Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Friday Halloween

Happy Halloween to You All !!!
Have a fun day and try not to eat too much candy :))

(thanks to my friend Paul for the above pic :)


Have you guys seen all the Contests Running at all the different sites (programs) we're playing in?

There are contests in:

FastProfitSurf, Surf2Sawa and Deep Cycler!
They're all just a little different and the Cash Prizes are different also. I'm not going to detail each one here, but if you're a member in any of them, you know what I'm talking about.

1 - Just finished my 10th day of surfing in FastProfitSurf. So my very first upgrade is complete and I should be receiving my 140% sometime tonight.
Thanks to everyone who joined me! You guys rock !!!

2 - Surf2Sawa continues to build nicely. I can't decide when to "redeem" my first upgrade. After todays surf, it's up to 180%. Remember this is the 5% daily earning until YOU decide when to 'cash out'.

3 - Deep Cycler is launching 2 new lines tomorrow for $7 and $8, and there is a countdown clock on the site so you won't be late.
I doubt that I will be playing this time but if you've never played or want to see how it works, it might be worth a few bucks to you. Just try to get in as EARLY as possible. And DO read the FAQs and Terms before you play. Once you're in, there's no turning back and you can't change your mind.


Add'l Note for us newbies re: FastProfitSurf: (thanks Austin)

"Hey there blond lady...hehehehe

I noticed you said your upgrade expired today on FPS. What happens is at 11:59 server time which is pacific time, it will go into pending status then and the admin will cash it out automatically for you. So basically it will be waiting for you when you wake up tomorrow.

I just wanted to clarify that for ya in case you wanted to tell your readers

Hasta lavista"


I have these bumps like a rash on various parts of my body. The Hermit Jim said it could be fleas. hahaha I suppose I could have fleas. But what does that make me? (rofl)


Speaking of Fleas ... I have Lou dog here for a 4 day weekend. It's OK. She's a fun girl and I always enjoy having her. Plus she stirs up the pot around here with the 2 cats. This morning, she was stealing "their" toys. A-Oh!


Off to do some surfing so I'll be back in a bit.


OK back with a couple more quickies then I gotta run.

10DollarsWonder continues to cycle daily for me (on my high priority positions). Ever since the new and improved cycling started ... it's been AWESOME!!!

And WorkFor3Dollars (which is really $3.40 now) is still growing.
And HOLY COW !!!
I just logged in and saw an advertisement for "micronuts best opps" on the login page. (rofl) I knew I recognized those evil eyes from somewhere! hahaha

Seriously, you guys are doing great in your promoting and sign-ups at WF3D. I have 45 personal and total downline size is 151. Rock On!


OK, I'm done for now. Enjoy the fun song :))

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go With The Flow ...

Good Morning :)

I've decided to update today as I merrily roll along rather than trying to get it all in at once. So until I say Good Bye, keep checking on me, OK?
(ps, added to yesterdays post just now. go see)


Made a withdrawal request from 10DollarsWonder late last night and received it first thing this morning to my STP account. Now that's FAST!
Cycling sure has been good since the last change to the program. If you're not in yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for.


I see that Surf2Sawa has started a referral contest also. It's based on a few different factors, and if you're already a member, you got the email. If you're not a member yet, I'm sure Joe has posted the Announcement in his thread in both CIF and MMG forums. And the prizes are:

1st Place $150.00
2nd Place $100.00
3rd Place $50.00

So there you go and Good Luck!



HAS ADDED AlertPay as a pay processor!
Whoo Hooooo! Been waiting for this day :)
Here's what Paul had to say:

I'm so happy to announce you that we've been just added Alertpay as a payment option on our site. They finally verified our account so now you can use this option too. Please enjoy it!!
Also this weekend please stay tuned because i'll launch another contest. I'm not gonna tell you now what kind of contest will be because i want it to be a surprise. Also next week we'll have the 3rd contest launched so pay attention to our newsletters :)
Thank you so much for all your support. You are great!

You know what this means???
I get to upgrade more before I surf today!
Big Smiles ;)


I need to run out for about an hour.
Will catch up when I get back.


OK, I'm back but have been answering emails for the last 2 ... errr maybe 3 hours. I'm glad you guys luv me so much! And I luv you all too!

So I guess this is ...

Good Night Chet
Good Night David
Good Night Blondie
and good night to all of you, where ever you are :))


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holy Cow !!!

The First Contest at FastProfitSurf is unbelievable!!!
Now if he could just get AlertPay going, that would be icing on the cake!
Good Luck everyone!!

I want to announce today the start of our first contest. It will be for the best referrer and the prize will be 1000$. Contest will last for two weeks starting from now. So start to advertise and fight for your prize :)
Just please don't try to cheat because any member caught that cheated will be disqualified imediatelly and get his account blocked. Other contests will come soon too.
Our site it's growing very well and we're amazed on how well we're doing. Thank you again to you, all our investors because as i've said before...without you nothing would be possible. Please enjoy the contest!!!


I received another automatic payment from WorkFor3Dollars today! Tuesday paydays could become a habit :)
So if you can market a little, you'll have your initial spend of $3.40 back in no time. If you can market a lot ... no telling how much you could earn here.
PS, the spillover works great so even those who have no direct referrals can still earn in this one. It'll take longer, but they can.


So are you guys gonna play in the new lines at Deep Cycler launching this Saturday? If you're a current member, then you've already received the notice from the Admin, and there is a countdown clock on the site.

- The new lines will be $7 and $8
- 200% with auto-reinvest enabled
- No limit on the amount of spots you can buy
- No reinvesting from account balance for the first 48 hours

I may not play this time and I'm going to tell you why.

I've been on both sides of the fence. Well, three sides actually... let me explain.

- First launch, all went well. It was brand new and we were learning. Yes, I made a few bucks. Not tons, but a few.
- Second launch, reinvesting from acct. bal. was allowed. So those of us who had funds in our account were able to get in faster and cycled many times. Not fair to those who had to buy in new.
- Third launch, all was fair and on an even playing field, and we all had to buy in fresh from our pay processor.

So we launch!
Then after some computer problems (and a slow connection), I was finally able to make my spend at 8 mins after the launch time.

I have NOT cycled on those spends yet.

Now the folks who were able to get in 1st, 2nd or 3rd have cycled many times!

How does that happen?

