Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying to move on

As you can see, I haven't been very talkative this week.

1,000 Posts, last published on Sep 27, 2010

It's going to be hard for me getting back into my routine.
I know that John has moved on and if he could speak to me, he would encourage me to do the same. No, he would TELL ME to do the same, har!
It just seems so different now, knowing that he's not around for me, or you.
I actually went to his blog yesterday to look something up, and found myself reading for hours on end. What an intelligent diversified man he was... interesting, funny, informative, wacky and 'sometimes' downright rude. But those of us who knew him and read his blog on a regular basis, knew what a gentle person he was all of the time. He will be missed dearly. No doubt about it.

A comment here just reminded me to post the link to John's movie page, just in case you haven't seen it yet. By the way, "JS as dog, just crazy!" is my favorite and I actually had to twist HIS rubber arm to publish that one. I thought folks might like to see The Lighter Side of JS. Don't you agree?


So today is "The Flintstones" 50th anniversary eh? I remember watching them on the tube back in the day. I think it was one of my Father's favorite shows. Well, until Archie Bunker and "All In The Family" came out that is. LOL
So Happy Anniversary to Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty.
And of course Dino the dinosaur!


Been kind of neglecting my program stuff this week and was shocked when I opened Ad2million and saw how well we are doing. Thanks you guys for the great support! That 2% daily does add up, doesn't it? I'll be purchasing more spots today myself.

Just received a comment on my Aug. 26th post:
What happened to 10dollarswonder?"
Now I could swear I explained it in that post. Did I not? The script and all members attached to that script were lost (by the hosting company when they moved the server) and could not be recreated. The script was sold, and we're starting over as a new program. OK? ok


I have to go do something for Gord while he's out of town. Give me a few minutes and I'll be back.


Team Ca$h Cow Pete helped me out last night when I was having trouble upgrading to Silver in the F5M-MC program. I was just too tired to read the detail on the site and he was kind enough of stick around and hold my hand through the process. Thanks Pete! Now, that will put me into the Silver rotator that TCC is running also. Very good.


What else has happened since Monday? Oh I know ... Randy at Funds-o-Matic gave me permission to access js's account until I can get it turned over to his daughter. I thought that was very kind of him. TY Randy.
As for myself, I received my two weekly payments on Tuesday and requested another today. Yep, am still lovin it!


- Got Paid from GrapeVineFunds on both Tues and Wed. TY Admin and members :)

- Got Paid from CherryShares also a couple of times this week.


The link to the $500/week Health Debit Card Free (banner on the right) that js was heavily involved in has been changed to email Marjan who is also 'working' the program. So if you're interested, she can help you.
Also if and when those debit cards ever DO come through, I've been in touch with John's sponsor who will help his daughter work out the details so that she can receive the card and the funds that John worked so hard getting set up.


Monday, September 27, 2010

In Loving Memory of John Ivan Stankiewicz

Today was supposed to be a happy day for me celebrating my 1000th blog post, yet this is the hardest post I have ever had to write.

It was my friend John (js - micronuts) who started me blogging back in Oct of 2007 after he sent me his old laptop to use. I almost gave up several times when things were slow or I thought I had no readers anyway ... but he always managed to "twist my rubber arm" to keep it going even though it seemed pointless at times.

So today's post is 1000% dedicated to my best friend John.

For several years John has been my mentor, my nutritionist, my spiritual adviser and most importantly my best friend. I honestly don't know how I'm going to manage here without him correcting my spelling, giving me grief, or just popping into Skype to say "meow".

Dear js, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that even though you're gone from 'this world', you will never be forgotten.

I love you johnski and you will always hold a piece of my heart forever. But you already know that, don't you? har!

John Ivan Stankiewicz

June 4, 1959 - September 27, 2010

Tuesday: Another great post of farewell at Pete's Cash Cow Biz. And boy, can I relate to what he's saying.

Missi wrote last night that she created something special for js. Of course I had to take a peek at her blog and you should too. She's very talented and also had kind and caring words to say about our friend. Thanks Missi :)

Still Tuesday: am not posting any more specific blog links. Seems every blog I look at is paying their respects to John. And I appreciate every single one of you, your kind words and heartfelt thoughts.

