Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fourmile Canyon Fire

The fire here in my area has been out of control for days now. I saw the smoke from my backyard when it first started and it quickly got out of control and is heading West, more into the mountains. Here's some good pics in the news if you're out of the country and don't get the National News on TV.
There is a chance for rain this afternoon in the foothills so hopefully that will include the fire area.


Trevor (BunnyBumpGame) ignored my last email to pay me directly, but did pay my PIF fees in The Prosperity Game. So I am officially paid up in PIF's through December now. Glad that part is over with, for me. If you're still waiting, I hope you get word from him soon. And of course, share with us when you get your refund.


Hey, don't forget my good friend John aka js aka micronuts of 9planetreviews is on vacation, so trying to contact him via email won't get you anywhere. I'm sure he'll have 10 thousand emails to sift through when he gets back. har!


Boy oh boy I sure like Funds-o-Matic, don't you? It's been running now for well over 2 months and I see no signs of it slowing down. Kinda nice to have something to feel good about, ya know?


Speaking of feeling good, Gord and his famous Easy 40 Plan are doing just great! Someone just made another purchase so we're up to 33 positions once that one is placed on the board. YaY! This is definitely something to look into if you haven't already.
Also Grand Bank Club is an advertising surf site, so feel free to strut your stuff there once you're a member. You can promote up to 3 different sites and earn 40 credits per day. I'm surfing there right now :P


Yes, the 468 banner in Ad2Million is fixed and works just fine. The link is in your 'account overview' (in case you had trouble finding it, like I did). I placed it in the EasyHits4U site last night and it's been approved for viewing. Another YaY!
We're up to 288 members now (pretty darn good) and I'm about to request a withdraw soon. Along with a re-purchase or two of course :)


Just checked my 'stats' at Team Ca$h Cow and it appears I'm right on track for keeping up with the Stampeding that I elected to do. I would rather take a few minutes a day to promote and get paid to promote rather than be a Grazer. But that's just me. If you don't have the time to do it, I say go for Grazing and let us do the work for you. We don't mind, do we Team?
And Welcome to our newest member Shameka! Always good to see one more when doing the daily head count of the Herd.


Just shared a Zinger with the cat.
Talk about a sugar rush! LOL
I think we're both going to be curled up in a corner napping soon. Not to mention those things go straight to your hips, no stopping in between. And I do mean for me AND the cat. He's a big one for sure.


My grandbaby Olivia is 2 months old today. Now if I can just get my camera and the internet to cooperate, you'll see how much cuter she's getting every day :))
Happy Birthday Baby O



HermitJim said...

Hey, my stay out of the way as far as the fire goes!

You're hot enough for us without getting too close to a fire!

Seriously, you take care!

blondie said...

Jim, LOL

You mean 'hot under the collar' like I was yesterday? haha

It started W of Boulder which is NW of me. And it's moving W now so shouldn't be coming back this way.

Seeing it from my backyard DID make me a little nervous ... started looking for the Cats and carriers, ya know :(

I hear you've got lots of rain down in TX. So you stay safe too!
Take care ;)