I've given a lot of thought to the auto-reinvest feature and have realized that unless you're right there fighting for the very first spots ... well ... you're not going to cycle any time soon.
As I said, my last purchase was made 8 mins into the hour and I'm still waiting in line... so patience is definitely a must.

I mean no harm! I have nothing against the program, or the Admin, or anything else. It's all fine and dandy.
I just wanted to share my thoughts about how the auto-reinvest can be a big advantage OR disadvantage, depending on where you sit.

Think about it.
If I can figure it out, I'm sure you all can too ;)

Now, go out there and enjoy yourself if you're going to play. OK? OK!


A little more OK? Just received this comment from js:

js has left a new comment on your post:

Hi Blondie, I for one agree with you entirely, and I too have nothing against the Admins on this one. In fact, I consider them friends.

Something similar happened to me on that last launch. I was even ahead of you, as I had no trouble in paying out of my STP account and AP accounts. In fact, I spent $150.

So what's the problem? By the time the Admin approved the spends? Others had cycled a few times. I have not cycled one single spot of that $150, not even today. So... well... I consider that a donation as I don't expect to see it again.

And mind you, unlike other cyclers where I've made money, this one... well it was all in fun, because the money was not that significant. It was just fun to play in, get to know the Admin better, and so on.

So am not going to play in this Saturday's launch. I am not sure why folks have been demanding new lines to be opened when the other lines are not cycling as well as they could be.

I would say.... an owner of a wounded entity should have compassion and foreshorten its' suffering. Don't you? I mean you, you folks out there that are reading this.

Oh and please do not post this all over the place. Only those looking to cause trouble and gain some fame doing that, will do it. Others will read this and keep silent and be at peace. Let me ask you: Would you rather have peace than conflict?



Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess I'm Overdue For an Update, Huh?

Was quite impressed with the fast response I received from the 10DollarsWonder Admin for a 'Sponsor Change' request. Guess I caught him at his workstation eh?
Anyway, 10DW has been running and cycling great for me. Am building up my earnings again thinking about a withdrawal soon. Or maybe not since I've still got quite a few positions on 'low'. I'll decide later.


FastProfitSurf completed it's first 10 days of operation over the weekend and paid out all completed upgrades!!
I didn't join on day one but as of today I'm 6 days in. Remember that this is paying 140% - 145% in 10 days. Not too shabby!
Still waiting for him to get Alert Pay up and running, but in the meantime you can use Liberty Reserve, Strict Pay or Perfect Money.


More auto-surfing: Surf2Sawa is paying me 5% daily until I decide it's time to cash out. Your positions here do NOT expire until you cash them out.
The very first one I bought is now at 160% value. I'll Let It Ride for now :)
Pay processors here are: Alert Pay, Solid Trust Pay, LR and Strict Pay.
S2S also has a Lotto running for those who enjoy more gambling.


Then I see 27 emails from WorkFor3Dollars congratulating me AND my team for all the new members we're bringing in!
Good Job you Guys!!!
They only accept Alert Pay, and for now it's only $3. That price could go up in the near future to cover the AP fees for the program. But it's still cheap. **
I also heard from one of my first referrals who told me he's got close to 40 in his downline and it's ONLY from spillover. So the spillover here IS Working!

Not bragging but I am currently the number 3rd promoter! Nice :)) Here's the stats from my back office:

Total Downline Size: 140
Number of Sign Ups: 44

So for $3 bucks, it's an easy sale and how can you afford NOT to try it?

**UPDATE: Bought a new position tonight and it has already been raised to $3.40. But like I said ... still cheap.


PS, I'm not done yet, OK?
Gotta reboot and eat a sandwich.
Please come back later!
Oh and this song will match my next post.

The sun is shining and it's warm out so I decided to get outside and wash my windows before it snows later this week.
So my next thought (post) will have to wait a little while longer.
Later :))


Both Sides Now - Judy Collins

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is It Just Me or ...............

Do you see a resemblance here?

When I saw this pic of johnski I knew it reminded me of something. He's got several interesting pics over at his blog. Laughed my a** off :))
BTW, MY pic of Lou dog was NOT electronically enhanced in any way! (and js says his wasn't either.) har!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Friday

I feel like this Fat Cat looks.

Maybe I need some vitamins or something.

I dunno.


Just signed up for another account at WorkFor3Dollars.
You know you can buy as many as you like, right?
As for me? I've been signing up under my direct referrals who have upgraded to Gold status. Hope to give them a jump start so they can see how cool this works.
But today was the first time the sign-up process didn't work properly. So I submitted a support ticket and am waiting to hear back now.

OK, they got back to me in a couple of hours, so "danny", you have a new referral named blondie12.
Also know that you can use your current email address and pay processor info to open new accounts. All you need different is your "username". Cool.


Just for the record, I am not interested in MegaLido. So there is no need trying to promote it to me. I already know all about it, and like I said, I'm not playing. Thanks :)


Nothing really new since yesterday, so I might take it easy today. I should be cleaning house, but I don't feel like it.
I'll come back if I catch my second wind, OK?


And what's up with e-gold? Now they need my ID and Proof of residence submitted before I can get my money out or use it for something?
Well I don't have a scanner so this could be rough for me. Hmmm Let me think about it more.


Please be careful in what you do.
It's a Jungle Out There!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Updates :))

- Update on the garbage/trash across the street:
It's still there. The guy decided to trim his tree instead of what he should be doing. That's OK. I hope the City will get on his arse now!


- Received a long awaited payout from my "P"rivate program today! Four figures this time so I'm quite happy about that :)


- 10DollarsWonder continues to rock my world as well. Been cycling very regular on those "high" priority positions and I hope it lasts forever. (Although nothing lasts forever but this one has a better chance than most.)


- Surf2Sawa is building nicely, (my profit that is). Will go do my daily surfing as soon as I am done here.


- And my new surf site, FastProfitSurf looks like it's going to be a winner also. Just opened on the 16th so we're all founders of this one I guess. Besides, my sponsor here would not steer me wrong :)


- WorkFor3Dollars has a new POLL for members after you log in. So go read it and cast your vote. Every vote counts!!! ha :)


Speaking of Votes, I gotta show you this ...

Ever see a Double Outhouse???
Be careful where you sit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's the Day

You all remember this?
All the trash across the street from me?

Well I called the City Office again yesterday and was told the owners were issued a violation notice and the property must be cleaned up by Today!

As of this morning, nothing has changed. Except the owner is currently siphoning gasoline out of one car and putting it into another. Too funny to watch, lol. I'll keep you posted.