Besides the 15 comments here so far, I've gotten probably a dozen personal emails as well. We sure are going to miss him.

And for some strange reason, I just can't seem to remove this blog from my side bar. I just wish I would wake up tomorrow and learn that this was all a bad dream.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Post Edited

Yes, I just edited Saturday's post in case you already read it and wondered what happened. As it turns out, today (Sunday) is not a good day at all and I don't want to post again until I know more. It's personal, not business, ok.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dang Little Birdie

Seems the "little birdie" flew off yesterday before he told me the whole story. There were actually TWO folks that got PAID from GBC's Easy 40 Plan and they were:
"Members...micronuts and sdkeeble also got paid from GBC yesterday."

So Congrats to both John and Sandra :)


Noticed today that ad2million is close to having 500 members and will be one month old on Sunday! Carrie's doing a great job at keeping the cycling at a nice steady 2% daily and that's what counts. (color me hyip, lol)
Personally I've been repurchasing all this week, but might let it accumulate a little and withdraw soon. Gotta have something to show for all this hard work, ya know?


Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Autumn

Here we are, first day of fall.
We had a touch of snow land on our mountain tops last night which looks really pretty.

Hey I'm ready for the season change. These 95 degree F. summer days are enough to make you sick. Enough is enough already. I'm bringing in the new season with open arms.


Today is also the 4 week anniversary of Ad2Million. YaY! Seems like just yesterday I was writing my blog article and sending out the Alert to those on my list. Now today I see that the purchases I made on opening day have already cycled 30 times earning me back $6 on each $10 spend. Not to mention we have grown to 466 members in those 4 weeks. Sunday will be the official one month anniversary so of course I'll mention it again then :)


A little birdie told me that someone got PAID this morning from The Easy 40 Plan and has now moved off the $40 board and onto the $75. When that happens, it also creates a 'virtual' or 'cloned' position for yet another $40 spot. (I think I said that right, lol) Congrats to js aka John aka micronuts for being the next in line to move forward and be paid.
*Oops, guess I let the cat out of the bag. The above will be announced tomorrow. In the meantime, Gord says:
I decided to top up the PIF Pool for Alertpay with my personal funds and made a draw with the winner being...universal. Congratulations to that member for winning a free position worth Fourty dollars. The PIF assists in moving Club Members spots on the Boards."
Thanks Gord and Congrats to universal as well :)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Time For Links

Missed posting yesterday. Posting late today.
Too lazy to put links in, but all programs are in banners on the right. And if I don't mention something, it's because there's not much to report right now.

- Ad2Million is doing fantastic! Earning 2% per day on my own positions, plus picking up some RC (thanks guys) and even the smaller RC at .20 cents for their re-purchases all adds up. I've been able to purchase a new spot every day this week so far and hope to continue doing that for awhile. Thumbs up :)

- The Easy 40 Plan ... Gord wrote a new blog article today that explains a little more and gives a bigger picture of it all. I know it sounds confusing but with him behind the wheel along with a few others in the "Game", I just sit back, make sure my PIF's are paid for the month, and wait for the money. Easy for me.

- Team Ca$h Cow is picking up steam also and our member count is higher every time I check. But dang, been having trouble keeping up with my weekly "stampeding". I might have to go "Grazer" there myself next month.

- Funds-O-Matic is another very reliable program right now. I cashed out again yesterday, just like I do every Tuesday. It's a keeper, that's for sure.

- GrapeVineFunds started off with a bang and has over 300 members and more than 50% are invested. Can't complain about that. I just hope the growth continues. Oh and I got a payment from them yesterday also. YaY!

- Cherry Shares - got paid from them too. So I've gotten back a little over 1/3 of my initial spend so far. Just hoping that it keeps on keepin on, LOL

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Again?

