass and cars today and it was still snowing! What a nice storm and on Mothers Day no less ;)

AdHitCash: Good News!
"Greetings! How are you doing?
Are you earning well on our system? We would love to receive feedbacks from you and It will inspire us!

We have a very good news to share with you.
"No More mandatory Surfing required to earn as a Free Member"

Now, you can earn without mandatory surfing!

Privileged membership and Country Representatives program has been published.

Well yes, I've been receiving my daily earnings on a regular schedule (since they fixed the server issues) and I'm a little relieved that surfing is not mandatory anymore. It's doing great IMO (clap).
Remember now, this is a long term program so if you didn't join on day one, it's not a big deal. No time like the present.

Twentyby30: purchased a couple more positions today and getting ready for the next 5 days of earnings.

Here's one of my (Grand) Mothers Day gifts from Olivia. It's a planter box personalized of course. She writes better than me and she's not even 4 yet, lol.

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