**11:30 AM He put the house trash in bags and sent it off to work with his wife in the back of their Van. Now, he's raking leaves instead of cleaning up those trailers, tires, cement mixer etc. Oh My!

** 2:30 PM He's done raking the grass, sidewalk and street, (I kid you not). But all that garbage is still there.


Yes, I have also been having trouble logging into our "P"rivate program lately. Have not heard of any problems so I'm guessing it's just a temporary issue.


Was chatting with a trusty friend this morning and decided to join another Surf Site. Let me give you some details about it, OK?


- Join FREE or Upgrade to earn 40% - 45% in 10 days
- Minimum $10
- Surf 10 sites daily (automatic)
- Advertise 1, 5 or 10 sites (depending on package)
- Referral comm's 1% - 5% - 6% (again depending on pkg)

- FREE Members can earn a 1% ref. comm. as well as advertise one site.
- Currently accepting Liberty Reserve and StrickPay
(I'm told you can fund StrictPay with STP, although I've never done it)
And I heard AlertPay may be available soon also.

OK, that's all for now. Go see the site if you're interested. This is a fairly new site as my number is 282 ... and I'm in for $50 bucks.
Also visit the thread for it at CIF to learn more. I'm doing that right now.
C'ya in a bit :))


So when the "Big Dogs" promote something new, who wins?
They will. They've got all their followers. But will you?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wash Your Hands Before You Eat

How cute is this little guy washing his hands before dinner?
I took this pic last night when he came to get the bread I left on the patio for him. He nicely dunked each piece in the water before eating it too. They're so fun to watch :)


I received two payments from WorkFor3Dollars early this morning totaling over $20 bucks. Can't complain for a $3 program, right? So if you keep promoting it, and continue getting new members ... could turn into a nice little weekly income.
And their current stats show that I'm their 2nd top promoter? Well, that's hard to believe but I'll take it. (OK, you can applaud now :)) haha


10DollarsWonder is doing great! I've been repurchasing for an entire week now and have 69* left to go from Low to High Priority Cycling.
So I ask: "How You Doin?" (said in the voice of Joey from the "Friends" TV show :))
*Cycled again this afternoon and bought a few more, so am down to 66!


You know, I was just bragging the other day about My Favorite Programs listed here on the right side... saying that I've only added to them and have not felt the need to delete any.
Well the sayings: "Everything runs it's course", "Nothing lasts forever", and "Easy Come, Easy Go" all come to mind now.

What cha talkin about blondie???

Ohhhhhh, I'm talking about the Profit Sharing Advertising Programs. You know, the three sister programs I've been using.

Happy to say that I did receive a cashout of $14.82 from DRW two days ago, and I made 13 cents during the last week in profit sharing.
E-TradeXchange has given me 1 cent in the past 7 days, and ETXAds ... well I've made 7 cents in that one.

So I must say, UNLESS you're a very good promoter or UNLESS you really are using these just for advertising (and not worried about making money) ...

Don't Join Now. I think it's too late.

But that's just my 2 cents, for what it's worth.
Perhaps they're surprise me and take off again?
Time will tell eh?


Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Again Already?

Can you believe it's been a week already since 10DollarsWonder re-opened for withdrawals?
Did you make a w/d last Monday?
I did one on Tuesday and have been repurchasing positions ever since. I've got 70 more to convert from Low to High Status.
Those of you who are in 10dw know exactly what I'm talking about ;)

Next ...


I'm not ignoring you. Today is just going too fast for me.
I was out for a bit, and have Lou dog here now, and I was looking at some new programs but am thinking about the 'passive' type, not the promoters. So I don't think I should join them OR even mention them here.

Give me a day or two to get my act together, OK?
You guys are the best!
Later :))


Dream On, Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True :))

Sunday, October 19, 2008

1980 Was a Good Year :))

Need to run some errands today, and it's getting late.

Here's one of my 1980 favorites from Steve Winwood.
That was a good year for me.
Was it good for you? lol

I'll be back later if I have time.
Have a great day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning

Well if that song doesn't wake you up ... I don't know what will. It sure knocked my socks off first thing in the A.M. hahaha


Just bought some new positions over at WorkFor3Dollars. Did anyone notice that? (giggle)
FYI, I've got 37 direct referrals and 87 total in the downline matrix. All the way to level 7 already. You guys are doing GREAT with your promotions!!! Keep up the good work :))

Here's a note I just received from a direct referral ... proof that it does work!

Thanks bunches Judy! Truly serious here. I think what got me hooked was the $4.00 payout I received from your spillover! I had done nothing to earn it except sign up and I thought that this would be great for anyone who has tried and tried and not succeeded!
You have not steered me wrong yet.


Bad News - Good News

Had to run out to the Veterinary Clinic yesterday. Pulled up in the parking lot and heard some Cats meowing. Looked around and saw the "Animal Control" Truck filled with cages of young cats (maybe 6 months old). Walked over to them and asked the Officer if they had been rescued.

She said "YES ... this is a bad case of neglect and cruelty. There were 6 of them, all in one cage, living in the back of a car. They are all dehydrated and some have respiratory problems."

OMG I said, and asked her what will happen to them now?

"They'll receive medical treatment here at the Clinic until they are back to being healthy again. Then they'll be taken to the local Animal Shelter and put up for adoption."

Seeing those kittens and hearing where they had been living or abandoned just broke my heart. How could anyone do that? How could someone just leave them there with no food or water, in a frickin cage no less, so they can't even hunt for mice to survive :(

Well, I was really happy to hear that they WILL be taken care of now and are on their way to a better life soon.

Funny thing too ... one of them looked just like my fat cat Stinky, and another looked just like one of the Hermit's cats, Smoky.
So Sad, but should have a Happy Ending :))


Friday, October 17, 2008

Casual Friday :))


I seem to be coming down with a cold (could be do to my attire, or lack of it) so today's post may not be very long. Maybe a quick update to hold you over? Besides, I slept in way too late today, but it sure felt good :)


Just did my surfing over at Surf2Sawa and picked up my 5% daily earnings.
Decided to buy 2 new positions before I surfed because each purchase keeps your account 'Upgraded' for 25 days, so I've been buying a new one (or more) at least once per week.