Received a couple of comments from Saturday's post about Ad2Million. I was not trying to make any free members feel guilty about not purchasing yet, honest I wasn't. I was just looking at my referral stats and wondering if they were close to the stats of the entire program. Nothing more, nothing less.
I'm happy as heck with the program, the Admin. and the members and bought myself another position last night. Unfortunately I got it in too late and didn't get to cycle. But there's always today and tomorrow, LOL


Looks like StrictPay is gone for good :(
Hope they enjoy their steak while I eat hot dogs.


Those who also read John's blog at 9PlanetReviews know that he is home now and what really happened. Yes I'm a liar for saying he was "on vacation" but didn't want anyone to worry while he was gone. He's been updating his blog with 'the story' so you can catch up with him there. Glad you're home John :)


I'll get back at it tomorrow. Been goofing off the last couple of days. I've got things to do here and if I would just get off my rump and do em ... I'm sure I'd be happier. Night :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Could Use Some Help With This

I've done a lot of "promoting" in my day, but I've got something to do now and I'm stumped.

I need to get about 8,000 emails sent out and I'm not sure how to go about it.

- Can't use my regular ISP (cause they've shut me down before when I tried), oops
- Don't want to use a bulk mailer cause they all end up in the spam folder anyway, right?
- Thought Go-Daddy's mailer might work, but for the big bucks they charge you can't send too many monthly.
- Could use an auto-responder to send about 1200 per day (without the opt-in notice) but they require my name and address be at the bottom of each email and I'm not comfortable with that.

Does anyone have a PO Box number that I can borrow? LOL
(not that anyone would actually "mail" an opt-out request)

Anybody know what gmail's rules are or their limits on daily email? I can find a link if it comes down to that but thought I'd ask you guys first.

See what I mean, I'm a bit stuck.
Thanks for any ideas you can share with me.
Later (wave)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Name Saturday Post

Maybe StrictPay is not gone yet. Site now says "under maintenance" and check back later. OK, I can do that.


Was just in my Ad2Million account snooping around and noticed that only 62% of my personal referrals are showing as a paid member. Hmmm Why would that be? It's pretty clear that it costs $10 right on the front page. But it doesn't say that only Alert Pay is accepted. So if the Admin were to add STP, do you think that might bring in more members or get those free members in a paid position? Just thinking out loud.
Also while I was there I noticed this:
2010-08-26 17:51:07 25 $ 5.00
That is my first position bought on launch day. Only 3 weeks and I'm already half paid back. And if you're counting on your fingers, Carrie did cycle us more than once in the first couple days, explaining the 25 cycles in 23 days. OK? ok
*One more thing: just got PAID from Ad2M. Thanks Carrie that was fast! Will help cover the cost of all that cat food I bought yesterday. Man these guys can eat!


In GrapeVineFunds I'm invested in the Daily plan, which I believe pays earnings only on the 5 business days per week, not calendar days. But does the 150 day term mean business days or calendar days? And does anybody know the server time of the site? I can't find it. Oh so many questions and so little time, LOL
*When all else fails, ask the Admin:
"Blondie, the server time is 8 hours behind the GMT London time if that helps. It is not shown on the site.
150 days is for 150 working days with no payments on sat or sun. I do not think that the script has the
feature of expiry date. Hope this helps you."


Friday, September 17, 2010

StrictPay Dead and Gone?

Anybody try to log into StrictPay lately?
The site is gone and I'll bet it doesn't come back.
SOB ... they got over 200 bucks from me :(
I hope you were able to get money out before all their crap started. Dang!


GrapeVineFunds got off to a good start yesterday with more than $5,000 invested. All the 25% bonuses have been given out, so the Admin is offering a 10% bonus to the next 100 members who invest $20 or more. Now that info is from yesterday about 4 PM my time (MST) so I don't know how many of those are still left.
Already received my earnings for today and I've decided to 'let it ride' until I have a little more to re-invest or cash out.
In the meantime, since we all like to 'test' payouts, I requested one through Alert Pay and received it in a matter of minutes. Thanks to my referrals for that :) I started with LR but might add some AP also so that I'm 'in' with more than one pay processor.


Ad2Million member count is over 400 now. I just re-purchased 2 more positions (5 total for this week) and will let my balance grow just a little more before doing a cash out there.


