Saturday, September 4, 2010

Title? Oh I dunno

Hey guess what? I got paid for Stampeding over at Team Ca$h Cow for August, and it wasn't even a full month of 'promoting'. Fine by me, lol
Pete's making some improvements to the sign-up process, so there shouldn't be any confusion when a new member joins now.
Also the new rotators will get us 3 personals each and should move much faster. Plus he's got different rotators for different levels of the F5M-MC build. (I hope I said that right)
Yes it's a bit confusing but I'm only trying to summarize his very long note to us. I'm sure I'll hear from Pete if I didn't spell it out the way he said it. LOL


It's always fun to open and read The Easy 40 Plan's updates. And today's news is:
"Congratulations to member Phoenix14 for earning $25 from the 40 Board
Club member..Micronuts won the Alertpay PIF draw and a $40 Board position. Congratulations!"
WoW! Congrats Susan and John! Glad you guys Won ;)
And Thanks to Gord for keeping it all organized for us.


... the large banner is still having problems with the shortage of pixels. Admin was made aware of it and I'm just waiting for her to correct it now.
Of course cycling continues daily and membership got a nice boost last night. Good to see.


Bunny Bump Game refunds ... Did that get your attention?
Trevor is starting to refund anyone who lost money playing the Bunny Bump Game. He contacted me the other day and offered to pay my PIF fees in The Prosperity Game in lieu of AP cash. I agreed since it will pay me up through the end of the year and save me the hassle of doing it myself.
I asked about a spreadsheet for members waiting on a refund and he said one is in the works now. Also he's refunding in order of when they got into BBG, so I must have been one of the first (who lost) since I haven't heard any refund 'whoo hoooo's' from anyone else. He also said the process would take awhile, so more patience is needed.



naphtali said...

Hey Judy, I also got paid from Pete at TCC. Awesome!

blondie said...

Very good Greg :)

And I know you noticed my post about BBG also? Hope you're next, but until we see a spreadsheet we won't know.

Phoenix14 said...

Hey Blondie! Thanks for the mention. I am very excited about my payments from Team Cash Cow and the Easy 40 Plan!

Funny though that I didn't hear from Trevor as I was one of the first to get in BBG and I lost money too. Guess I'll wait for that spreadsheet to see what's up.

blondie said...

Hey Susan,

Getting paid is always good :)

The email I got from Trevor was very specific to my spends and earnings back. So he must be doing them one-by-one. Hope yours comes soon also.