All of my "High" positions cycled again over at 10DollarsWonder! So I decided since I made a withdrawal earlier this week, that I'll just repurchase now every time I have $10 in my account balance. Since one repurchase sets one older 'low' position to 'high' status ... and I've got about 77 left to go now.


back in a bit I think
am moving in slow motion today :(


I am going to try an experiment with WorkFor3Dollars today.
Those of you who notice it, will know what I did (wink).
By the way, it's going great and my downline is building nicely! Thanks to all of you who are promoting it and doing your fair share! Congrats!


One more note then I need to feed my skunks and call it a night.

I just re-read DeepCycler's referral contest info.

If you're already a Paid Member, Cool :)
If you're not yet, minimum cost is only $1 (in the $1 line of course).
Then, if you can bring in 2 more Paid Referrals (who also only have to spend $1 to qualify you for the contest) you will receive an entry ticket.

Did you SEE what he's paying the winners of this contest???
Could be worth a buck for the chance to win $75, $30 or $15!
Here's the note and I'll let you decide. OK?

Night all :))

Hi there everyone,

It is referral contest time again! I had a lot of people ask me of different ways to even the playing field for our members so that everyone has an equal shot at winning the reff contest. Obviously some of our members are much better promoters than others.

We came to the conclusion that everyone no matter their marketing back ground can refer 2 people fairly easily.

So here we go. This contest will last for one month. That is from today October 14th through November 14th and it will be a drawing.

Each time someone refers 2 paid members into Deepcycler then they will get one entry into the drawing.

At the end of the month I will tally everyone’s paid reffs and then put the names into a hat and pick first, second and third place.

1st place will receive 75$
2nd place will receive 30$
3rd place will receive 15$

This drawing will be completely random the only factor being the number of entries each person has which will be based on the number of paid reffs that person has.

Also if we cross the 1500 member mark during this time then the person to refer # 1500 will receive an automatic 10$ bonus added to their account.

I hope you all enjoy this contest so get out there and start promoting! We are here to stay!

Deepcycler Admin


Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day In The Life

Maybe yesterday was just too much excitement for me :)

Thank You again to everyone who sent their warm wishes for my One Year Blog Anniversary!

I was still adding your notes this morning, for the late comers or those on different time zones. Just know that I appreciate you all taking the time to write to me.

With that said ... I am taking the day off.

Hope to have some good news for you tomorrow.

Aloha :))

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Blondie !!!

Today is my One Year Blog Anniversary! YaY!!!

I can't begin to tell you how much fun I've had this past year and how much I appreciate all my friends here. Some I've know for years, and others I've met via this blog.

So I've been trying to figure out what I could do different today for all my Special Friends and Readers that visit me on a regular basis.

But my mind kept going blank (what else is new?) haha.

So when js wrote to me this morning (before the Sun came up, if I may add) he sent me a Comment to Post HERE. Not in comments, but right in my blog.

Hmmm, maybe that's what we should do ALL DAY!

Any comments I receive, rather than listing them in the comments section, I'll copy n paste them here and will put them in BLUE so you can recognize them from my regular daily gibber :))

What do you think? Sound like fun?
Just remember to sign your NAME to your note, OK?
Oh and if you're in another country, feel free to say where you live, then check back here to see it posted.

Well that should keep me busy today!?!

Just know that I Love and Appreciate You All !!!
Thanks for making this a Great Year for Me!
I couldn't have done it without your support!!!

OK, here's Number One:

Blondie? Happy Anniversary to you and your Blog! One whole year! Wow. And look what you have made of it with your own bare hands! A stupendous accomplishment! Everyone likes your blog! Long live the Blondie's Blog! Oh and may Blondie too. And Lou Dog. And them skunks. And may the guy across the street get rid of all that garbage. And let the grass grow a bit longer. js

He's so funny :)) Thanks John!

You know, it was John who twisted my rubber arm to start a blog. And I'm glad he did. I was a little hesitant (and maybe scared) cause I wasn't sure what would come of it. But I am SOOOO Happy that I did it!

Oh and here's my very first comment received on
Day 1, 2007

Wow! Nice to see you again Blondie!

Nice BLOG start!

From my recall, you were a great Support person for 9planetNOsurf and 10Dollarswonder.

In fact, I don't know how Chung could do without you? He keeps saying how backlogged in emails he is after you had move on.

In any case, I like your candor.

Please keep it up.

js (admin of

October 15, 2007 5:45 PM

OK, back to the present now ...

Hey Blondie...what a great day it was for all of us when you introduced yourself by way of the blog! In fact, you were the inspiration for me to start blogging myself...although I could never be as good at it as you are.

One year! WOW!! Some of the programs on the net can only wish they had that kind of success, huh?

All I can say is that I'm glad you started your blog, I'm glad that I found it, and I'm especially glad to count you as my special friend!!

Happy Anniversary, my Colorado Cupcake!!


I think Jim has posted more comments here than anyone else.
Thank You Jim!!!
I hope we'll always be special friends! (hugs)

Nice blog: Discovered it through 10DW which I joined unfortunately not with you as a sponsor. But I joined WF3D sponsored by you and today got my first downline.
Jim (Spain, Europe)

Congrats on WF3D and 10DW Jim!
Glad you're working 10dw even though I'm not your sponsor.
Just remember, we're all in this together (smile).

Speaking of 10DollarsWonder ... requested a payment last night and received it first thing this morning! Thanks to Admin Chung for running a GREAT long lasting program and Thanks to ALL the participating members !!! has sent you money through AlertPay.
Payment Details

  • Amount: $202.00 USD

Also yesterday, I requested a withdrawal from DeepCycler which I received in about 2 minutes! So am happy that I caught Austin in-between Naps! hehehe

If you're playing in Deep Cycler, be sure to read the updates and the information about the new referral contest. And Good Luck to you All !!!


You guys remember Brownie the Mouse?
Well it's that time of year again and
I think he's back.

My fat cat is sitting in front of the cupboards, totally focused and waiting.

I just hope I can get to him before the Cat does. eck!


Happy 1 Year Anniversary Blondie and to many more!!! :o)
I am verry happy that Js talked you into doing this blog. 10DW was the first program i ever joined and you were actually the first person i came across after that via your blog. You have givin me good guidence and i thank you for that and the help that you have givin me. I hope you'll have a wonderful day and enjoy your achievements.
Keep up your wonderful work,
Manu (Germany)

Manu, you're such a sweetheart! And I still think you look like my next door neighbor. (the one I like of course :) Thanks for stopping by today!