Alright, the natives are restless so I need to run out to PetSmart to stock up on cat food and kitty litter. What goes in must come out, right?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Long Term HYIP

Here's the new HYIP I mentioned last night.
I'm short of time right now so am going to 'borrow' a few words from my sponsor who said...

"I've been exchanging emails the last few days with the Admin, Ryan Walker, who after a month of planning is launching...

There are 3 category of funds...daily, weekly and monthly all highlighted nicely and clear on the HomePage.

I went for the Daily plan where I like to see some cash at my disposal during a week but the weekly and monthly plans are probably more convenient for those who can't check in regularly. The benefits of a "work free" program. In other surfing.

The payment processors are all premier being Alertpay, SolidTrustPay and Liberty Reserve.

This being Day 1... Ryan is offering the first 50 investments a 25% matching bonus."

A little detail on that Bonus: Launching with an Earlybird Bonus.
We have now launched and to get things moving we are offering a unique Bonus, THE FIRST 50 INVESTMENTS OF $20 AND OVER WILL RECEIVE AN EXTRA 25% BONUS.
Sep-16-2010 06:53:30 AM

OK so I just got in and made a small spend. I went for the daily plan also. Anxious to see how well this one 'takes off'. You just never know about these HYIP's. I mean, look at Funds-o-Matic or Ad2Million. I'm happy with both of those so lets see how this one pans out. Built for long term. OK then :)
PS, my 25% bonus was added 6 minutes after my spend. Nice.


UPDATE from Admin: 4:11 PM Colorado (MST)
Hello everyone, I have to tell you that all the 25% Bonuses have been snapped up an more than $5000 has been invested, we have almost 100 members so we have decided to give the next 100 members who invest $20 or over a nice 10% Bonus. We expect these to go quickly so make sure you don't miss out again.
Ryan Admin of Grapevinefunds.


Well I'm having coffee but you know me. Always an old song in my head.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If Animals Could Talk ...

This is what my patio looks like every night. I put food out for the homeless kitty, but the 'you know who's' always seem to show up first. That's ok, i think they're cute as heck.


Got word of a new HYIP that might launch as soon as tomorrow morning. Well, the east coasters always get there before me, but it's all good. I'll check it out, sign up (maybe) and give you some details tomorrow.


Welcome Back John :))


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little to Big

What order should I chat in today?
How about little to big.

Join4aDollar ... got my 12th referral yesterday (thanks Ricky, and Susan from the day before) and got paid for completing phase 1. Now I need 12 more to complete phase 2. Of course you first 12 are welcome to advertise also. I know the site looks complicated but if you just "go with the flow", it's not that bad. LOL


Today is my weekly cash out day at Funds-o-Matic. I planned on making a new deposit but something doesn't look right on my account. So I've sent Randy a ticket and will wait for his response before requesting. **Whoa! He's fast. Already heard back and my question was answered.
This one's only $5 minimum so I'm thinking I can scrape up a few more of those :)


Speaking of $5 minimum, that's what it costs to join F5M-MC and I would suggest doing it through our Team Ca$h Cow team build. Why? Because at TCC you can get paid to promote! Now there is a certain amount of promoting you need to do to qualify for the monthly cash, but it could pay your way in and more. Plus it's all laid out for you in your member area. Easy peasy :))
Of course we have room for those who can't or don't promote also. You just need to bring a few bucks for our "feed bag". Everyone is welcome to the barn.


In the morning when I check my email I always find it amazing how people try to scam money from others. I mean ... if I'm not winning the British Lottery or a million dollars from Microsoft, (guess Bill Gates saw my blog and thought I could use the bucks), then maybe I'm being asked for my bank acct info so I can hold Sir Lancelot's millions in a safe place until he reaches my country, LOL
More recently I see emails about my Forex account being blocked. Too bad I don't have a Forex account. So you guys be careful with the scammer idiots, OK?


Back to money stuff, Ad2Million is doing great! Only 20 days old and already 356 members. Now if you recall the last program using this script, it ran for a little over 3 years and had more than 25K members. I'm happy to see a lot of familiar faces playing in this new one. I think we're in for the long haul, don't you?
Oh and it's $10 (plus a fee) through Alert Pay only (at this time).


