Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Tough Little Snake

I'll save the snake story for last, cause it'll be long.


Checked my Alexa Ratings this morning (just for grins) and saw that my reach is up 60% over the last 30 days. How cool is that? I guess that means Summer is officially over for us and folks are looking to make some bucks off the net again. Here's what Alexa says about me:

About ('s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 303,312. Search engines refer very few visits to it. The site has been online for more than ten years. Visitors to view 1.0 unique page each day on average. While about 69% of this site's visitors are in the US, where it is ranked #64,647, it is also popular in Australia, where it is ranked #28,719.
Now I haven't been here 10 years, don't know where that came from. But my 3 year anniversary is coming up next month. I'll let you know when that happens and you can celebrate with me :)


Speaking of making money again, Ad2Million is on the top of my list right now. I'm earning a nice 2% daily and picking up a few referral commissions along the way. (Thanks you guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate your loyalty.)
When I first told you about this one on Aug 26th, I honestly didn't know what kind of reaction I would get from my readers. I know there was a mixture of (mostly) happy, unsure, and (a few) not so happy members at 10dollarswonder (which is what this script is cloned from).
But you also gotta remember this is a new Admin who brought the script back to life and is doing all she can to make Ad2Million bigger, better, and longer lasting than that other one. So I'm standing behind her 100% and giving my support. I think she's doing just great!


Grand Bank Club and The Easy 40 Plan are right on track. Gord continues to watch over the game and the members making sure we're all where we're supposed to be. Soon I see member 'Canadian' will be receiving his payment and moving up the ladder. You can see what I'm talking about when you visit the site. Gord put the pay plan right on the front page for easy viewing. Early congrats to Pete!


To my surprise I heard from my Sponsor's Sponsor in Join4aDollar yesterday. He's been in this program quite a while and has a good sized downline. Anyway he placed a couple of new members under a couple of my folks to help us all build our referrals, which will in turn, over time, make us money. So it looks like I need 2 more under me in order to cycle out of the first phase. Any takers? It's only a dollar, LOL


The Snake

Yesterday afternoon, I heard my oldest (but not the smartest) cat making that deep 'meow' sound that they make right before they cough up a hair ball. (You cat people know what I'm talkin about.)
So I got up to see what was going on and realized he brought a snake into the house AGAIN!

Now he didn't drop it in the middle of the room like the others do, he dropped it in the hallway... right next to the air vent for my furnace.

By the time I got there and went to grab them both, the snake saw the holes in the vent and made his getaway. Oh no, this is not good.

So out comes the screwdriver and the vent cover comes off. I see the snake, go to grab him, he gets away from me and he disappears under the floor. Where did he go?

Since I have a vent on each side of the hallway, are they connected? Out comes the screwdriver again and the 2nd vent cover comes off.

I see the snake on a ledge but I can't reach my hand around to grab him. So I try to coax him over to the other side. OK, there he is, right in plain sight. Now if I can just reach him .....

(You gotta picture me at this point. I'm down on the floor, got a flashlight in one hand, my other arm down in the hole in the wall, my butt stickin up in the air, and 3 cats surrounding me saying "Let me see, Let me see. I can get him. I can get him.")

Now with my entire arm in this crooked hole, I touch the snake and go to grab him and Oops! He slithers away from me again and falls down the metal shaft and I hear him hit the bottom.
Now what?
Well it's late and getting dark. I'll sleep on it and figure out what to do tomorrow.

So this morning it's cold in here and I heard the furnace go on. Wait! What! Where's my snake? I hurried up, shut off the heat, got my glasses and the flashlight and went searching.

Tried looking down that vent again but couldn't see a thing. Where does that vent drop to anyway? Hmmm
Downstairs I go. There I see a fat vent and a skinny vent. The skinny vent is totally sealed. No way for me to get into that one, so if he's in there, he's a goner. But the fat vent is right above the furnace.
What are the chances?

I opened the front of the furnace doors and couldn't believe it. In the far back corner, curled up in a little coil ball was the snake. Is he alive? I looked at him, he looked at me, then stuck his tongue out.
No shit sherlock!
I picked him right up. He didn't even try to get away this time. He actually wrapped himself around my hand as though to say "Yay, you're my hero!"

So he is definitely one tough little snake. First surviving the cat's teeth, then the long fall into the basement, then to survive the heat from the furnace being on while he was in it! Holy cow!

I hope he lives a nice long happy life out there on the farm. He sure deserves it after all he's been through. Amen.


danish said...

Hi Judy, I got curious about what kind of snake your visitor might be.
After a bit of googling, I tend to think it looks like a;
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake
Thamnophis elegans.

In case your also curious I got to this site ( to find pictures snakes common to Colorado.

Found it interesting that Colorado is also home to the Massauga Rattle Snake. It is also found in parts of Ontario, Canada where I of course live. It is the only venomous snake we have here.

Regards, Dave

blondie said...

Hi Dave,

Well the pic is not THE snake but the same kind of snake that I keep catching and taking back outside, lol

Yes its a harmless little garter snake so I don't worry about it. Actually used to have a few as Pets when I was a kid.

Thanks for the website, I'll have to check it out.
Later (wave)