Congratulations Blondie on your 1 year anniversary. Your blogs have been a bright spot to my day: I am always anxious to see what you have to say.
Weird thing though: It took me a few months of reading your blog to realize that Lou Dog was actually a female. Thanks for all the great advice on the internet sites... (remember EZY-EZY-EZY? We all went belly-up on that one). Keep rooting for the Red Wings!
your Motown connection, Greg

C'mon Greg. Gimme a break! Of all the things you remember, EZY should NOT be one of them!! hahaha Nobody's perfect, ya know?
And Lou Dog ... aka Louis is named after Joe Louis, the Boxer. Get it now?

I AM a Girl.

And my name is:

Morrison !!!

and my Mommy and Daddy are goof-balls for naming me that!

Happy Anniversary Gramma!!!
I've got my party hat on for you today :))


Just received this one through gmail:

Hi Blondie,


Discovered it trough 10dw I like to read your blog every day. I learn a lot about internet business trough your blog so THANKS to be there and long live to you .

Sylvie (Qu├ębec,Canada)

Thank you for your kind words Sylvie!
I try my best, you know? Take Care!

Hello Judy aka Blondie

Just would like to wish you a Happy First Anniversary!

I have been reading your blog for about a year and I always look forward to your post everyday. I found your blog through 10DollarWonder. Your my inspiration of starting my own blog soon! All the best to you and many more years to come.

Tammy (British Columbia, Canada)

Thanks for taking the time to write to me Tammy. I'm sure your own blog will be very good :) Good Luck to You!

Hi Blondie,

Congratulations on the one year anniversary of your Blog. Although I only started reading your Blog a little over a month ago, I enjoy it and recommend it to anyone for some fun reading and information on programs that have been proven to work by the results you post in your articles.


Hey Gord :) I'm glad you found me. You write a pretty good blog yourself, and I've just added it to my list here.
Take care!

Hi Judy!
Congrats on your 1 year blog anniversary!
I am Mattias from Sweden and am very happy that I found your blog via the link in
10DollarsWonder. I have given and recieved a lot of fun comments from you.
You are spreading light and brightness to us all.
As I, you are a passionate music lover with fun videos to contribute with.
You are showing that internet business is mainly built by helping friends.
Your friend,

Mattias, you are too kind to me.
And we sure do love our songs, don't we?
Appreciate you stopping by, as always!

Just did my Surfing over at Surf2Sawa and noticed that my first surf package is now at a break even point:
Upgrade package of $10.00 - Redemption value $10
So starting tomorrow, that one will be in profit.
Remember, when you cash out an Ad Package, it closes it out!!
So do NOT cash out until you're happily in profit. Kapish?


Hey Blondie

Yet another congrats on your anniversary. You know we love and appreciate you just as much right back. Im glad to have had the opportunity to meet you. Thanks to your original help and ongoing support this year has been better than the last and got my goal of making more money without taking more time away from home.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks Missi. Sure was a good day when we met! You've been a real blessing to us as our 'support' in 10dw. Am happy to hear you're making more money too (wink). C'ya kiddo :)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Blondie, my friend!
That's the best part of your blog, the friends...Although the info is not bad, either. I'm glad you're here, and that I found you.

To your special day, Cheers!

Your friend,

I wondered where you were Cat :))
Maybe you were busy yesterday with cake frosting and coffee? hahaha
Thanks for the good wishes Friend!
I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Hi Judy! Congrats on your blog! I too must thank you for your blog. I am also so thankful that I signed up under you in 10DW and WF3D. I've gotten nice spillover from that! Keep up the good work, read almost every day and refer it on my own blog! Becky

Hey Becky ... Hi!
I see you're kicking butt in WF3D, good job!
I'm thinking of buying more positions myself today.
Don't tell anyone though. It's a surprise. hehehe


I have been gone all day but I couldn't end the day without reading your blog. I enjoy it so much and look forward to reading it each day. Congratulations on a great year!!! See how time flys when you are having so much fun.

I am one of the lucky ones in that I have known you for much longer than that. You are a very dear friend to me. I look forward to getting emails from you and talking back and forth. We have had some good and not so good times together with our little businesses but they have all been valuable.

Judy....thanks for being there for me and helping me and giving me the good advice you do....Heaven knows I need it !!

I hope your Anniversary day has been a very good one.

I look forward to working together for many more years.


Awww Randy :) What a sweet note.
You've taught me a lot over the years also. Actually, I think it was you who showed me how to set up my first 'gold' account. Intgold, wasn't it?
Well, we've come a long way baby!
And I'm glad you've been here with me all this time!!
Thanks for stickin around :))

Got this cow last night from my oldest friend Paul.

When I clicked on it, it said it was a "Holy Cow", so I guess that matches his 'Congrats' note about my blog.

But since he always calls me "Angel", I wasn't quite sure how to interpret it, LOL

Hugs and Smoochies Pauly!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best Position In Bed ...

The Title got your attention, didn't it? (smile)


Reminder: At 2:00 PM EST today, all limitations in DeepCycler's $10 line will be lifted. So those of you with an account balance can buy into it using that money. Those of you who bought 15 originally, can purchase more after that time!

I expect to see a good amount of cycling after this opens up. Might be a good time to get in and get some positions. See you there :)


I got a bad case of cabin fever today. I need to get out and get some fresh air. Looking forward to driving around with the windows down and the radio cranked up tuned into the oldies station of course.


I repurchased 17 positions in 10DollarsWonder yesterday.
His new plan, (although some may not like it), I think is a good one for longevity. So I will continue to support it. After all, it IS earning me a very appreciated income.
I don't do this just for fun, you know?
What I earn here (on the net) is very special to me ;)

Your direct referral xxxxx has spent $ 370.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 37.00

Like I said ... every little bit helps!
And those who believe in this program should do well.


Looks like I have time to do my daily surfing over at Surf2Sawa before the 'other' program releases those limitations. (wink)
And it's been doing real good!
Have been earning my 5% daily on the three positions that I currently have. Plus getting a little ref. comm's (thanks guys). And the Admin, that Joepanda guy is one of the nicest people around.
Check it out if you have time.

C'ya a bit later :))


Monday, October 13, 2008

Cold and Fog and Snow, Oh My!

Woke to freezing temperatures. Car accidents all over town. So much fog that I can't see the farm which is right behind my house. The skunks water bowl is frozen, and I heard that Boulder, Colorado (not far from me) got 2" on snow! So how's that for a Monday morning wake up call?