Onto bigger money, Gord's Grand Bank Club and The Easy 40 Plan (which are tightly tied into the big board game from Europe) keeps growing daily also in membership and new $40 purchases. I've got 2 in there myself and 1 virtual (or cloned) as they say. Hey, it may take a while but did you see that payout board? I'm ready for the BIG ONE! LOL
PS, You can join GBC for free and use it for advertising also. Just remember to keep an eye on Gord's blog updates and see how well we're doing. Maybe it'll give ya more incentive to join us.


Hey, I had to join Facebook yesterday. Long story but I figured if Betty White could work it, how hard could it be? haha!

This song is for my best friend who could use a boost right now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is it Monday already?

I don't have much to share today.
I didn't sleep good last night and now I'm feeling the effects.


I DID get a new paid referral in Join4aDollar yesterday, so I only need one more in order to cycle out of phase one. Sorry but whoever joins next I can not pay your way in. They have a limit on how many you can 'help' and I've already done my fair share. So thanks in advance to whoever my next paid referral will be.


I posted in MMG last night about a referral who bought 23 new positions in Ad2Million! I feel really honored to have him in my downline. You can see what I wrote HERE if you're interested.
Oh and did I mention ... he sure made my day!!
Now don't get me wrong ... I appreciate every one of you. It's just that he's the only one who bought that many new positions at the same time that knocked my socks off. OK?


Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Tough Little Snake

I'll save the snake story for last, cause it'll be long.


Checked my Alexa Ratings this morning (just for grins) and saw that my reach is up 60% over the last 30 days. How cool is that? I guess that means Summer is officially over for us and folks are looking to make some bucks off the net again. Here's what Alexa says about me:

About ('s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 303,312. Search engines refer very few visits to it. The site has been online for more than ten years. Visitors to view 1.0 unique page each day on average. While about 69% of this site's visitors are in the US, where it is ranked #64,647, it is also popular in Australia, where it is ranked #28,719.
Now I haven't been here 10 years, don't know where that came from. But my 3 year anniversary is coming up next month. I'll let you know when that happens and you can celebrate with me :)


Speaking of making money again, Ad2Million is on the top of my list right now. I'm earning a nice 2% daily and picking up a few referral commissions along the way. (Thanks you guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate your loyalty.)
When I first told you about this one on Aug 26th, I honestly didn't know what kind of reaction I would get from my readers. I know there was a mixture of (mostly) happy, unsure, and (a few) not so happy members at 10dollarswonder (which is what this script is cloned from).
But you also gotta remember this is a new Admin who brought the script back to life and is doing all she can to make Ad2Million bigger, better, and longer lasting than that other one. So I'm standing behind her 100% and giving my support. I think she's doing just great!


Grand Bank Club and The Easy 40 Plan are right on track. Gord continues to watch over the game and the members making sure we're all where we're supposed to be. Soon I see member 'Canadian' will be receiving his payment and moving up the ladder. You can see what I'm talking about when you visit the site. Gord put the pay plan right on the front page for easy viewing. Early congrats to Pete!


To my surprise I heard from my Sponsor's Sponsor in Join4aDollar yesterday. He's been in this program quite a while and has a good sized downline. Anyway he placed a couple of new members under a couple of my folks to help us all build our referrals, which will in turn, over time, make us money. So it looks like I need 2 more under me in order to cycle out of the first phase. Any takers? It's only a dollar, LOL


The Snake

Yesterday afternoon, I heard my oldest (but not the smartest) cat making that deep 'meow' sound that they make right before they cough up a hair ball. (You cat people know what I'm talkin about.)
So I got up to see what was going on and realized he brought a snake into the house AGAIN!

Now he didn't drop it in the middle of the room like the others do, he dropped it in the hallway... right next to the air vent for my furnace.

By the time I got there and went to grab them both, the snake saw the holes in the vent and made his getaway. Oh no, this is not good.

So out comes the screwdriver and the vent cover comes off. I see the snake, go to grab him, he gets away from me and he disappears under the floor. Where did he go?