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends :)


So what is going on at 10DollarsWonder?


News update 10/13/08 - Low to High by re-purchase; e-gold

Lock in for High-priority by re-purchase:
Near 100% of new purchases and re-purchases are made from Lock-in members. For those of you who did not have have opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your positions, you can still to do so by the following rules:
  • Every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • Every 1 re-purchase will lock in 1 Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling.

If you plan to lock in your Low-priority positions to High-priority positions with re-purchase, you must re-purchase before making a withdraw.

  • When you make a withdraw, the system will automatically re-purchase positions for you with the rest of your balance. These system generated positions will have "-SYS" code at the end of each positions. These system generated positions will NOT lock in your Low-priority positions to High-priority positions for you. If you plan to lock in your Low-priority positions to High-priority positions with re-purchase, you must re-purchase before making a withdraw.

  • Holy Cow!
    So please take your time, read it and understand it before you do anything with your account balance.

    Phew. I need a donut to work through this :)))


    A Quick Q & A for 10dollarswonder:

    Manu just asked this question in my comments section:

    With the update from 10DW i am unclear about 1 thing... it says you should repurchase before making a withdraw if you wanna use the buy one turn one old position into high priority. That's all fine but does that mean after your repurchased you still can only withdraw 40% of your account balance? Would be great if that could be clarified by Admin or someone else that might know the answer."

    And the Answer (based on a $100 balance) is:

    "If you have $100 in balance and you would like to use it to lock in 2 positions, then, you need to re-purchse 2 positions ($20). Then, you will have $80 in balance.
    Then you can withdraw up to $32 (40% of $80). The system will create 4 postions for you and leave you $8 ending balance.

    That was directly from the boss man. OK?

    So if MONEY is your main concern, you should withdrawal first. BUT THEN, you've missed the chance to turn an older (prior Sept 12th) position to HIGH status.

    So what's more important to you today?
    Making the extra buck or building your business?
    Ahhhhhh, decisions decisions :))


    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Deep Cycler $10 Line Launch!

    The New $10 Line in Deep Cycler launches at 2:00 PM EST TODAY!
    There is a countdown clock on the site so you won't be late.
    Be sure to log into your pay processor ahead of time so there will be no delays on your end, especially if you plan on playing with e-gold.
    A few weeks ago e-gold implemented a new requirement in order to use your account. So get that done ahead of time and be ready!!!


    Oct 10th was my good friend Bill's Birthday ... and I missed it. Dang it !!! So here it is, better late than never, right?


    and many many more :)))))))))
    Hugs to Mac, Cisco and Sylvester =^..^=
    Oh and You Too! lol


    OK I'm back.

    Don't forget TODAY is the LAST DAY for:
    The "lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" is extended to 10/12/08

    at 10DollarsWonder! Then starting tomorrow:

    After 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will lock in 1 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling.

    So I would imagine Tomorrow will be a busy day also since some of us (wink) ran out of "new money" and we were patiently waiting for the 13th to be able to Re-Purchase with the bonus.


    Received a nice "Congrats" from my (higher up) Upline at WD3D today for the number of referral's I've brought in. Well, most can afford to spend $3, right? And am thinking everyone should be able to sell it to as least 3 people also (and not just depend on spillover). If we can ALL do that, that 2.5 million will look good in our bank accounts! Yes?


    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Every Picture Tells a Story

    Every picture tells a story, don't it?


    Deep Cycler's launch of the $10 Line is tentatively scheduled for 2:00 PM EST on Sunday. The site has been moved and is still propagating while we speak.
    If you're new and plan on playing, be sure to get yourself registered first so that you're Ready right at launch time!
    Maximum number of positions in the $10 line will be 15 for the first 48 hours.
    And reinvesting from your account balance for the first 48 hours will not be allowed either. Just so you know :)


    There seems to be a bit of confusion about the update at 10DollarsWonder yesterday. I've asked the Admin to clarify and am waiting to hear from him.


    Is it just me, or have our Profit Sharing Traffic Exchange Sites slowed to a crawl recently? Has anyone else noticed that?


    I just hung some Lighted Pumpkins and Skeletons in my front window for Halloween :) Plus it'll give me something to look at besides that "Trash" across the street! (yes, it's still there)


    Thank goodness for YouTube!
    Else I'd be dragging out my old vinyl records.

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Deep Cycler News! and More :))

    Just got word that the Deep Cycler server is in the process of moving now.
    Do Not try do anything in your member area (if you can get in) during the move.
    Austin is hoping for a launch TOMORROW of the new $10 Line! If not tomorrow, Sunday is looking good.
    Will keep you posted :))


    I remembered today was Friday so I headed out to the grocery store early.

    It wasn't as busy as I thought it might be, and two men with gray hair winked at me.

    So I decided to buy some face cream. hahaha


    Regarding 10DollarsWonder ... let me explain this one more time to the Veterans of the program.

    If you're serious about your business and wish to cycle more consistently, then you must Login, Set your Account to "High Priority Cycling", THEN make some NEW purchases. NEW as in from STP or AP.

    Simply Setting Your Account to High Priority Cycling does NOT set any of your older positions to High. You must make NEW purchases in order to do that.

    For example:
    NEW purchases will be set to HIGH.
    If NEW purchases are made by Oct 12th, they will ALSO change 4 of your old positions from Low to High.
    If you purchase NEW or RE-purchase after Oct 12th, then you will see 1 of your old positions set to High (along with the new one). (old pos's meaning prior to Sept 12th)

    And I hope you all read and understand the latest news update.
    It seems some people are still confused.
    I don't know what else to say.

    Oh and here's a New Update I just saw:

    "News update 10/10/08 - Withdraw; Extension; No de-activation; High-priority; e-gold

    The first High-priority withdraw rule is improved:
    To improve members participation, we have revised the "You can withdraw up to 50% from your balance every 30 days for the next 6 months" rule to as following:
    1. No withdraw for 30 days.
    2. You can withdraw up to 40% from your balance every week (7 days) after 30 days.

    The "lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" is extended to 10/12/08:
    Over 99% of new purchases and re-purchases are from Lock-in members. The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" rule is extended to 10/12/08 for those of you who are still waiting for your Alertpay or STP to be funded. If you did not have opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your positions, you can still take advantage of this till 10/12/08. "


    I haven't eaten yet today. I was gonna steal a donut (and eat it while shopping) at the grocery store (since they're always over charging me for stuff), but I forgot. dang.