Since I have a vent on each side of the hallway, are they connected? Out comes the screwdriver again and the 2nd vent cover comes off.

I see the snake on a ledge but I can't reach my hand around to grab him. So I try to coax him over to the other side. OK, there he is, right in plain sight. Now if I can just reach him .....

(You gotta picture me at this point. I'm down on the floor, got a flashlight in one hand, my other arm down in the hole in the wall, my butt stickin up in the air, and 3 cats surrounding me saying "Let me see, Let me see. I can get him. I can get him.")

Now with my entire arm in this crooked hole, I touch the snake and go to grab him and Oops! He slithers away from me again and falls down the metal shaft and I hear him hit the bottom.
Now what?
Well it's late and getting dark. I'll sleep on it and figure out what to do tomorrow.

So this morning it's cold in here and I heard the furnace go on. Wait! What! Where's my snake? I hurried up, shut off the heat, got my glasses and the flashlight and went searching.

Tried looking down that vent again but couldn't see a thing. Where does that vent drop to anyway? Hmmm
Downstairs I go. There I see a fat vent and a skinny vent. The skinny vent is totally sealed. No way for me to get into that one, so if he's in there, he's a goner. But the fat vent is right above the furnace.
What are the chances?

I opened the front of the furnace doors and couldn't believe it. In the far back corner, curled up in a little coil ball was the snake. Is he alive? I looked at him, he looked at me, then stuck his tongue out.
No shit sherlock!
I picked him right up. He didn't even try to get away this time. He actually wrapped himself around my hand as though to say "Yay, you're my hero!"

So he is definitely one tough little snake. First surviving the cat's teeth, then the long fall into the basement, then to survive the heat from the furnace being on while he was in it! Holy cow!

I hope he lives a nice long happy life out there on the farm. He sure deserves it after all he's been through. Amen.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Virus Alert

Heard on the News this morning a new virus is going around fast. It's already hit some of the banks, Comcast and even the news station. Subject Line: "Here You Have".
If you open the email and click the link, it will destroy your computer and send the virus to everyone in your address book.


Requested and received a really fast payment from Ad2Million this morning to the tune of 35 bucks. Also noticed we're over 300 members already! Not too shabby for only 2 weeks worth of promoting.


I got nothin else today. Been awake since 3 AM, finally got up at 5 AM, and feel like I got run over by a truck. Then of course there's always things to do around here which included taking a Snake out of the house again! Dang Cats. I love em but they're makin me crazy. Good Night Gracie :)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica

Today is my daughter in law Jess's Birthday,

which is the day after Baby Olivia's b-day.

Baby O was 2 months old yesterday.

Jess is a little older than that, but I tell ya ... they both look great!

Hope you are having a Wonderful Birthday Jess.
Love you & see you soon xoxoxo


Having trouble concentrating today so was just going through old links in my saved stuff and remembered that RockSolidFund is gone. What a piece of crap that turned out to be. All that drama about threats and other bullsh**. These program owners should be lined up and u-no-what.


Speaking of old links ... NextGenMarket is still online. Why?
It's been dead since May.


Been trying to think of how to promote something via email. I have a nice list to promote to, so I guess I just need to be in the right frame of mind when I write. Also, I refuse to use the words "Hot", "Hurry" or "Explode!". Sounds too much like the 'Adult' spam I get. LOL


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fourmile Canyon Fire

The fire here in my area has been out of control for days now. I saw the smoke from my backyard when it first started and it quickly got out of control and is heading West, more into the mountains. Here's some good pics in the news if you're out of the country and don't get the National News on TV.
There is a chance for rain this afternoon in the foothills so hopefully that will include the fire area.


Trevor (BunnyBumpGame) ignored my last email to pay me directly, but did pay my PIF fees in The Prosperity Game. So I am officially paid up in PIF's through December now. Glad that part is over with, for me. If you're still waiting, I hope you get word from him soon. And of course, share with us when you get your refund.


Hey, don't forget my good friend John aka js aka micronuts of 9planetreviews is on vacation, so trying to contact him via email won't get you anywhere. I'm sure he'll have 10 thousand emails to sift through when he gets back. har!