    Regarding the "P" Private Program that we're in ...

    If you've already signed up for the "other" business that was announced on Monday, and did not get my personal link for it first ... Don't Worry About It!

    Just go with the flow and READ the Updates on the site from the Boss Man.

    If you need or want my personal link, just write to me and ask for it.

    Don't Worry ... Be Happy :))


    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Just Some Reminders :))

    Today is my Post #349 here.
    Next Wed, the 15th will be my One Year Blog Anniversary!
    How should we Celebrate?
    Any Ideas?


    To clarify yesterdays note about the "P"rivate Program ...

    I was specifically writing to My Personal Referrals in the "P"rivate program that we're involved in. (The one that starts with a P :)

    If you'd prefer to keep me as your Sponsor in the 'added' Program that was launched on Monday, (details are in your member area), please write to me personally for my link, OK?

    And if you don't mind, include your "P" username in your note.
    I would really appreciate that.


    CIF is opening its own hosting company. So Deep Cycler will be down for a couple of days until the server is moved.

    Austin is hoping it will go smoothly, and if it does, Deep Cycler could be open for the launch of the new $10 line as early as Saturday (but no promises yet). He'll keep us posted.


    If you're a veteran of 10DollarsWonder and have older positions that are still set in the "Low" priority cycling ...
    You've got 3-1/2 more days to take advantage of .......

    The "lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" is extended to 10/12/08:
    Over 99% of new purchases and re-purchases are from Lock-in members. The "every 1 new purchase will lock in 4 prior 09/12/08 positions" rule is extended to 10/12/08 for those of you who are still waiting for your Alertpay or STP to be funded. If you did not have opportunity or if you hesitated to lock in your positions, you can still take advantage of this till 10/12/08. "

    Or if you wait until next Monday, the 13th, then .......

    After 10/12/08, every 1 new purchase or re-purchase will lock in 1 prior 09/12/08 positions for "High-priority" cycling."

    Got it? Good :))
    PS, I just cycled again in the last hour or so.


    I'll brb. Got a pic I want to show you.

    OK, here it goes ...

    I had brain freeze this morning and wasn't sure what to write about today. Then a good friend of mine mentioned that I never "rant" in my blog.

    Well he's right...sorta.

    The way I look at it, although a good rant could make you feel better (by letting out some steam), also has the possibilities of hurting the person (or program) that is the target of your rant. So for the most part, I try to stay mellow and see the good in things, rather than the bad.

    Now, I am not wealthy and I live in a very modest neighborhood. Most of my neighbors appreciate their homes enough to keep their landscaping as neat and tidy as possible. All except one ...

    That is my view every morning when I open my living room curtains.
    I keep thinking "maybe today will be the day the neighbors clean that up". But it never is the day. It has looked like that for months and keeps getting worse.

    Well it finally got under my skin when I watched an older lady in her 'motorized wheel chair scooter' have to STOP, drive her scooter off the curb and into the street in order to pass by that house!
    YES, their trash cans totally block the sidewalk 24/7 ... NOT just on trash day.

    After seeing that poor lady trying her best to maneuver around that trash, with her scooter wobbling as she had to drive it down the curb ... I didn't hesitate any longer to pick up the phone and call the City Offices to report the mess.
    I wasn't sure if they cared about all the 'garbage', but I DO know the sidewalks cannot be cluttered and must be passable.

    So after the call, I am happy to report that I was wrong! They DO CARE about it and will send the neighbors a "Notification" to get their property cleaned up along with a deadline date ... else they will be fined.

    Now, that was a legitimate gripe/rant/complaint, was it not?
    I feel like it was...and you would have done the same thing, right?

    Cheers :))

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    "P"rivate Program Problem Solved!

    Lot's of P's there huh?

    OK, finally figured out what the deal is at our "P"rivate program.
    If you are a Referral of mine, and I haven't contacted you yet ...
    Please write to me at: and I will send you my personal link to the program that was launched on Monday. Phew! Thanks!!!


    Funny :)
    When I look around the 'net' for pictures re: hump day ...
    I don't dare post the ones I find. hahaha


    Just read a nice comment about me over at 9planetreviews.
    Thanks John :)

    Work for 3 Dollars are still going very well. Congrats to Blondie for doing a great job getting many new folks aboard.

    As well, where is definite overspill happening, from my uplines, from myself, from Blondie and others. Blondie, in her blog, attests to that phenomena."

    Yes, it's been working very well and I received another payout yesterday!
    I checked back to see when I joined. Sept 30th was the day, and I've already tripled my investment. Not to mention helping others with spillover.
    So all in all, it's turning out to be a nice little program :))


    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    You ever feel like ...

    the White Rabbit?

    "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

    Gimme a minute to settle down and collect my thoughts, OK?


    OK, it's late and I don't feel like doing my regular "blah blah blah" so ...
    let me just give you a quick update (without links).
    All the links are on the right under "My Favorite Programs".


    I've been confused all morning about my "P"rivate program. (it's not listed on the right. why? cause it's private :)
    They launched something new yesterday, that you are supposed to be able to sign up for under your Sponsor.
    But the "Referrer" on my sign up page (and others) is already filled in with the Company name.
    So I did not attempt to sign up yet as I would like MY Sponsor to get the credit. So if you know what I'm talking about and can help me, gimme a holler. Thanks!


    My little $3 program is kicking butt! I logged in just now to see how I was doing and I got this:

    Congratulations Judy (blondie) Morrison;
    You are a WorkFor3Dollars Leader!

    Guess I'll go find out what that means when I'm done here. hahaha

    Anyway I DO know that I'm getting daily referrals, and my referrals are getting referrals, and the spillover IS working ... so our 3 x 15 Matrix is growing nicely.
    Good Job Guys!

    FYI ... talking about WorkFor3Dollars.


    Cycled again today in 10DollarsWonder.
    You all know what that means by now.


    My Cat is Meowing at me ... LOUD!


    Shoot, forgot to Surf at Surf2Sawa. Will do that right now.
    That one is doing great too and I've already received a payout of my referral commissions (thanks ev1) that I used to purchase a New position.
    Money makes money, right?


    Had a nice chat with one of my Sponsors today.
    He told me when he reads my blog (daily I hope) that sometimes I am a "character' ... was that it Jack? Character? hehehe
    Well sometimes I am :)
    Just depends on my mood for the day, you know?