Boy oh boy I sure like Funds-o-Matic, don't you? It's been running now for well over 2 months and I see no signs of it slowing down. Kinda nice to have something to feel good about, ya know?


Speaking of feeling good, Gord and his famous Easy 40 Plan are doing just great! Someone just made another purchase so we're up to 33 positions once that one is placed on the board. YaY! This is definitely something to look into if you haven't already.
Also Grand Bank Club is an advertising surf site, so feel free to strut your stuff there once you're a member. You can promote up to 3 different sites and earn 40 credits per day. I'm surfing there right now :P


Yes, the 468 banner in Ad2Million is fixed and works just fine. The link is in your 'account overview' (in case you had trouble finding it, like I did). I placed it in the EasyHits4U site last night and it's been approved for viewing. Another YaY!
We're up to 288 members now (pretty darn good) and I'm about to request a withdraw soon. Along with a re-purchase or two of course :)


Just checked my 'stats' at Team Ca$h Cow and it appears I'm right on track for keeping up with the Stampeding that I elected to do. I would rather take a few minutes a day to promote and get paid to promote rather than be a Grazer. But that's just me. If you don't have the time to do it, I say go for Grazing and let us do the work for you. We don't mind, do we Team?
And Welcome to our newest member Shameka! Always good to see one more when doing the daily head count of the Herd.


Just shared a Zinger with the cat.
Talk about a sugar rush! LOL
I think we're both going to be curled up in a corner napping soon. Not to mention those things go straight to your hips, no stopping in between. And I do mean for me AND the cat. He's a big one for sure.


My grandbaby Olivia is 2 months old today. Now if I can just get my camera and the internet to cooperate, you'll see how much cuter she's getting every day :))
Happy Birthday Baby O


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeling feisty today ... Enter at your own risk

Have you ever noticed certain days where everything bugs you? And it's one thing after another. Almost like someone put your name on the billboard: Who should we annoy today??? Why blondie of course!

You know, when I tell somebody I'm going to do something ... I just do it. I don't make them wait days wondering if my word is any good or not.


The Bunny Bump Game Admin offered to pay me my refund by paying my PIF fees in TPGame. Now, he offered that on Thursday. I slept on it and said OK first thing Friday morning. It STILL hasn't been done. So I've requested the refund directly to me and I'll pay the PIF's myself. Sheesh :(


I see Extreme Xchange has been sold and is under new management. Cool. Maybe now I'll consider using them.


What ever happened to the golden rule?
"Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself."


Please don't try to sneak links in my comments section to promote your program or yourself. If I wanna promote you, I will. This is not a forum or a social site for your personal use. People who try to invade other peoples personal blogs are butt-wipes. (was that subtle enough for ya?) LOL


Let me see if I can grab a happy moment for a minute or two. Funny how when something serious is on your mind, it tends to take over your whole attitude.

I believe this banner is fixed now.
Cycling daily just like we should be. And with the member count going up on a regular basis, could be a good run for a long long time. Am about to request another payment soon too. Coolio :)
Also -rabbit just reminded me:
"Just wanna chime in that there's a 2% Daily Calculator just added in the ad2million members section. Pretty useful and takes away the guesswork for calculating potential earnings. :)"


- Got paid today from Funds-O-Matic.
- Got paid yesterday from Cherry Shares.
- And believe it or not, got paid $5 in RC on Sunday from HYIFund. Now who is still putting money into that? I have no idea and I have told you all not to trust them anymore. But I'll take the RC out. No point in letting it sit there collecting dust. So Thanks to whoever and I hope you get your money back.


It's getting late and I have to get moving. Just took another Snake away from the cats outside. They don't even try to run away with it anymore. They know I'll win, LOL So the snake is back in the grass, behind the fence, where he belongs.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day or Labour Day

It's a Holiday here in the US and Canada.
Hope you're all having a relaxing day and enjoying the time off.

Those of you who also visit js's 9planetreviews blog may be wondering why it hasn't been updated for awhile. Well I was wondering that myself and found out that John's taking a much needed vacation from all of this. Good for him!! I hope he gets the R&R he deserves and comes back ready to rumble, har!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Title? Oh I dunno

Hey guess what? I got paid for Stampeding over at Team Ca$h Cow for August, and it wasn't even a full month of 'promoting'. Fine by me, lol
Pete's making some improvements to the sign-up process, so there shouldn't be any confusion when a new member joins now.
Also the new rotators will get us 3 personals each and should move much faster. Plus he's got different rotators for different levels of the F5M-MC build. (I hope I said that right)
Yes it's a bit confusing but I'm only trying to summarize his very long note to us. I'm sure I'll hear from Pete if I didn't spell it out the way he said it. LOL


It's always fun to open and read The Easy 40 Plan's updates. And today's news is:
"Congratulations to member Phoenix14 for earning $25 from the 40 Board
Club member..Micronuts won the Alertpay PIF draw and a $40 Board position. Congratulations!"
WoW! Congrats Susan and John! Glad you guys Won ;)
And Thanks to Gord for keeping it all organized for us.


... the large banner is still having problems with the shortage of pixels. Admin was made aware of it and I'm just waiting for her to correct it now.
Of course cycling continues daily and membership got a nice boost last night. Good to see.


Bunny Bump Game refunds ... Did that get your attention?
Trevor is starting to refund anyone who lost money playing the Bunny Bump Game. He contacted me the other day and offered to pay my PIF fees in The Prosperity Game in lieu of AP cash. I agreed since it will pay me up through the end of the year and save me the hassle of doing it myself.
I asked about a spreadsheet for members waiting on a refund and he said one is in the works now. Also he's refunding in order of when they got into BBG, so I must have been one of the first (who lost) since I haven't heard any refund 'whoo hoooo's' from anyone else. He also said the process would take awhile, so more patience is needed.


Friday, September 3, 2010

A2M - Banner Fixed

And lookin good too. Thanks Admin for getting that working for us. (Doesn't quite fit on my blog page, but that's ok... you get the idea :)
Up to 190 members as of this morning and of course, I cycled last night as always. YaY!


As promised, Gord pulled another PIF Winner 'out of his hat' in
The Easy 40 Plan:
"Congratulations to member sdkeeble for winning a $40 Board position via STP"
Whoo Hoooo Sandra! I know that made your day, didn't it? LOL

Hurricane Earl will be passing through Gord's area tomorrow. So let's all wish him well and hope it just blows by gently. It's down to a category 1 storm so shouldn't cause any real problems, we hope.


Just got paid from Cherry Shares within minutes of request. Pretty impressive.


While surfing the other day, saw an Ad for List-Zilla go by. Couldn't believe anyone was still trying to promote this loser.

Run ... run for the hills is the best advice I can give you. ha!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kitty Mountain ... I call it

Is this a cool pic or what?
My friend Paul is always sending me awesome pictures of things like this.
This one was my favorite for obvious reasons =^..^=


So what's new today? Anything?

Ad2million cycled again last night just like it always does. I hear some are in profit already, partly due to the generous RC we get. So keep sharing your link with others. This should be around for quite a while.


Gord's kickin butt keeping the Grand Bank Club's Easy 40 Plan at the top of everyone's list. Looks like it'll be time for another PIF drawing soon. Already? Wow! Thanks Gord and members who are contributing to the PIF funds. Yes, I'm paid up for September.


I'm really sleepy today. It's cool here and cloudy. Perfect day to turn the oven on. A turkey breast is what I'm making for dinner. Sound good?


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Winning Day?

Grand Bank Club's / Easy 40 Plan update:

Congratulations to Member...Koiman for winning the first PIF 40 Board position with Alertpay!

Whoo Hoooo, first of many!
That reminds me, will pay my PIF for Sept. as soon as Gord gets back online, cause you never know who will win the next one ;)


The Banners in Ad2Million are not working as they should be. I've dropped a note to the Admin and will let you know what's going on, as soon as I know. Cool


It's Wednesday which means there's a Lotto drawing here tonight, and I don't have my ticket yet. I'll be back later on. First things first.