    Oh one last thing ... received another $16 payment from ThePrivateMillionaire yesterday for selling the 2nd Report. Which means, someone else is promoting and I am receiving the 2nd part of the payment.
    Funny thing too, the person who bought it lives here in Colorado! Small world eh?



    Monday, October 6, 2008

    Dirty Monday :))

    When I got up today I realized how bad my house needed cleaning. So that's what I'm doing today.

    If anything exciting happens, I'll be back.
    Else I'll see you all tomorrow :))


    Sunday, October 5, 2008

    My Apologies

    First I'd like to apologize to 3 of you because...

    right after I send an ALERT out, I usually leave that email box, so those of you who "reply" to that Alert, I don't see it right away to answer. And I apologize for that.

    Am there now and reading your notes.
    Thanks for understanding and I'll try to word my next Alert a little more carefully so that you know how to get back in touch with me faster, OK?

    Cheers :))


    OK I'm back with dripping wet hair, lol
    So will do some catch up work here before buzzing out to the store today.


    Someone wrote to me (almost in jest) and asked 'how much can you earn from that 3 dollar program anyway?'
    Well you know, $3 means different things to different people, and in different countries.
    So let's say it is the last $3 you have in your Alert Pay account and you managed to earn back $10, $20, $50 or more ... wouldn't that make you happy? I would think so. Whether it's pocket change for you or food money, I would think that every little bit helps.

    Now, the program I'm talking about is WorkFor3Dollars.
    I see quite a few of my referrals picking up quite a few referrals of their own ... and that's awesome!
    And while surfing just now over at Surf2Sawa, I saw the Ad for WF3D go by with a sponsor name that I recognized.
    More Awesome!

    As for me? Yes I did the upgrade that cost $10 extra because I had a good feeling that it was going to be worth it solely based on referral earnings.
    And I was right!

    So thanks to all who joined, and those who are marketing and making more than what you're earning from my spillover only. If this keeps going the way it is, we could be laughing all the way to the bank ... with our 'pocket change' :))

    *** New note: Was just chatting with a friend who said:

    "BTW...I have 12 referrals in the $3 program...all from spillover, and some of them are getting their own referrals."

    So there you have it. Proof that it's working!


    Have you all seen js's video over at the CIF Forum yet?
    You really should :)
    I especially like the part where he sticks his tongue out! har!!!


    Speaking of CIF and Austin and Deep Cycler ...
    I was privy to some good news yesterday, but I was sworn to secrecy. So stay tuned and I'll share it with you as soon as the Boss gives the OK :)


    Before you ask or before you send in a Support Ticket ...
    I also skipped a day of cycling at 10DollarsWonder.
    And that's OK.
    He did say the High Positions would get "much more consistent cycling". And they have, right? So if we miss a day or two it's not a big deal. Seriously.


    Just phoned an old friend of mine. I had a feeling he needed someone to talk to. But he didn't, and he cut me off pretty fast.
    And that's OK.
    Sometimes we need time to ourselves, and I understand that.
    So "For What It's Worth" ... I tried.

    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    Impressed with Strict Pay

    Long story but ... I was sort of forced to open a Strict Pay account not long ago. Someone wanted to send me money through Strict Pay and I had never heard of them. So I went ahead a opened an account.

    SP recently sent out an email that ALL members must be "Verified" in order to move any sort of money through them. OK...if I must.

    So yesterday, I went ahead and faxed them my ID and a Utility Bill and wondered how long it would take.

    Within a matter of hours, they sent me a note saying that I was Successfully Verified and could now use their service.

    By the way, Strict Pay is one of the pay processors used at Deep Cycler, so now I'll have a few more bucks to "play with" when the new $10 line is opened.

    PS, I just added the SP banner here on the right if you need it.


    Speaking of Deep Cycler, the launch for the new $10 line could be next weekend. So save up for it if you wish to play. And I believe e-gold will be available for purchases also. OK? Cool :)


    Am into my 3rd level of referrals in WorkFor3Dollars. So if you joined me early on, you should have received a nice spillover by now.
    Was reading their "testimonial" page from happy folks who have been in for months? Months?!? I guess I wasn't aware how long they've been around. All the better!
    Well like I said before, for 3 bucks, how can you go wrong? ha!


    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Kind of busy for a Friday :)) and updates ...

    5:00 PM MST, Updates below ...


    My friend and yours JS of 9PlanetReviews did a video for the CIF Forum and News. Check it out if you like. I haven't seen it yet but plan to soon ;) It's on the right side of the forum page, called JS Video.


    I figured out my Login problem at WF3D.
    When I open the site in FireFox, there is no 'login' link. Only a members link.
    My friend "rightnow" sent me the below and it works great!

    "If you use MEMBERS link, it does not work.

    If you use LOGIN button, if works fine."

    Oh and I've got quite a few referrals now which is creating a nice spillover for those who joined me early on. Thanks guys and Happy Promoting!


    I rented the movie "Iron Man" on cable that I have to watch now, before the time on it expires :)
    So I'll be back in a couple of hours, OK?
    Will catch up on my email then too.



    OK, I did enjoy the movie quite a bit. Not sure if spending $5 bucks to watch it on cable now was worth it, but oh well. When you're bored, your're bored, lol


    Speaking of Movies ... the Video of JS was kinda cute too. You should go see him "up close and personal" when you have a chance ... har!


    To all the 10DollarsWonder fans out there. Could I ask a favor of you?
    If you are a regular poster at the MMG forum ... the 10dw thread could use a few good words. Someone there threated me (totally unnecessary) and I asked the Mod's to remove the post, which they did. But never the less, good words always have more power than bad. So if you're up to it, a few good words could go a long way. Thanks guys! You're the best!!!


    I hear Austin, the Admin for Deep Cycler has been 'under the weather' so there is no current news about the new $10 line opening yet. And that's OK.
    Nothing is more important than his health and feeling better ASAP.
    So You take care of yourself Austin! and Get Well Soon!


    Today is my Father's Birthday.
    If he were still alive, he would be quite old (I was a late baby in his life).
    He only had two girls to deal with growing sister and myself. She was a bit older than me and had very dark brown hair.
    Mine has always been blonde, and he was the one who originally nick-named me "Blondie" when I was a very little girl.
    Could have had something to do with the TV show "Blondie".

    In any case, I just wanted to say
    Happy Birthday Daddy,
    Love you lots,
    Blondie :))